Subject: Name Of Deck: James' Beatdown
Name: James P.
Deck Name: James' Beatdown
Location: A World Of Books
City & State: San Leandro, CA
Date: February 9th, 2003
E-Mail Address:

Yet again, I was late to enter the tourney. The tourney usually starts at about 12 PM and I arrived at about 12:45 PM. It seems like all my friends run beatdown. It kinda funny because we all knew what we had in store for each other. I waited for my friends to finish so I can get my game on. I was happy because I actually cut it down to 40 cards and it makes me get my good cards out faster. Well, here's my deck:
Monsters: 20                            
La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp (3)
Summoned Skull (3)                    
Man-Eater Bug (3)
Goblin Attack Force (3)
Wall Of Illusion (2)
Magican Of Faith (2)
Mask Of Darkness (2)
Witch Of The Black Forest (1)
Cyber Jar (1)                                             

Magic: 12
Axe Of Despair (2)
Tribute To The Doomed (2)
Mystical Space Typhoon (2)
Change Of Heart (1)
Monster Reborn (1)
Pot Of Greed (1)
Raigeki (1)
Dark Hole (1)
Swords Of Revealing Light (1)

Trap: 8
Trap Hole (2)
Waboku (2)
Magic Jammer (2)
Imperial Order (1)
Mirror Force (1)

Deck Total: 40

Me Vs Josh (Beatdown)

We only played one game because he just wanted to play me once. He had me on the run until I set down Mirror Force and set down. He attacked me with Haprie's Brother, Summoned Skull, and La Jinn. I used Mirror Force and he get really pissed. It went downhill for from than on because I got a La Jinn with Axe Of Despair on him and a Goblin Attack Force and beat him down until I took out all his life points. I win.

Me Vs Andrey (Burn Deck)

Duel 1 - I had trouble with this deck but I took the first game. The only few bumps in the road were when I attacked his freakin Princess of Tsurugi's. And when I did, I always had atleast two trap/magic cards on the field. I eventually took him out by clearing his monster field with Raigeki and Tribute To The Doomed. I used Change Of Heart on his Princess of Tsurugi
and flipped it to inflict 1500 life points to him. I tributed it for my Summon Skull with Axe Of Despair and evetually took out his life points. I win.

Duel 2 - He got me back in this game. He got all this crap out. Tremendous Fire, Just Deserts, Ookazi. Princess of Tsurugi and Cannon Soldier helped take out my life points too. I lose.

Duel 3 - This game was really close. He took me out to 450 and he had to beat me now because I had a Summoned Skull ready to take the rest of his life points. He actvates Just Deserts but I quick-play Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy it. Whew, killed off his life points with Summoned Skull. We shook hands for having a great duel. I win.

Me Vs Gustavo (Beatdown)

Duel 1 - I took him out. I countered all his magic with Magic Jammer and killed him off by using my Summon Skull and reborning his Summoned Skull. Haha. I win.

Duel 2 - He came back with a surpise victory. He took me down to 1000. I had a had a Man-Eater in defense. All he had was a Cannon Soldier. He reborns a random monster from his grave and uses Change Of Heart and uses Cannon Soldier's effect and takes out my life points exactly. I lose.

Duel 3 - I wanted Revenge. And revenge is what I got. I wouldn't let him get any monsters out. I either used Trap Hole, Raigeki, Dark Hole, etc just to keep him from monsters on the field. I whooped him up good with La Jinn and a Wall Of Illusion with Axe Of Despair on it and killed him. I win.

Me Vs Reggie (Beatdown)

Duel 1 & 2 - I completly swept him. In both games, his field was clear for me to attack because of my counters and magics. I took him down to about 1600 and 1800. The games were very similar the way they ended. I ended up darwing Tribute To The Doomed and killing him off with Summoned Skull. I win x2.

Me Vs Ronald (Beatdown)

Duel 1 & 2 - I swept him th way I swept Reggie. I kept his field clear the entire game. I kept attacking even with monsters with low attack power such as Mask Of Darkness, Man-Eater Bug, and Wall Of Illusion. I finally got out my Summoned Skull and finshed him off. Yet again. I win x2.

Today was a great day for me. I kicked butt. Anyways, I just wanted to holla ay my friends Andrey, Gustavo, Reggie, Ronald (even though I just met him today), Geraldine (hot girl, lol), Brandon, and Serf. I'll see ya'll again next week. I'm outty ya'll, peace out!!