Subject: Re: Yugioh Tournement report
Relinquish your life points!!  Jake T., Paperback Bazaar, Somersworth NH. 2/2/03   about 25
People in the Tourney

Hello Duelists! This is JakE T. Aka Jester Nyte and I’ve got a kool tourney report for you! I’ll list my deck here for
you. I think the theme is obvious (Relinquished)

Normal monsters         (19)

Mechanical Chaser x2
7 Colored Fish x2 (He DOES have 7 colors if you look closely and count the tail)
La Jinn Mystical Genie of the Lamp x2
Sonic Bird x3
Harpie’s Brother x2
Sangan x2
Senju of the Thousand Hands x1
Gearfried the Iron Knight x1
Mystical Sheep #1 x1
Thousand Eyes idol x1
Summoned Skull x1

Ritual Monsters      (3)

Relinquished x3

Fusions        (1)

Thousand Eyes Restrict x1

Magic cards    (17)

Axe of Despair x2
Dark hole x1
De-spell x1
Monster Reborn x1
Change of Heart x1
Stop Defense x1
Nobleman of Extermination x1
Polymerization x2
Heavy Storm x1
Raigeki x1
Fairy Meteor Crush x1
Black Illusions Ritual x3

Traps   (6)

Mirror Force x1
Ceasefire x1
Light of Intervention x1
Trap Hole x3

Total = 46 cards

ROUND 1- Jester Nyte Vs. A little kid

What can I say? He was out of life before I could summon a Relinquished. The first duel lasted 3
turns in which I pummeled him with Lajinn, Harpies Brother, and his own Giant Red Sea Snake.
About the same in round 2 except that I Change of Hearted his Gearfried and sacrificed for
summoned Skull. Game over


ROUND 2- Jester Nyte Vs. David

This kid had it coming. Not that he was annoying or anything, but last tourney, he beat my 5 year
old brother so I just HAD to take him down. Anyway, my Relinquished tore him up in the first
match, ending him quickly. In the second, he pulled off some better moves, Noblemaning my
Mirror force and killing my Mystical sheep with a summoned skull. The next turn however, I
summoned Relinquished and killed him with the Skull’s power. Hee hee hee! Victory!


ROUND 3- Jester Nyte Vs. Justin

Now this was fun! Not only had this guy just eliminated my brother (surprise surprise), but he
had a Relinquished Deck of his own. Mine was better though. I cruised through both rounds with
only minimal damage to my person and only one of his Relinquished to deal with. I was hoping
for a better fight but oh well. It would come...  


UNOFFICIAL MATCH- Jester Nyte Vs... I think he was a Justin too.

This was a match between rounds but it was the most profitable and exciting duel I had that day.
This kid Justin was promising the Full Exodia set to anybody that could beat him if they wagered
a few good cards on a single duel against him. He had won a whole bunch of times but I put up a
Suijin, Heavy Storm, and Sheild and Sword. The duel began with him in the lead but I got a
Harpie’s brother with an Axe of Dispair out and he couldn’t take it out. I won quickly and
claimed Exodia. However, he really wanted to trade back so I got 3 MechanicalChasers and a
Raigeki for it. Hee hee hee Free cards!


ROUND 4- I got a BUY

ROUND 5: Finals - Jester Nyte Vs. Nate

Ok Nate is VERY tough. Like, 2nd Best in America tough, caus that’s what he is. He runs a very
effective Exodia Deck that has eleminated me a lot in the past. The First round was pretty good.
I got him down really low before he got out his Nimble momongas, which I attacked to get out
of the way. Big mistake. My next card, Raigeki, would have clinched the match but he lasted
another turn with his extra life points and drew Exodia. Damn...   
Round 2 was when I could use my side deck full of Anti Exodia cards. Early on, I Card
Destruction/Soul released 2 of his Exodia pieces and Noblemanned his Gravity Bind. Victory!
Round 3 was pathetic. Nate used Painful Choice and Backup Soldier to call Exodia in about 5
turns. Oh well. The prize for winning is the same as the first person eliminated. 1 TP2.


Anyway, I got 2nd place and a reputation as a feared duelist. Kool!

Good Shtuff- Getting 2nd place
                    Winning 3 Mechanical chasers and a raigeki
                     Trading the Bent Chaser for a Barrel Dragon, Axe of Despair, and Polymerization
Annoying Shtuff-  Having to do everything but sell my soul for a Mirror Force.
                           Getting so close to winning and not winning
                           The very wet, heavy, sloppy, shlushy snow outside

If you want to tell me I suck or something, Send emails here ( Of course, I
love nothing better than to help someone with a deck (I wanna get my own deck construction
page with Pojo or otherwise) so if you want advise, E-mail me your deck list and what kind of
deck you want to build. Ciao!   Jester Nyte