'Heartless' Deck - Lindsay Bacon - Guernsey's at Green Tree Mall - Clarksville, IN

Deck name: 'Heartless'
Duelist: Lindsay 'ladydragontamer' Bacon
Location: Guernsey's at Green Tree Mall - Clarksville, IN
Date: 1-19-03
# of Participants: 40-45 (!)

Hey! The lass Dragon Tamer is back... and with her second tournament report. Guernsey's again, I love that place. Unfortunately, I didn't do -quite- as well this time. x_x I used the same Deck as last time, with a few changes...

Level 4 or lower Monsters:

1x Hoshiningen
3x Wall of Illusion
2x Big Eye
2x 7 Colored Fish
3x Man-Eater Bug
2x Sonic Bird
2x Sangan
2x Lord of D.(ragons)
2x Senju of the Thousand Hands
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Cyber Jar
1x Goblin Attack Force
1x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
1x Harpie's Brother

Level 5-6 or 'Ritual' Monsters:

1x Relinquished

Level 7-8 Monsters:

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1x Seiyaryu

Magic cards:

1x Luminous Spark
2x The Flute of Summoning Dragon
1x Change of Heart
1x Soul Exchange
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Monster Reborn
1x Pot of Greed
1x Black Illusion Ritual
1x Dark Hole
2x Malevolent Nuzzler
1x Prohibition
1x Raigeki
1x Card Destruction

Trap cards:

1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
1x Mirror Force
1x Ultimate Offering
2x Trap Hole
2x Reverse Trap
2x Solemn Judgment

Total: 53

Side Deck:

1x Swords of Revealing Light
2x Soul Release
2x Fissure
1x The Shallow Grave
1x De-Spell
2x Remove Trap
1x Exchange
1x Infinite Dismissal
1x Confiscation
1x Chain Destruction
1x Robbin' Goblin
1x Call of the Haunted

Total: 15

And that concludes 'Heartless'.

Entry fee: $5
-Everyone automatically got a tournament pack for entering
-Remaining prizes unknown x_x Sorry...

Goofing before the tournament: As I was paying my fee, Josh(yay Josh! ^_^;) said, "We're gonna pair you up with Branden in the first round so you can beat him again, hope you don't mind..." This was said pointedly so the infamous Exodia-Boy($%^&! He's BACK?!), who wasn't far away, could hear. Very funny, Josh. -_-; I joked a bit with Exodia-Boy, who said he had converted his Deck to a straight-out Exodia burner(I still say he's not gonna get by with his single WotBF, no Sangans, and no Painful Choice/Backup Soldier... DOESN'T HE LISTEN!?). We talked about how much it'd suck if we ended up in first round together. After that I sat and read issue #2 of Shonen Jump w/my friend Adam(Yami setting a guy on fire rules), and made a nice trade- my holo Dark Hole for a Mask of Darkness and Robbin' Goblin. Yeah! I talked to a lot of Duelists, and wished luck to the kid whom I'd KO'ed first round last tournament(he told me he'd taken out most of his Tributes... way to go!). After making quite a few acquaintances, it was time to Duel! The rounds, therefore, commence...

Round One - Me vs. a nice kid named Justin, who had a rather large Deck that followed no set theme... o_o;;;

... and of course, I get a new guy in the first round. Poor Justin. I tried to put him at ease as we shuffled and cut, making small talk, because he seemed nervous(he informed me that he'd 'heard I was good'). Rumors had been flying around the place like wildfire about me(.. dunno why .. o_O), ick. I'm just there to Duel... -_-; When the Duel started, I immediately went for my Relinquished combo(I had gone first), assembling it within a few turns. He never pulled any Monsters and immediately filled up his Magic/Trap card zone(NEVER DO THAT). He did, though, start causing %^&* with me by activating a Forced Requisition(uh oh). Pretty soon, Relinquished went down the drain -_-; I beat on his LP for a while, but I was just waiting for the grand finale- I had a BEWD sitting in my Hand. Couldn't Special Summon, but I wasn't particularly worried about what this guy had face-down, so I didn't mind Tributing. Hey, I had to- it was either that, or my lovely beast was gonna get Requisitioned. I Tributed, put down BEWD, and annihilated Justin for the win.

LP: 8000
His LP: 0

Duel two:

A repeat of the last time, he never got a Monster out. Ick. -_-; I beat on his LP til I could get a BEWD out again using the Lord of D.(ragons)/Flute combo, and really took it to him. As I was about to finish him off, I commented, "Y'know, you could REALLY use a Dragon Capture Jar right now..." and Attacked. He activates one of his face-down cards, and it was... DRAGON CAPTURE JAR?! I stared in horror as that vile piece of pottery flew out and made an attempt to halt my Dragon's Attack by sealing him within the Jar. Fortunately, I had Seven Tools of the Bandit waiting for it on the Zone. I whipped out the pocket knife's hammer, jumped onto the field, smashed the evil Jar to pieces, then left so my BEWD could resume his Attack. I lost 1000 LP and it was the only damage I took that Duel. -_-; Whew, that was close... round one went to me.

LP: 7000 (curse you, DCJ)
His LP: 0

Goofing before round two: Josh came over and Justin reported his loss. He was really cool about it and I had to admire that, I don't like sore losers(or winners). Josh then commented, "At least you didn't whine about it like Branden did after she beat him..." LOL, Exodia-Boy whining after I beat him?! Awww, I made Exodia-Boy cry... utterly hilarious. Suck it up, Branden, take it like a man! :P We didn't get much chance to goof, though, as second round was approaching swiftly... my opponent was to be a kid I'd never met before, Nigel.

Round Two - Why BEWD Isn't the Mightiest Dragon Around - Me vs. Nigel

Nice kid, kinda shy- and has a ton of good cards. The Duel went off hot and heavy. Man, his Deck was -hard-! He Trap Hole'd like crazy, and soon brought out a Jinzo (!). Fortunately, my Man-Eater Bug ate him for dinner XD I was in trouble for a while, as I could only Defend myself against the onslaught of his Beast of Talwar.. and then he did the unthinkable. He. Fused. A BLACK SKULL DRAGON!!! No! O_O; ... wait, I have a card face-down. Thank god for Mirror Force XD BOOM! I soon managed to get a BEWD out afterward and tore into him for the win. Though I didn't get out without critical injury... x_x

LP: 1950 (ouch x_x)
His LP: 0

Duel two:

Ugh. I never touched him this Duel. I never touched his LP. He got out his B. Skull, Beast, it was over pretty quickly after he cleared my field. x_x;

LP: 0 (grrr...)
His LP: 8000

Duel three (!):

A rough Duel this was. I got out BEWD early and had Cyber Jarred Nigel earlier, which gave me a temporary advantage. But then he did it again. He Fused that goddamn Black Skull Dragon! No! The huge, grotesque beast flew at my poor BEWD, opened his powerful jaws, and closed them on my beast's neck. *crunch* ... needless to say, my favorite Monster was no more. It was painful to watch. My best Monster... gone. Damn that B. Skull! After that, it was mass slaughter, and I was soon down for the count. Ah well. Nigel had an awesome Deck, and I can't complain... he gave me one hell of a Duel! ^_^ And it's great Duels like that, that make great tournaments, no matter if you win or lose.

LP: 0
His LP: 3050

Props and Slops...


-To Guernsey's for holding the tournament (yay Guernsey's)
-To Josh for being cool and a great judge (again)
-To Exodia-Boy for being cool
-To all the acquaintances I've made ^_^ You guys are nice.
-To the other girl for entering (go grrrls!)
-To Josh's bro and friends for taking the time to judge.. thanks guys ^_^
-To Nigel for being a great Duelist
-To Justin for being a pleasant guy
-To me for pulling Mikazukinoyaiba in my tournament pack, w00t!
-To all my Monsters and to my BEWD who got creamed by B. Skull... sorry buddy, you'll do better next time, and I appreciate the sacrifice you made for me.
-To Dad for taking me to the tournament and paying entry fee
-To Adam-chan for being there... *hugs*


-To Josh for suggesting I go against Exodia-Boy in the first round -_-; That WASN'T FUNNY...
-To Nigel's B. Skull Dragon- My Blue-Eyes WILL get his revenge, sooner or later...
-To people who write crappy tournament reports and make fun of 'noobs' (forgetting they used to be a 'noob', too)
-To Exodia-Boy for #$%^&ing after I beat him (wuss)
-To me for getting KO'ed in second round... d'oh! x_x

Questions? Comments? Flames(send 'em and my BEWD will eat you alive!)? Direct 'em to:
Lindsay 'ladydragontamer' Bacon
AIM: MetWulf7