Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report
Subject: DYMIE- Curtis Fogle, Insane Gaming, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA

Curtis Fogle(age 13)
Insane Gaming
Maryland Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA
Febuary 2, 2003

This was my first tourney and my first tourney report of course, i didnt do that well since i was kinda new to it and i was also really nervous and made a bunch of mistakes that costed me big time, but next time i wont be so nervous since i now know what i am headed for.

There was a total of 48 people who participated.

5 dollar entry fee

DYMIE(My Deck):

Normal Monsters(12):
Battle Ox---2(took out 1 after tourney)
Neo The Magic Swordsman---2
Mystical Elf---1(took out after tourney)
Darkfire Soldier #1---1
Darkfire Soldier #2---1
7 Colored Fish---2
La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp---2
Harpie's Brother-2

Effect Monsters(14):
Big Eye---1
Jirai Gumo---1
Man-Eater Bug---2
Maha Vailo---1
Bubonic Vermin---2(added 1 more to deck)
Cyber Jar---1
Spear Cretin---1(took out after tourney)
Trap Master---1
Magician Of Faith---1
Karate Man---1(thinking about adding another 1)
Mask Of Darkness---1

Tribute Monsters(4):
King Of Yamimakai---1(took out after tourney)
Judge Man---1
Summoned Skull---2(I want 1 more)

Card Destruction---1(took out after tourney)
Monster Recovery---1(took out after tourney)
Pot Of Greed---1(saved my butt more than enough times if u dont have this card GET IT)
Malevolent Nuzzler---1
Dark Hole---1
Block Attack---1
Germ Infection---1
Change Of Heart---1
Paralyzing Potion---1(might take out of deck but probably not)
Horn Of The Unicorn---1
Soul Exchange---1
Monster Reborn---1

Acid Trap Hole---1(traded it for some other cards after tourney)
Fake Trap---1(took out after tourney)
Trap Hole---1
Enchanted Javelin---1
Reverse Trap---1
Magic Jammer---1
Magic Drain---1
Fairy's Hand Mirror---1

Total number of cards:54

Add-inns- Here are the cards i added in after the tourney that i did not mention up there^. I added Girochin Kuwagata, Gearfried The Iron Knight, and Solemn Wishes.If you add all the cards up that i added and took out i now have 50 cards in my deck with these awsome red metalized sleezes.

I know i didnt last long but i am going next week and i will see if i do better.

Round One:(we were split into age groups so 16 people)
Me vs. kid named jimmy

To start of he looked really good and i thought i was done for at the start because i think he said he had jinzo but never got to lay it(lucky for me).
In the first duel he killed me i couldnt lay 1 monster he didnt kill with his summoned skull on the field and i didnt get anythink to stop or kill his summoned skull so i lost.The next duel was really close i was dominating the field until he used morphing jar and after awhile i started to destroy his life point but at the same time he was destroying mine but i destroyed his first.The third duel was sorta close, he layed his summoned skull out but then i fissured it the next turn then i won the duel from there.After the duel i felt so releived that i won the first round, my friend was with me and he got thru his to.

Round Two(8 people left)
Me vs. my friend jeff( we did not want to duel til like late but we had to duel each other the second round)

Before this duel started i new my friend was really good and had a lot of good cards like snatch steal. Thes first duel i had no chance he destroyed every monster i layed on the field. The second was mine all the way he didnt get any monsters excpet tribute monsters and so i just killed him. BUT the next duel was the most intense duel i was ever in it was down to the last life point. he got his jinzo #7 out then put 2 nuzzlers on him and he attacked my life points, then the next turn he did it. now my life points was down to 800 with a monster in def for me. i had to draw a monster stronger than 1700 or draw a good magic or trap card. and what do u no it I DRAW A SUMMONED SKULL. i sacrificed my trap master for summoned skull then i used my fairy's hand mirror to make his nuzzler on his jinzo on my summoned skull then i killed his life points from there.

Round Three(4 people left)
Me vs. this really good kid with jinzo

Now on this duel when he told me he had jinzo this time i was for sure i lost. the first duel he got jinzo out and then just destroyed me. The second duel i dont know how i did it but i beat him with my trusty summoned skull.But the third he did everything to negate my stuff to destroy his summoned skull so i never got to get control of the duel and he won.

-did ok for my first tourney
-had the best of times there
-got a tourney pack for entering
-came in 3rd
-bought a PSV booster and got 3 really could cards and they are meantioned up there but i didnt label them sorry
-had a real good time

-to nervous to play my best
-didnt get first
-had to pay 5 dollars for fee
-didnt know about this tourney til last week
-me and my friend had to duel in the 2nd round

if you have any questions or advice for my deck or just want to chat my sn is CURTISDFOGLE
and my email adress is CURTISDFOGLE@AOL.COM              see ya all later have fun

*it doesnt matter if you win our lose but that you have fun*(which i did have a lot of fun)