Subject: Yugioh tourney report
The Playground , Albany NY   Feb 1
about 30 people or so
first 70 dollars
second 30 dollars
third 10 store credit
Weenie direct damage deck
My deck
Jinzo 7 x3
Giant germ x3
Dragon zombie x2
Hayabusa x2
rainbow flower x3
mystic lamp x3
sangan x1
17 monsters
traps   5
gravity bind x3
just deserts x2
Magic 18
rush recklessly x3
malevolent nuzzler x3
ookazi x2
tremendous fire x3
limiter removal
Monster reborn
7 completed x2
Black pendant x2
Total 42
1st round Joe vs fred (good beatdown)
I love those beatdowns,  He wins toss and goes first and lays 2 cards in M/T zone and one face down card. My first hand gravity bind, jinzo 7, limiter removal, black pendant,7 completed, rush recklessly.  I played gravity bind face down and played jinzo 7 and equiped it with 7 completed and played rush recklessly.  I attacked and played limiter removal to do 3800 damage to his life points.  His turn he plays a lajin in attack and attacks i flip gravity bind and he groaned.  next draw i got a giant germ and play it in attack  and equip it with the black pendant i attacked the monster face down it was a mage of faith, (he had no magic in the grave i dont know what he was thinking).  His turn he plays 7 color fish and heavy stormed my gravity bind.  he attacked and killed my germ but doing 1000 points damage to him and i special summoned the other two germs from my deck.  i draw what i need a new bind and place it face down and it's his turn. he plays a monster face down and passes. i draw a tremendous fire and of course burn him.  it continued for a while but the bind saved me and got him to zero with a jinzo 7 and a nuzzler i win
me i think like 7000
him 8000-4200-3200-2200-----0
Next match with him he gets all he needs and crushed me in 4 turns i got him with an ookazi and a tremendous fire
Third match i won with the binds and a jinzo with 2 7 completed and a nuzzler that's 2600 to his life points a turn  i did it in like 8 turns total
round 2
 me vs keith (exodia)
first match he pulls exodia first turn i say BS because he wouldnt let me cut his deck i think he cheated but i wasnt gonna fight
second match he got it again this time in 5 turns (I hate that exodia)
well i did ok for a weenie deck i think i would have done better if i hadne played against the exodia deck in the second round but hey what ya gonna do