Subject: Yu-Gi-OhTournamentReport-MN
Wrom: Chase,
Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report
Location: Corner Collectibles, Hudson, MN
Participants: 40
Entry Fee: $5
Prize: 5 packs of choice

----------------------------------------Clown Control Deck--------------------------------------


Dream Clown - 3
Crass Clown - 3
Hayabusa Knight - 2
Giant Soldier of Stone - 2 ( GSOS )
White Magical Hat - 2
Magician of Faith - 2  ( MoF )
Sangan - 2
Cyber Jar - 1


Axe of Despair - 2
Mystical Space Typhoon - 2 ( MST )
Prohibition - 2
Messenger of Peace - 2 ( MoP )
Dark Hole - 1
Raigeki - 1
Pot of Greed - 1 ( PoG )
Monster Reborn - 1
Premature Burial - 1
Change of Heart - 1 ( CoH )


Gravity Bind - 3
Call of the Haunted - 1 ( CotH )
Magic Jammer - 2
Imperial Order - 1
Mirror Force - 1
Ceasefire - 1

Hey! This is my first ever tournament report on I always read them when they get updated. And now that hockey season is over for me, I can start going to tournaments. This is my very first tournament I've ever been to, so I was a little nervous.I got the idea for this deck from Someguy. Everyone there said Dean was the best player at Corner Collectibles. I just started playing Yu-Gi-Oh about a month ago. I used to be a Magic player, but a washing machine incident caused me to stop playing. This tournament was single elimination, losers go to loser bracket . Well on to the tournament...

Round 1: 40 people left
Me vs. Jeremy ( Barrel Dragon )

I started off with a good hand with 2 Crass Clowns, Raigeki, PoG and Hayabusa Knight. He wins the toss and elects to go first, he lays a monster in def and 2 M/T's. I draw an Axe. I play Raigeki, and lay Hayabusa Knight equiped with an Axe and attack his LP's doing 4000 damage. He doesn't get an monster  out next turn and I attack again for the win.
( 1 - 0 )

Round 2: 20 people left
Me vs. John ( Exodia )

When I found out this kid ran Exodia, I almost wet myself. I get a good hand with 2 Gravity Binds, Hayabusa Knight, Axe of Despair and White Magical Hat. He wins and goes first, he lays a monster in def and a M/T. I draw a Crass Clown and lay in in def and end my turn. He lays another M/T. I flip Crass Clown to atk and send Sangan back to his hand and equip Axe to White Magical Hat and attack his LP's and I discard a card from his hand, which was Exodia's Right Arm. He got mad and layed a piece of Exodia to defend his LP's. I drew and played Raigeki, clearing the field and lay Hayabusa Knight and attack doing 2000 damage, then attack with White Magical Hat and Crass Clown. He just gives up after that.
( 2 - 0 )

Round 3: 10 people left
Me vs. Phillip ( Weenie Beatdown )

Wow, was this a lucky kid. He had 3 Mechanicalchaser's, TP2 Morphing Jar and a bunch of other ultra rares, his deck had to be worth at least $1500. He wins and goes first and lays 2 M/T's. My turn, I lay Dream Clown and attack his LP's. Next turn, he lays a monster in def and another M/T. I didn't know what it was so I changed Dream Clown to def and destroyed that monster, which was Sangan. He took a card out of his deck, and layed a Mechanicalchaser and destroyed my Dream Clown, but then I activate Gravity Bind and he couldn't get rid of it and I won 4 turns later with Hayabusa Knight with both Axe's.
( 3 - 0 )

Round 4: 5 people left
Me vs. Bye
No, thats not the name of a kid. ( J/K ) We rolled a dice and lowest number got the bye... I got a 1. You do the math. I decided to get some new card protectors, because my gold ones were really ugly. I really liked the metallic red ones, so I bought those and a pack of Magic Ruler and got a Maha Vailo. When I was putting my cards in the card protectors, Dean came up to me and congratulated me on beating Phillip, which was the only kid he ever lost to. He gave an Axe of Despair, he has like 5 of them. I put it in my trading binder.

Round 5: Finals, 2 people left
Me vs. Dean
There should have been another round, but the other kid had to leave. So, here it was, me and Dean in the finals. I was pretty happy that I got to the finals in my first ever tournament. I found out that Dean ran your standard beatdown. He had Summond Skulls, Jinzo, Goblin Attack Force and stuff like that. I wasn't that nervous cause my brother has a deck almost identical deck to his. I started out with a Hayabusa Knight with an Axe on him. He layed a card in def and ended his turn. I drew PoG, and used it, I got my other Axe and White Magical Hat. I equiped White Magical Hat with the Axe and attacked his def card which was Sangan and attacked with Hayabusa Knight doing 4000 damage to his LP's. He said " Nice move. " He Raigeki's my monsters and attacks with a Goblin Attack Force. I lose 2300 LP's, but I activate Gravity Bind and he can't attack anymore. He can't get rid of it and I win 3 turns later.
( 4 - 0 )

Dean congratulated me and said that he finally will have a challenge. I got my 5 packs, I chose 5 PSV's and got a Jinzo and a Graverobber in those packs. After the tourney, the owner Jim, gave me another PSV back for beating Dean and I pulled a Goblin Attack Force. Dean and I dueled after the tournament, and he beat me in a combined 7 turns, I didn't even touch his LP's. My mom gave him a ride home, because his parent's were out for thier anniversary, so we stopped for pizza on the way home. It was a fun day.

- the Clowns
- Dean for giving me a great finals duel
- my mom for paying the entry fee
- my great pulls out of the packs
- Angeno's Pizza
- Dr. Pepper
- my new metallic red card sleeves

- to the kid who stole some kids Exodia pieces
- to card shop, it was a little crowded, but thier expanding
- ugly gold card sleeves