Subject: Yu Gi Oh Tournament Report Kirkland,Washington

Typical Beatdown


Kirkland, WA

Entry: $5

February 1, 2003

Around: 35-40


This was a single elimination tournament. The prizes were: 1st 2 pharaoh servant and 2 metal raiders packs and 1 rare card, 2nd 2 pharaoh servant packs, and 3rd u didn’t get jack squat.


Well as you see this was on Chinese New Year for all you Chinese people out there and I was ready to kick some butt because of last weeks first round lost.


Deck: 44


Monsters: (21)

1x Barrel Dragon (The great engine of Destruction)

2x Summon Skull (Summon Skull lightning attack)                                            

3x Harpie’s Brother (Lets Fly and attack with my big claws)

1x 7 Color Fish (Swim my fishy and bite them)

1x Lajinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (Come to my genie and give me my wishes)

1x Goblin Attack Force (Attack my Goblins)

1x Gearfield the Iron Knight (Attack my Iron Knight)

2x Wall of Illusion (Come on attack the scary wall and see what happens)

3x Man Eater Bug (Time to eat my little bug)

3x Magician of Faith (See lightning does strike twice)

1x Witch of The Black Forest (It’s the Wicked Witch of the East)

1x Cyber Jar (Go my jar of destruction)


Magics: (11)

1x Raigeki (Lightning, hurt don’t it?)

1x Dark Hole (Oh No it’s the big dark toilet)

1x Change of Heart (Your monster is now mine, hahaha)

1x Pot of Greed (Its mine hidden weed, haha)

1x Swords of Revealing Light (Its raining swords on you)

1x Monster Reborn (Come back to me my monster)

2x Heavy Storm (Hey look it’s a cow)

2x Tribute to the Doomed (Hurry up lets wrap this up)

1x Fairy Meteor Crush (Oh look it’s a small little meteor)


Trap: (12)

1x Seven Tools of The Bandit (Hey look I have a little knife)

3x Trap Hole (Hey look your monster falls down the hole)

1x Magic Drain (Hey look it’s a scary looking ghost)

1x Magic Jammer (Oh is that a Monster Reborn your playing I don’t think so)

1x Imperial Order (Welcome to Burger King how can I help you today)

2x Michizure (If I am going your coming with me)

2x Waboku (Protect me ladies)

1x Call of the Haunted (Zombie Barrel Dragon)


1st Round Me (8000) v.s. Some Boated Japanese Guy(8000-0)


This was such an easy match for me. This kid had a big ass deck like 80-90 cards and he just sucked. There isn’t much to explain except I whooped this kid badly. Even during the game he played a face up trap card before he put it down and I just decided to let it go because he sucked, but after a little while of attacking I beat him.


2nd Round Me(8000) v.s. Some little kid(8000-0)


Well this kid wasn’t that hard, he seemed like a real newb because he didn’t know what some cards did like tribute to the doomed or magic jammer did. So there isn’t much to explain besides me putting down my typical beatdown monsters and smacking him silly. But I still giving him props for trying to play.


3rd Round Me(8000) v.s Scott A. (8000-0) Scary English Dude


Now if you have read past reports you would have seen my friends report “The ATTACK of the Clowns” you would know about this guy, so we gave him the name of Scary English dude because he is scary on how he acts. Well it starts off with him drawing a crap hand and wanting to reshuffle and draw a new deck but I was like no, and he kept begging but I was like still no. So then we proceeded. I start off well by putting down my beatdown monsters and eventually being able to bring out my summon skull. He tried to play a paralyzing potion on it but I magic Drained it and he couldn’t do anything about it. Later he ended up putting a germ infection on my summon skull and it was funny. He was able to get it down to 1600 but that was at the last turn of the match. So after continious turns of him not drawing any monsters and me drawing plenty I smack him with my skull and he dies. This kid scares me.


Semi-Finals Me(8000-6000) v.s. Cole (8000-8600-0)


Well this kid was pretty good. He started of with this one card that gave him 600 lp. I started off with a man eater and well he didn’t attack so I flipped it and killed his monster and brought out my summon skull. After that I messed him up with it. During the turn instead of using my 7 tools of the bandit and countering one of his cards I just decided to heavy storm everything and waste it. I really wanted to use it because I just got it. Well after some amount of turns he ends up playing a princess of tsurugi and does me 2000 damage but I was like whatever. So after killing off his monsters I just full out attacked him and he lost. He was pretty good but still I felt lucky today because of Chinese New Year.


Finals Me(8000) v.s. Latent Yu(8000-0)


Well this guy was pretty good and he has won several times at Kirkland and I also think he is one of the top duelist in Washington. Also this guy got rid of my friend Ian in the 3rd round. Now I was on a pretty good streak and hope my luck would hold out for Chinese New Year. So we started it off. I started with a man eater face down and a trap hole down too. He tribute to the doomed it and used his labrynth  wall for it. (This was his crucial mistake as you will see later in the game). So after he got rid of my man eater I put another man eater down and it was his turn. He then put some cards down and it was my turn. I flip man eater and destroy his face down monster and sacrifice it for Summon Skull. Then I attack him with it and he takes 2500. Then he goes and puts some things down but no monsters but he plays skull dice and reduces my skull by 400 to make it 2100. So after I attack for 2100. Next he puts down a karate man and then I attack it and he doubles its attack so he only take 500. After that it was just over because I also was able to get out a harpie’s brother and kept on attacking him. So after attacking him for a few turns it was over. I couldn’t believe I won, I was hella happy.


Well this was my first tournament I won and it was cool. I knew Chinese New Year was coo and that luck kicked it for me today and also I had some red on and had some lucky pennies I got from my girlfriend. So luck was on my side. Well in the packs I got total crap and the rare I got was painful choice which I didn’t even need. Man I need Jinzo!!!!!!!!!!



-For Getting 1st (I am the Champion, no time for losers, cause I am the Champion)

-My Dad for bringing me

-For my friend Ian coming

-For my deck doing well

-For having good luck on Chinese New Year



-For my friend Ian getting eliminated by Latent

-For getting crap in the packs and the crappy rare

-For not having Jinzo




Well if you want to contact me here is my email: and if you have AIM: aznwoadey2002. Peace and no hate mail please. As I say “Don’t Hate Appreciate”