Subject: Beatdown V.2 Michael Overman Strike Zone Houston
Saturday February 8, 2003
This is actually my second time using my beatdown at a tournament, but I didn't send a report last time. Last time, I had a fusion (B. Skull) but I sold my Poly for $22. Everyone atleast gets 1 tourney pack. 3rd and 4th get 3, 2nd gets 5, and 1st gets 8. Well, here is my deck:
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Man Eater Bug x2
Harpie's Brother x3
7 Colored Fish x2
Jirai Gumo x2
Dark Fire Soldier 1 x2
Dark Fire Soldier 2 x2
Dark Zebra x1
Wall of Illusion x1
Summoned Skull x1 (I need more of these)
Magician of Faith x1
WotBF x1
La Jinn x1 (Need more)
Gearfried the Iron Knight x1
Mystical Elf x1
Bistro Butcher x1
Dark Elf x1
Battle Ox x1
Girochin Kuwagata x1
Neo x1
Fairy Meteor Crush x1
Fissure x1
Tremendous Fire x1
Change of Heart x1
Pot of Greed x1
Monster Reborn x1
Heavy Storm x1
Graceful Dice x1 (Finally legal! ^_^)
Axe of Despair x1 (One more please...)
Malevolent Nuzzler x1
Dark Hole (I need Raigeki)
Dust Tornado x1
Trap Hole x2
Robbin' Goblin x1
Shadow of Eyes x1
Mirror Force x1
Enchanted Javelin x1
Michizure x1
Solemn Judgement x1
Thats my deck. Yeah...I do need to get a Goblin Attack Force, another Summoned Skull, another La Jinn, and maybe a SoRL.
Round 1- Michael vs. Ryan
Alright, this kid looked easy. He was young, and didn't know much about the cards. He didn't understand flip-effects, but I let him go. He put down Gravity Bind, and since I had a Beatdown, I thought I was toast. Surely enough, it was my Man-Eater Bug that I equipped with an Axe of Despair to win. In the next match, he was easy. I used Dust Tornado on his Gravity Bind, and he used Cyber Jar. Nothing much in my hand. He put down another Cyber Jar, and I told him that was only allowed one in a deck. I didnt care though. I beat him with my Blue-Eyes.
Round 2-Michael vs. Some Teen
I barely remember how this match went. I do remember I beat him with my La Jinn equipped with an Axe, and stopped his Mirror Force with a Solemn Judgement. In duel 2, I won with my Gearfried, because he forgot about Gearfried's effect. He tried to Snatch Steal, but he forgot, so it went to the graveyard. He was open dirrectly.
Round 3-Michael vs. Some good 5th Grader
Aah. Now this was a good match! In duel 1, he beat me in three turns. I didnt even do any damage to him. Annoying Jinzo... In duel 2, things went my way. I used Dust Tornado on his SoRL. He had a Witch of the B. Forest, and I attacked. He got Jinzo. He got it out, and destroyed it with my Darkfire Soldier with an Axe. I reborned it, and it was pretty easy after then. This duel was close! He tried to get out a Jinzo, but I used Solemn Judgment. I was down to 4000. I used Tremendous Fire, and he had Summoned Skull out. I Dark Holed it, and used Bistro Butcher to win.
Moment of Glory-
While I was waiting for my next match, I watched people trying to get Jinzo from PSV packs. I went over and watched. People were betting over if anyone would get one. I bought a pack, opened it and got a Jinzo!!! I was extremely happy, but I couldn't add it just yet. I was still in the tourney. But this happiness was short-lived...
Quater Finals- Michael vs. 12 year old
Aah..I can't remember much except that I won. It was fun though, becuase I got to use my Fairy Meteor Crush on his Magician of Faith to win the first time. I don't remember the rest...
Semi-Finals- Michael vs. Old Friend...
Okay, he wasn't an old friend, but I had faced him before with my water deck. I started with La Jinn and he Goblin Attack Force. I used Fissure, and summoned La Jinn and put down a m/t. He put down a La Jinn, and attacked, I used Enchanted Javilen. I finished him off with a Summoned Skull. Next I lost, because of a Solemn Judgment. I used Heavy Storm on his face-down card (Mirror Force), and then he used Spellbinding Circle, which I used Solemn Judgement, and so did he. He got me down with an evil Jinzo... Next duel was fun. He played Goblin Attack Force, and I used Change of Heart. I got out Blue-Eyes, but he used Goblin and Axe. I counter with Summoned Skull and Axe and a Fairy Meteor Crush. Ouch...
Finals- Michael vs. Stephen
Alright, I did pitiful in this match. He used Goblin, Dark Elf, Snatch Steal, Heavy Storm, and more to finish me off in 4 turns. Next, I did a little better. I got out my Dark Elf, but stupid Snatch Steal and Goblin. I lost.
Loss of Jinzo
We were backing out from the store, when I noticed my pack was gone. I ran back in, and looked everywhere. It was gone.
Props and Slops
Me getting 2nd
Me getting 5 tourney packs
My new deck
Me getting a Jinzo
Me losing my Jinzo
I got 5 tourney packs, but I only got 1 rare...Mystical Sheep #1, a fusion substitute. Oh well...
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