Subject: Yugioh Tournament Report (sry not attach.)

Aaron's Tournament Report

Sunday Febuary 2nd 2003

Deck: My Beatdown Type Thingy (no real name)

Place: Quantum Games (Kelowna, British Columbia)

Entry Fee: NONE (Yayyyyy!!!)

Participants: 16-20

Ok, I'm ranked 5th at the store I play in but only like 250 in Canada.

Monsters: (20)

3x Gearfried the Iron Knight (underated card)

3x La Jinn

3x 7 Colored Fish

2x Cannon Soldier

1x Cyber Jar

1x Witch of the Black Forest

2x Invader of the Throne

3x Man-eater Bug

2x Summoned Skull

Magic: (9)

3x Fissure (another runderated card)

1x Monster Reborn

1x Pot of Greed

1x Dark Hole

1x Change of Heart

1x Raigeki

1x Swords of Revealing Light

Trap: (11)

3x Just Desserts

1x Imperial Order

3x Magic Drain (no jammers yet)

2x Trap Hole

2x Ultimate Offering

Round 1: Me (insaniac) vs. Robbie

Robbie plays 5 tributes which is too much so he kinda got screwed by that.

1st Match: I basically drew a hand that stalled untile I got cyber Jar and ended up getting like swords, raigeki etc.. and had TOTAL board control. Out of the Jar he got 4 monsters and I had 3 Just Desserts out for 6000. He had no chance. I just beat him finished him with Gearfried and Jinn's.

2nd Match: This one went pretty much exactly like the first one, except he ahd more than the first game and it was a bit closer. I got the key cards like swords and beat him down in under 10 turns.

Round 2: Me vs. Newbie Kid

He was a newb and played with stuff like wingweaver and bad stuff like that.

1st Match: It was easy. I started with cyber jar and he attacked it with wingweaver powered up with something. I got 2 Gearfried and 2 La Jinn. On my turn I played my other Gearfried, Raigekied and he was dead. No problem there.

2nd Match: It was funny cause he had me down to like...1000 or something then I played Cyber Jar and got stuff to beat him down with. On my turn after I flipped the Jar I had a fish and a Jinn. I played one of my skulls and hit him on my turn and my next turn killing him.

Round 3: Me vs. Schwabo

I had fun cause he is my friend. He's the top ranked guy at the store and top 50 in Canada.

1st Match: He had a bunch of small stuff and I had big stuff. He eventually made a mistake and it cost him the was good.

2nd Match: It was a bit closer but he also made another mistake. I got some 1800's out and beat him down quickly...first tie I've ever beat him in a tournament.

Round 4: Me vs Jason (Beardo)

1st Match: It wasn't even funny...I got rocked form the start.

2nd Match: Eactly like the other game...I just had a horrible match.

So I'm out of the tournament but I had fun, and tha sall that counts!


- getting my 2nd and 3rd Gearfried

- Helping Jason get closer to getting his set

- Beating Rick Schwab

- Having Fun

- Getting top 4!

- Gettig to about 235 in canada


- Losing a skull

- Not beating Jason

- Friends getting beat fast

That's my toruney report. I'm Aaron Martin and my e-mail is . E-mail me tips and other stuff!