Beat Down Deck
Chris Zangari
TJL's Cards and Collectibles
Hopewell Junction, New York
February 2, 2003
1st place, $20 and a Blue eyes White Dragon, 2nd place, $9

There are only 4 people at the tourney because there was a lot of snow but I showed up because I am a big Yu-gi-oh enjoyer.

My deck is made of 40 cards,

Non Sac Monsters

1. 3x La Jinn Mystical Genie of the Lamp
2. 3x 7 Colored Fish
3. 3x Harpies Brothers
4. 1x Witch of the Black Forest
5. 2x Magician of Faith
6. 2x Mask of Darkness
7. 3x Wall of Illusion

Sac Monsters

1. 3x Skulls


1. 1x Pot of Greed
2. 1x Fairy Meteor Crush
3. 1x Mystical Space Typhoon
4. 1x Swords of Revealing Light
5. 1x Change of Heart
6. 1x Monster Reborn
7. 1x Dark Hole
8. 1x Raigeki
9. 3x Tribute to the Dooms


1. 1x Trap Hole
2. 1x Imperial Order
3. 1x Mirror Force
4. 1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
5. 1x Magic Drain
6. 1x Magic Jammer
7. 1x Call of the Haunted
8. 2x Dust Tornados

The tourney starts………………………………….

Me (Chris) vs. Quincy

Match 1: Duel 1
I put a la jinn in attack and imperial order face down, Quincy turn he uses change of heart on my la jinn and I use imperial order and places a card in defense, my turn get rid of imperial order and tribute to the doomed his face down nimble and play harpies bro. And attack 3600, his turn he play's la jinn with nuzzler and attacks my la jinn and lost 700 lp
I use dark hole and play la jinn and attack 1800, his turn plays la jinn and collides my la jinn, my turn I play harpies bro. and attack 1800, he is down to 800, his turn he uses fissure and kills my harpies bro., my turn use mask of darkness and attack 900 and I win.

Match 1: Duel 2
Quincy goes first he places 2 m/t cards and monster in defense, I go I play swords and flip his monster thinking it was man-eater but it was nimble I then play a mirror force and used raigeki on his nimble and play a harpies bro., and then trap holes it, his turn he plays a colored fish and reborns a harpies bro., my turn I played a magician of faith and then his turn and played colored fish and then it was my turn and played colored fish and then he trap holed it, his turn he sacked harpies bro., and fish for barrel dragon and uses its effect to destroy my face down magician of faith he got tails twice in a row so it didn't work, my turn flipped magician and got raigeki and used it I then sacked for scull and attacked 2500, his turn he placed a face down card, my turn I play a face down card and attack it his monster with scull and destroys it with a man-eater then I place a call of the haunted, his turn  he placed a face down card and then on my turn I placed a la jinn and used call of the haunted on my scull I attacked his card with my scull, it was a mask of darkness so he got trap hole then I attacked with scull, his turn uses a fissure and kills my la jinn then sets a m/t and then I set a magician and attack with scull so he is at 500 and I am at 8000 because he is garbage hahaha, his turn he sets a face down defense, on my turn I set a wall of illusion in attack to see if that only m/t was a trap hole and not a mirror force or something good then he trap holed it, flipped magician and used raigeki from my graveyard to destroy his only card then I attacked with scull and won the tourney.  I won 1st place and Quincy won 2nd. 

My name is Chris Zangari and my Email address is