Chris moosman
Yata-beatdown deck
salinas california
star cards and collectables

date 11/27/2003
# of people 25
prize is 3 turney packs

my deck-41
Monsters 17
fiber jar
2xspirit reaper
mystic tomato
breaker the magical warrior
guardian sphinx
don zaloog
exiled force
tribe infecting virus
sinister serpent
injection fairy lily
spear dragon
gemini elf
witch of the black forest
spell 18
the forceful sentry
3xmystical space typhoon
graceful charity
heavy storm
premature burial
change of heart
monster reborn
pot of greed
nobleman of crossout
creature swap
snatch steal
dark hole
delinquent duo
harpies feather duster
swords of reavealing light
traps 6
call of the haunted
ring of destruction
mirror force
imperial order
magic cylinder
On th the turney.i ended up winning the turney.the was about 25 people. This was an upperdeck turney also.Single eliminationok i got crap in all my turney packs. o well my friend tri pulled a morphing jar#1 super rare.i dont remember half the people i faced.Well as for the people i don know...
Me vs. Daniel
I had a great hand.I remember getting his hand down to 1 card after 2 turns. After that he had nothing so i yata locked him.
second match went something like that ecept i also had a guardian sphinx on the feild to help.
Me vs. Marco
He beat me brutally the first match with a gemini elf bosted to 5700
We went back and forth and he was top decking so he kept pulling so i beat him
I don't know what happend in this match but i did win
thats all i remember from 2 weeks ago
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