back with another turney report today. This was my first time in an official turney so i didnt know what to expect. I came there to win but there was like 55 people I didn’t know. So i did some browsing and trading and then came the turneyment. Before I say the turney report i will give you my new deck list.  


1-fiber jar

1-luster dragon(1900 atk)

1-guardian sphinx


1-spear dragon


1-injection fairy lily

1-spirit reaper

1-witch of the black forest

1-exiled force

2-don zaloog

1-gemini elf


1-dark ruler ha des

1-tribe-infecting virus

1-breaker the magical warrior


1-pot of greed

1-heavy storm

1-graceful charity

3-mystical space typhoon

1-harpies feather duster

1-change of heart

1-monster reborn


1-swords of reavealing light

1-mirage of nightmare

1-snatch steal

1-creature swap

1-premature burial

1-the forceful sentrey

1-delinquent duo


1-torrential tribute

1-ring of destruction

1-imperial order

1-mirror force

1-call of the haunted

1-magic cylinder

.....and now for the turney part.

Me vs.some guy

He played a necrofear deck so I knew what to expect. But I later found out it wasn’t a necrofear deck and it’s a beatdown instead. We hit back and forth a while and then I played dark hole. i had sacraficed my Jinzo, Gemini and breaker. o well cause I locked him with yata.

Me vs. an old man(no affence)

He played a graveyard deck he calls it. It was accually a mix between a zombie and warrior deck. I was hit down to 3300 before I got some momentum. I cleared his side of the field with raigeki. I then summoned  breaker and broke his mirror force then atked. He played a monster in def. mode. I played crossout then summoned yata and I won again like that.

Me vs. a scientist deck

He got a lucky first turn kill L
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