deck of dragons
david orrantia
the bullpen  clovis, ca
entry fee=8.00
the cards in my deck
nimble momonga x3
lord of d x2
cave dragon x2
spear dragon
blue eyes white dragon x3
mystic tomato
man-eater bug x2
witch of the black forest
fiber jar
exiled force
red-eyes black dragon
magic (14)
pot of greed
swords of revealing light
the flute of summoning dragon x2
delinquent duo
monster reborn
heavy storm
dark hole
harpies feather duster
nobleman of crossout]
graceful charity
change of heart
traps (7)
imperial order
royal command
call of the haunted
magic cylinder
dust tornado
mirror force
total cards=40
duel 1
me v.s. rich kid
the duel started out bad, he first played card destruction getting rid of my fiber jar. after that he did a forceful,delinquient, and confiscation spree on me. he then finished up by summoning gemini and setting bell of destruction. i lost for i had no cards to use to protect me and he belled my spear when i summoned it
duel 2
this basically was a repeat of the last round, he drew a bad hand and fibered. then after fibering he did the hand destruction part again and summoned gemini. i played swords and he fibered. we continued to throw punches at each other with raigeki and dark hole then attacking each other. i played swords and he fibered once more, i drew nothing and he attacked me directly then belled his gemini killing me
i lost but got a crappy pharonic gaurdian pack. me being soooooo lucky got an ultra secret super rare of book of moon. *cough*
1. getting points on my duelist record
2. geting that rare card
3. seeing how my deck didn't give me what i wanted
1. my deck didn't give me what i needed
2. spending $5 on a pharonic gaurdian booster and losing some pride
3. losing an extra card sleeve on my way out
e-mail me ur advice or whaever

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