From: Tommy Graves []
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 8:54 PM
Subject: Wave Deck of Disruption Tommy G. Comic Town Delaware Ohio

Wave Deck of Disruption Tommy G. Comic Town Delaware Ohio


About 30 participants (But Some left early, I think)

Admission Fee: 5$, tp 4 included

There were a lot of people here, but it seemed like a lot of them left.I got junk in my pack, but someone got a Giant Red Seasnake, which I need :(


Normal Monsters: 7

7 Colored Fish

7 Colored Fish

7 Colored Fish

Kabazauls (Will be replaces with Giant Red once I can get on)

Amphibian Beast

Amphibian Beast

Summoned Skull

Effect Monsters: 14

Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit

Cure Mermaid(Soon to be Umiruka)

Cure Mermaid

Penguin Soldier

Penguin Soldier







Star Boy

Spells: 12




Book of Moon


Graceful Charity



Mask of the Accursed

Monster Reborn



Traps: 12

Drop Off

Drop Off



Trap Hole

Gravity Bind

Raigeki Break

Enchanted Javelin

Dust Tornado


Thunder of Ruler

Time Seal

Total: 45

Match One

Wave Disruption(me) versus.... New kid on the block!

This person was quite new to the game, and he had just gotten his first tin. He used his tin cards with a SDJ to play....

Duel One: I feel sorry!

I crushed him the whole time. I pulled my triple Aqua Spirit into Gravity Bind with LO. He never stood a chance. I had Fiber in my hand the whole time, but never used him

Me: 8000-7500-WIN

Him: 8000-7500-5700-3100-LOSE

Duel Two: Intro to the Lilypad!

This duel was actually quite funny! He was holding off well, and we were tied at some points, but I introduced him to his worst nightmare... Injection Fairy Lily! I used her attack to finish him off..He was at 8000, I was at 5300...Ouch, anyways, I slapped Lily down and did some damege to him with other cards then finished off with Lily. :)



Me: 2-0

Match Two

Wave Disruption versus.... Creepy!

I was actually afraid I was going to lose this game. Luckily for me, it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Duel One: Nooo!

This started out bad. He was smaking me, but not very hard. I got out my defenses, and he couldn't get any monsters.


8000-7500-8000-6500-2900-3600(I suppose I Injected him here, but I can't remember)-LOSE

Duel Two: I know a secret!

I learned here something important...He had 5 monsters in his deck that were 4 stars.

He pulled off some combo to do 2000 damege to me with S/T cards. He never had a monster in this game though, so I beat him hard and quick.




Match Three

Wave Disruption versus.... Not now.

This was a sad duel. Me and my best friend had to compete for the prize. He was horrible when we got here and now he is really good! He improved a bunch, and that almost made me lose.

Duel One: Best of Friends, Okay Duelists Part One: Impossible!

I was too cocky and overcofident when this duel started. Normally he wouldn't play very stragetically, and he would just play some cards down for the fun of it. I saw that same thing in his eyes this time, so I ignored all the traps he played down. I let him take back a few moves in the beginning, but when I saw he was countering my every move I got serious. His monsters couldn't take my beating.



Lucky Me

Duel Two: Best of Friends, Okay Duelists Part Two: No Holding Back!

We played at our best here. Neither of us could take any move back, and we played out our full. I was surprised at how much he had improved

I started out with a great hand, and it just got greater. I beat him quick, but he was still countering almost everything.



Yay, Undefeated the whole day. The three remaining players all got 3 packs, and we didn't play a final

(o, and btw, My friend beat my first opponent with IFL also :))



To my mom for taking me

To Chris for getting so far

I can't think of any more right now....


Horrible cards in all packs...Everyone exceot me got a Karate Man in their tournament pack ,ROFL!



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