Chris Maddox
Tribute to Bakura Deck
D & M Cards & Games
Chelsea, MA

This deck is a Bakura-themed deck, hence the name:


Lvl. 7+
Ultimate Obidient Fiend (Great with Patrician of Darkness)
Dark Necrofear (Any Bakura deck needs this guy)
Zoa (Basic sack for DN)
Beast of Talwar (Pretty good Fiend)

Lvl. 5+6
The Earl of Demise (Decent Fiend)
Dark Ruler Ha Des (Can't be a Fiend Deck without it)
Lesser Fiend (Stops Revival Decks)
Patrician of Darkness (May not be a Fiend but it works with UOF)
Helpoemer (Good for deck destruction)
Byser Shock (Stops Traps)
Ushi Oni (Fiends, Fiends, and more Fiends)

Lvl. 4-
Nuvia the Wicked (Normal Summon it for DN bait)
The Portrait's Secret (DN sack)
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams (DN sack)
Headless Knight (DN sack)
Earthbound Spirit (Just keeping up with the anime)
WInged Minion (Helps power up several monsters)
Opticlops (Quick Beatdown)
Dark Jeroid (Good power down)

Magic/Spell Cards
Spirit Message "I" x2 (Do I have to say why?)
Spirit Message "N" x2 (Do I have to say why?)
Spirit Message "A" x2 (Do I have to say why?)
Spirit Message "L" x2 (Do I have to say why?)
Spiritualism x3 (Stops opponent's plans)
Bait Doll (Stops Traps)
Dark Designator (See Earthbound Spirit for witty remark)
Continuous Destruction Punch (UOF in DEF with PoD)

Dark Spirit of the Silent (Helps with PoD)
Deal of Phantom (Powers up many monsters)
Destiny Board (Do I have to say why?)
Last Turn (Works with DN)
Coffin Seller (Burns opponent)
Windstorm of Etaqua (I don't have Curse of Fiend, but this is just as good!)

Total: 40

On to the report!

There were 16 kids, making 2 sections with 8 kids each. I drew my lot and got number 12. I was in the second match of the second section.

Match 1: Me vs. Mike (Spirit Deck)

This kid had Spirits galore! I tried to get this duel done quick before he drew Yata-Garasu.

I went first and drew Headless Knight, Earl of Demise, Lesser Fiend, Zoa, and Opticlops. I drew and got Dark Designator. I activate it and say Fushi No Tori. He takes it and I summon Opticlops and end my turn. He draws and sets one card and sets one monster. I draw and get Coffin Seller. I set it and summon Headless Knight and attack with it, destroying his Fushi No Tori. I then attack his Life Points with Opticlops. He draws and activates Raigeki. He then summons Maharaghi and attacks. He ends his turn and I draw Gross Ghost. I set it and end my turn. He puts the cards at the bottom of his deck and draws. He sets a monster and ends his turn. I draw Dark Necrofear. I sack my Gross Ghost and summon Lesser Fiend, then remove Opticlops, Headless Knight, and Gross Ghost for Necrofear. I attack with Lesser Fiend,  to find Otohime. He switches Necrofear to defense. I end my turn. He draws and sets one card and activates The Dark Door. I say to myself, "But that's my shtick!" and he sets a monster. I draw Continuous Destruction Punch and set it, waiting for the right time. I attack with Lesser Fiend and he reveals Mirror Force, destroying my Lesser Fiend. I ended my turn. He sets another monster and ends his turn. I draw Deal of Phantom and set it. I end my turn. He draws and activates Harpie's Feather Duster and sets a monster after sacking his two monsters. I had a feeling it was Yamata Dragon. I draw Destiny Board!!! I set it and tell him his done for. He thinks I'm bluffing and I end my turn. He draws and sets a monster. I activate Destiny Board and I search for "I" and play it. I draw "N". What luck. I end my turn and he draws. He sets another monster and I play "N". I draw Last Turn and I decide not to set it. Why should I anyway? I end my turn and he draws and summons Otohime, switching Necrofear to attack. He flips Yamata Dragon, as I anticipated, and attacks Necrofear. I decide to grab Otohime, just for fun. It returns to his hand, destroying Necrofear and I play "A". I draw Nuvia and set her, yes her. I end my turn and he draws. He summons Yamata Dragon and attacks. I play "L" and win.

LP count: Me: 8000/6600
                   Mike: 8000/6200/FINAL

Duel 2

He goes first and sets a monster. I draw and have a hand that consists of Nuvia, Portrait, Gross Ghost, Windstorm, Ushi, and UOF. I set Windstorm and Portrait. He draws and flips Fushi No Tori. He attacks and loses 300 LP. I draw Opticlops and I activate WIndstorm, swaping both monster's positions and then summon Opticlops. I attack with Portrait and Opticlops attacks Mike's LP. He draws and summons Maharaghi and attacks Portrait. I draw Ha Des and set Nuvia. I attack with Opticlops. He puts his card back on top and activates it, being a Spiritual Energy Settle Machine. He then sets a monster. I draw Helpoemer and flip Nuvia. I attack his monster with Opticlops, it being another Fushi. I then attack with Nuvia, who is at full power. He draws and sets a monster. I draw Earthbound Spirit and summon it. I attack with Opticlops and then attack with Nuvia and ES, ending the duel. I move on to Round 2.

LP Count: Me: 8000
                   Mike: 8000/7700/5900/4100/2100/100/0

Match 2

Me vs. Carl (Exodia Deck)

This kid's a newbie, so I kinda went easy on him in our first duel, but showed no mercy in our second.

He went first and sets three cards and one monster. I draw and have a choice between Headless Knight, Jeroid, Minion, Opticlops, Gross Ghost, and Lesser Fiend. I summon Opticlops and he activates all three of his face down cards, being Jars of Greed. I attack his Tomato and he summons Sangan. He draws and activates Graceful Charity, discarding Electric Snake and Cannon Soldier. I told him the Snake's effect wouldn't activate and he said he knows. He switches Sangan to defense and sets another monster. I draw and summon Lesser Fiend, attacking Sangan. Being unable to search his deck for an Exodia piece, he draws and flips his Royal Magic Library and activates Gather Your Mind, adding a Spell Counter. He then activates Pot of Greed and adds another Spell Counter. He then activates Riryoku, then removes the Spell Counters and draws a card. He attacks with his Library, destroying both monsters. I draw and summon my Knight and activate Dark Designator, which I drew, and say Mystic Tomato. I attack his LP and he draws. He sets a monster, which had a Japanese back, which was legal in this tourney (sorry if I forgot to mention). I draw Ha Des and attack with Knight, revealing a monster called Skelangel, a Fairy with 900 ATK and 400 DEF. It's Flip Effect allows you to draw a card, which he did. He draws and reveals Exodia!!! I have to win these next two duels.

LP Count: 8000/Exodia
                   Carl: 8000/6550

Duel 2

I went first and had Bait Doll, Ha Des, Opticlops, Last Turn, and Necrofear. I draw Patrician of Darkness. I summon Opticlops and set Last Turn. I end my turn and he draws. He sets a monster and sets two cards and activates Pot of Greed. I go and draw Lesser Fiend. I was debating whether to summon either Ha Des or Lesser Fiend. I chose Lesser Fiend, in the case Carl uses Monster Reborn or Call of the Haunted. I attack and he flips his Jar of Greed and monster, being a Witch. He activates The Reliable Guardian, however not being enough to withstand the attack and I end my turn. He draws and sets another monster. I draw Spiritualism and attack his monster, being a Tomato. He draws and sets 2 cards and summons Jirai Gumo!? He flips a coin and calls Heads. It comes up Tails and he's brought down to 4000 LP. I draw another Spiritualism and activate both, only to be useless, as the cards were his two other Jars. He then shows Exodia again!!!!!!! I was knocked out of the tournment. Oh well, there'll be other tournements to come.

LP Count: Me: 8000/7900/Exodia
                   Carl: 8000/4000


You for reading

Mike for putting up a good match


Me for getting knocked out by a newbie

Carl for winning the Tournement (Surprising ain't it?)

Anyway all e-mails should go to
Again my name is Chris and I'll take any and all challenges