Gary Gulfin
"Terminator Strikes"
Snack R' Us
436 North Kuakini,
Honolulu,HI 96817
Numbers of participant: 24
Unsanction tournament
November 28, 2003 Friday (4:00 PM)
Fee: 2 dollars with free snacks
1st place: 15 dollars gift certificate
2nd place: 10 dollars gift certificate
3rd place: 5 dollars gift certificate

Hello there again guys and gals! First of all I would like to say "Belated Happy Thanksgiving ". In this tourney, the store management allow us to play with Japanese and English cards and ruling will be English.Prior to the tournament, I find out that my friends are in there Ryan and Ray. My brother Neil join the tournament too. This time in a new place and new setting. Some participants thinking that we're a newbies. This was our first tournament in this respective store. Watch out! coz I'll invade your champion's throne and the last laugh will be mine. My brother and I play our English cards in this tournament and we want to show to them that we can match Japanese cards now. Without further ado, Here's my "Terminator Strikes" deck:

3 Mechanical chasers- TP3
3 Cannon soldiers
3 Mystic tomatoes
1 Witch of the black forest
1 Sangan
1 Tribe infected virus
1 Breaker
1 Needle worm- TP3
1 Fiber jar
1 Sinister serpent
1 Exiled force
1 Cyber jar
1 Pot of greed
2 Mystical space typhoon
3 Limited removal
1 Graceful charity
1 Dark hole
1 Raigeki
1 Heavy Storm
1 Scapegoat
1 Wave motion cannon
1 Snatch steal
1 Premature Burial
1 Nobleman of crossout
1 Forceful sentry
1 Imperial order
1 Call of the haunted
1 Mirror force
1 Negate Attack
1 Magic cylinder
1 Torrential tribute

As I survey this metagame, Mostly participants play hand disruption deck: Drop off, Confiscation, Delinquent duo and Forceful sentry. Hmmm.... Am I toast?

Terminator Vs kid (Hand disruption deck)

1st Match 2 out of 3
Round one
   We're taking turns with our fiber jars which makes the game slower but in the end I win with my cannon soldier tributing scapegoat 2000 direct damage. One kid trying to coach him. I say "No coaching pls" This is a real tournament." Oh boy!

Me: 8000-Win
Opponent: 8000-5150-0
Round two
    I remember that Mechanical chaser and cannon soldier kill his life points for 3 turns with one limiter removal attach. 6500 life points damage. Rise my machines Rise! We shake each other hands for sportmanship.

Terminator Vs Justin ( beatdown/hand disruption deck )

2nd match 2 out of 3
Me: 8000-7200-Win
Opponent: 8000-6000-4600-2200-0
Round one
   He play mostly traps: drop off. He can't stop the adrenaline of my machines and with the help of mystic tomato I can able to search cannon soldier, WOBF and Sangan and even another mystic tomato. Needle worm kick ass in here too. 5 cards discard in his deck to the graveyard. It's like free discard cards. I love that monster.

Me: 8000-Win
Opponent: 8000-6150-0
Round two
    His friend was looking on my back and I say to him that he need to move on the front. I don't want somebody looking on my cards. Advise to all: Don't let anyone look on your hand during the tournament.If somebody know your cards, they can make some gestures creates your opponent the upper hand. Cheaters never win. I feel bad of scolding him but I want a fair and clean game. I win with my mechanical chaser and cannon soldier attach with limiter removal. We shake each other hands and he tell me that it was his first time dueling with machine deck. After the duel, everyone wants to challenge me. Geez! They really want to challenge my skills. Sorry I'm still in the tournament.

Terminator Vs Jay -Store Champion (Hand disruption deck)

3rd match 2 out of 3
Me: 8000-6200-4800-Win
Opponent: 8000-6600-5200-4200-3200-1400-0
Round one
    Some kids says me that I will loss this game. Just because he's a store champ he can't be defeat. Hmmm.....With my experiences, skills and determination.  We'll see about it. Everybody were watching on our duel and chanting with the store champ. Wow! They have their own fans club. Anyway, My beloved needle worm rocks this round. He attack needle worm and discard 5 cards: Raigeki, Harpies,Monster reborn,Drop off and Nobleman of crossout.and with the follow up with my breaker and cannon soldier attach with limiter removal. Game over!

Round two
Me: 8000-win
Round two
One kid tells me why I keep in track with the score by using pencil and paper. Dah! I want a clean and fair game. I want to track my opponent's life points just in case the calculator shutdown.They never experience a dueler like me. Have you notice that sometimes our scores in the calculator suddenly disappear. You don't want your opponent to guess what score he/she have. They can add some life points.What are they NIMBLE MOMONGAS.
     "No coaching pls!" a sweet reminder from me. I know everyone like to participate but this is a tournament not a fun play.
      I defeat him with my mechanical chaser and cannon soldier with limiter removal for 3 turns. My machines are in steriods. A short silent after the duel. Whose eating their words now?

Few break:
     My brother didn't not make it to the final. The store champion defeat him before dueling me. My brother tells me that the game was tight and they both have one wins. My brother's warrior deck works very well but that's life ,you need to accept ups and downs. My revenge was over after defeating the store champ. My friend Ray makes to the final. The store management tells me that I need to bye. Finally I can rest my mind for a while. As I observe with Ray and his opponent duel. Each of them, have a tight game with both one wins. I notice that his opponent play the mirage of nightmare wrongly. I know that many people debates with this card. Next time I will bring my card lists "Frequently answer and question" which my friend give me some copies. Anyway, His friend tells me why I just tell them now. I say "I thought he knows the card very well." "That's why you need to know what cards are you playing or else you will be screw up." Unsuccessfully my friend Ray lose the game. It's up to me to beat him with this game.

4th match 2 out of 3
Terminator Vs Ray's opponent (beatdown/life points gainer mixed with hand disruption)
Round one
Opponent:8000-7000-5600-4200-2350 Win
   I defeat with my opponent's Jinzo, Bazoo and Tribe infected virus.Time for my side deck: I remove all my machines,mystic tomatoes and limiter removal. Replace with Gemini elves, Spear dragon, 3 Nimble Momongas ( play with fire versus fire),yata and fairy lily.My machines needs a good rest.

Round two
Me:8000-6900-6200-5200-3900-3200-2900-2200-1500 Win
Opponent: 8000-6900-4100-3200-2200-1100-0
   This duel was  remarkable. I just keeps paying imperial order and witch of the black forest keeps attacking his life points. Unluckily he keep drawing some traps and spells and no monster so I have the upper hand.

Round three
   A lot of arguments in this round, I'm tracking my opponent's life points through pencil and paper and he never adds some addition 1000 life points gain with the nimble momongas. Hayyyy... That's why I need to write it in the paper so that I can track our life points. Everybody were overwhelm especially the store owner too while watching our game. It's was a tight game alright! Magic cylinder saves me.
   It's suppose to be round robin.Ray's opponent forfeit the game and decide to be in the third place and I automatically on first placer and Ray will be on second placer. All the participants and store owner congratulate me for begin a new champion in their store and request to let me play again next Friday. I say to them politely "I'm thinking about it." Each of the winners get the gift certificates and a photos taken by store owner. I haven't spent my 15 dollar gift certificate and my brother and I decide to save and earn some more certificates for the upcoming Dark Crisis inorder for us to buy one box and that's our goal. Anyway, I forget to post my tourney report this november wherein I won last November 8,2003 Saturday at Toyriffic, Kapolei. I misplaced my scoring track sheet . I got back my throne as a champ in Kapolei. I won 35 dollars store credits and still the same save the certificate for the upcoming new set. I couldn't wait for vampire lord to be in my hand. Until then, Enjoy playing Yugioh!
     It's all in your strategies how you play the game of YU-GI-OH! eventhough you have the cheapest cards in your deck. Just be careful on your move and take time. Don't be in hurry. Focus and believe in your deck coz you're the one who building it. Keep smiling! FUN is the key word for YU-GI-OH!

To all my machine monsters "Rise of the machines"
To upperdeck for making limiter removal unrestricted
To my self-confidence and pride
To Pojo for letting my tourney report posts.
To the store owner
To my brother Neil and friends thanks for the support.
Cheaters never win!