Springfields Finest - Homers German Ownage  By Homer J. Simpson

A World Of Books  San Leandro, CA

December 13, 2003


3 Gemini Elf

3 Luster Dragon

3 Skilled Dark Magician

1 Graceful Charity

1 Harpies Feather Duster

1 Heavy Storm

1 Breaker The Magical Warrior

1 Exiled Force

1 Fiber Jar

1 Monster Reborn

1 Painful Choice

1 Pot Of Greed

1 Injection Fairy Lily

1 Jinzo

1 Sangan

1 Premature Burial

1 Raigeki

1 Snatch Steal.

1 Sinister Serpent

1 Tribe-Infecting Virus

1 Witch Of The Black Forest

3 Spell Shield Type-8

1 Call Of The Haunted

1 Imperial Order

3 Mystical Space Typhoon      

1 Change Of Heart

1 Dark Hole

1 Magic Cylinder

1 Mirror Force

1 Ring Of Destruction


Tournament Fee - $6

5 Rounds  Single Elimination

Advanced Bracket


Time for some GERMAN OWNAGE!


Round 1  Homer J. Simpson Vs. No One


I got a bye since I won the tournament last week.


Round 2  Homer J. Simpson Vs. Alex (Otto of Springfields Finest


Results: 2-0 Me


Last time we played in the tourney, I lost to him 2-0. Grrrr! Time for some revenge!


Im completely owned him this round. Both games resulted the same way. Yata-Lock.


Round 3  Homer J. Simpson Vs. Edwin (Clancy of Springfields Finest)


Results: 2-1 Edwin


Last time we played in the tournament, I defeated him 2-1. Someone is looking for revenge.


Well, first game, he took me out with the Yata-Lock. Second game, I comeback and beat him with Luster and Tomato. Third game, he Yata-Locks me again. Ahhhh. Oh well, good shit Edwin. He got his revenge!


Post-Game Comments:

-         Me getting far in tourney

-         Me pulling Dark Magician Girl in pack for entering tourney (Good Shit!)

-         Me for getting good trades

-         Edwin for losing to Ed (Loser!)

-         Ronald, Reggie, Thahn, Elvin for not coming (Losers!)

-         Our newest member for DBZ squad, Bobby (Comic Book Guy)


Springfields Finest:



- Homer


- Moe


- Sideshow Bob


- Bart


- Apu


- Lenny


- Clancy


- Scratchy


- Itchy


- Duff Man


- Barney


- Otto


- Carl


- Comic Book Guy


James P.  Homer J. Simpson (Leader of Springfields Finest)

Email Address  FiLiPiNoDuDe1223@hotmail.com

Aim Screen Name  FiLiPiNoDuDe2006