Springfields Finest - Homers German Ownage  By Homer J. Simpson

A World Of Books  San Leandro, CA

December 13, 2003


3 Gemini Elf

3 Luster Dragon

3 Skilled Dark Magician

1 Graceful Charity

1 Harpies Feather Duster

1 Heavy Storm

1 Breaker The Magical Warrior

1 Exiled Force

1 Fiber Jar

1 Monster Reborn

1 Painful Choice

1 Pot Of Greed

1 Injection Fairy Lily

1 Jinzo

1 Sangan

1 Premature Burial

1 Raigeki

1 Snatch Steal.

1 Sinister Serpent

1 Tribe-Infecting Virus

1 Witch Of The Black Forest

3 Spell Shield Type-8

1 Call Of The Haunted

1 Imperial Order

3 Mystical Space Typhoon      

1 Change Of Heart

1 Dark Hole

1 Magic Cylinder

1 Mirror Force

1 Ring Of Destruction


Tournament Fee - $6

5 Rounds  Single Elimination

Advanced Bracket


Time for some GERMAN OWNAGE!


Round 1  Homer J. Simpson Vs. David


Results: 2-1 Me


Ahhhh! Its Mr. David Robinson. All Im expecting is some Gradius running around everywhere. Oh welp. Let the games begin.


First game, I completely owned him. So much hand control! Second game, he redlined me. 2 Limiters + Jinzo = good Game. I took the third duel. I preceded to Yata-Lock him than I just ended him with my Don.


Round 2  Homer J. Simpson Vs. Donald (Red XIII of Avalanche)


Results: 2-1 Me


I come into this match 0-3 against Donald in tourney matches. I cant seem to beat him in a tournament match. I must defeat him!


I took the first duel. I forgot how but I did. He took the second game. His Airknight owned the shit out of my Spirit Reaper. Third game, I just beat him down until his life points reached 0. Whew, I finally beat him in a tourney match. We shook hands since we have respect for each other.


Round 3 (Semi-Finals)  Homer J. Simpson Vs. Brandon (Cait Sith of Avalanche)


Results: 2-0 Me


I met Brandon a few weeks back in the semis and he defeated me 2-1. Time for some revenge!


First game, I take him down to 2800. I set a ring, summon tribe and I destroy his monster (forgot what it was) and attacked him for 1600 and ringed it next turn for the win. Second game, I Yata-Lock him. I think he had a Raigeki or some sort of magic card set down. We shake hands for having a great match.


Round 4 (Championship Round)  Homer J. Simpson Vs. Jake


Results: 2-1 Me


This is only the second time I played Jake in the tourney and the last time we played, he gave me my first lost in the first round of a tournament ever! Its time to get some freaking revenge!


He took me out first duel. Took out my hand and Yata-Locked me. I give him a piece of his own medicine and Yata-Lock him back. Haha. Nice ;x I took the third duel. I won because of shear luck. He got me down to about 600. He slapped me with a Kycoo and Gemini 2 times than he flipped my Fiber Jar he changed of hearted. He didnt summon a monster so his hand must have been crap but he set down some Spell/Trap cards so I had to be cautious. I was at 600 I didnt proceed to attack. I set a Don in defense mode. His turn, he set another Spell/Trap and ended his turn. I knew he was hiding so I flipped my Don over and summoned another Don from my hand and attacked. He took a 2800 hit. Took out his hand. He drew crap again and ended his turn. I slapped him again and started depleting his deck. He drew, set down another card and ended his turn. I drew and attacked again. He had nothing. Game over! OH MY GOD! I WON THE TOURNAMENT ON LUCK! Whew, that was some crazy shit. I shook Jakes hand for a great match. Springfield takes their 4th tournament.


Post-Game Comments:

-         Me winning the tournament (Good Shit)

-         Me getting a Skilled White Magician in my packs (rest was crap)

-         Springfield for winning its 4th tourney (Me, Edwin, Billy, Alex)

-         Asia Delight for being so good

-         Edwin for doing good in the tourney with a Scientist Deck

-         Nat for not trading me a Breaker (offered him like 4 ultras and some other shit)

-         Billy, Reggie, Ronald, Elvin, and Thahn for not coming (Losers!)

-         Andrey (Moe) for pulling an ultra rare in a Kid Buu Saga booster (Earth Spirit Bomb)


Springfields Finest:



- Homer


- Moe


- Sideshow Bob


- Bart


- Apu


- Lenny


- Clancy


- Scratchy


- Itchy


- Duff Man


- Barney


- Otto


- Carl




James P.  Homer J. Simpson (Leader of Springfields Finest)

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