Spellcaster Beat Down Deck
Created By Matt Hawthorne
Tournament at- Grandpa's Sports And Gaming Cards In Akron Ohio
Date- 11/15/03 (36 participants)

DECK LIST- (40 cards)
Monsters (21)
X1 Dark Ruler Ha Des
X1 Cyber Jar
X1 Kuriboh
X1 Fiber Jar
X1 Injection Fariy Lily
X2 Skilled Dark Magician
X1 Goblin Attack Force
X1 Gemini Elf
X1 Jinzo
X1 Exiled Force
X1 Breaker The Magical Warrior
X3 Spear Dragon
X3 Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
X1 Mechanicalchaser
X1 Witch Of the Black Forest
X1 Sangan

X1 Snatch Steal
X1 Harpie's Feather Duster
X2 Mystical Space Typoon
X1 Heavy Storm
X1 Monster Reborn
X1 Swords Of Reveling Light
X1 Premature Barial
X1 Graceful Cherity
X1 Change Of Heart
X1 Pot Of Greed
X1 Dark Hole
X1 Raigeki

X1 Mirror Force
X1 Imperal Order
X1 Call Of The Haunted
X1 Ceasefire
X1 Ring Of Destruction
X1 Tourrential Tribute

X1 St. Joan

Round One-
Opponet- Bobbie B. (7th Place)
Deck Style- Beatdown

Game One-
This game I got to summon some good cards and do some pretty good damage with Skilled Dark Magician and Gemini Elf. He had a hard time drawing monsters so i won it easily.

Game Two-
This game started out good for me, but then he got his Jinzo out equiped with Mage Power. That just trampled out on my monsters, letting him win the game. Spear Dragon also greatly helped him thoughout the game.

Game three-
To tell the truth I was surpised I won this game. Cyber Jar saved me. He had 3000 and I had alot. I got no Monsters off it and he got two monsters. He Attacked me with both of them and took me to a mere 1700. My Turn, I played Swords Of Reveling light, Mystical Space Typoon Face down after I Dark Holed and Feather Dustered. Then I played Mirror Force down and attacked with a spear dragon. He was down to 1100. I had My Mechnicalchaser in my hand ready for next turn. He didn't draw a monster, so i attacked him winning the Duel.

Round Two
Opponet- Will Grant (5th place)
Deck Style- Control
Game One-
This game was won by me with the attack power of my Jinzo and Dark Ruler. For a while in it, He was playing his cards as he drew them, which gave me an advantage. The Last turn, he drew Exiled Force destroyed my Dark Ruler and I through Out my trusty chaser winning the game.

Game Two-
This game he hit me pretty good, and by going through the hand removal cards we were both using what he drew. After a while I got my Mirror force down and took out all his monsters. Then i drew a Spear Dragon, and boom, he was out of life points.

Round 3
Opponet- Tong Vue (2sd Place)
Deck Style- Control

Game one-
This game I won by using the strengh of my very powerful monster cards. After passing an attack with Kuriboh, I was able to bring Out Jinzo for a win.

Game Two-
Even though i lost this game, i knew that i'd wi nthe last one. He defeated me by summoning out the powerful cards like Spear dragon and Jinzo. It was a good duel.

Game three-
Knowing he drew His Yata Garusu I played my cards better to advoid Yata lock. I had his hand down to a point when Yata was all he had. He drew his Graceful Cherity, discared his Premature and United We stand cards. He ended his turn. Allowing my Kycoo and Mechnicalchaser to do some damage. The turn after that he surrendered becuse he couldn't do anything to win. The only damage i took as 300 from Ring Of Destruction i used on spirit reaper.

Round Four- Semi Finals
Opponet- Andrew Bittner (Aka Marik's loyal Servent) (8th place)
Deck- Beat down

Game one-
While i had an unfair advantage i nthis duel. I was the one who built this kid's deck so i knew what was in it. But he had added a few cards. What truely destroyed him was Solomen Judgment on my Witch. That defeated him.

Game Two-
I think i won this Duel a little easier. I destroyed his monsters alot and in the end took him out with Skilled Dark Magician and Breaker.

ROUND FIVE- The finals
Opponet- Dwood (3rd place)
Deck- Fiend

Game one-
This was the easiest game. I was able to get five good monsters o nthe field. By ripping through his effect monsters with Ha Des made it pretty easy.

Game two-
He won this game by summoning his highly power fiend types and reborning my monsters. I lost badly.

Game three-
This game was tough. It was down to the draw of a card. We both attacked with some very powerful monsters and beat each other down pretty good. I was able to summon Jinzo in the end and attack him directly to win the Duel.

This won me the championship!


Matt Hawthorne