Show Stoppa aka Redline

Duke Devlin

Mall Tour/Adventures and Comics

Hella kids thinkin they tight

December 6th & 7th



3 Mechanical Chaser

3 Mystic Tomato

3 Giant Germ

3 Waboku

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Swords of Light

3 Wall of Illusion

1 Sangan


1 Heavy Storm

2 Nobleman of Crossout

1 Monster Reborn

3 Goblin Attack Force

1 Black Forest Witch

1 Change of Heart

1 Mirror Force

1 Raigeki      /      1 Pot of Greed

3 Cannon Soldier

1 Jinzo


3 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Limiter Removal

1 Dark Hole      /      1 Snatch Steal




Store 1: HR Sportscards

1st Round: Chico’s Cousin I think

Well this set he got me 2.1. He just got me down too much with a lot of monsters and united. Couldn’t really come back from that. He did good but he should know that he got lucky and if I flip 3 coins at once as opposed to 1 at a time it is the same odds as the other and vice versa.

Store 2: A1 Comics:

1st Round: Not worth mentioning. Teddy B didn’t know what he was doing and he was young so i just played nice and explained everything.

2nd Round: Nikki

 Well she is a pretty good player with a dark magician themed deck. But unfortunately for her I dismantled it. I basically just picked it apart and got the monsters out for the win.

3rd Round: Tony

Tony is good no doubt and he got me 2.0 I think. During the second game he activates a waboku and I completely forgot about it. So I Dark hole my witch to grab breaker and reborn the witch and try to atk for the win. He had activated waboku and i only had 350 lp left so he won that one. Good job.

Store 3: Adventures

1st Round: Played a dad of a son

His deck was just basically warriors. He was obviously unsure about what he was doing since I took him 2.0 very fast. He didn’t have captains or anything so that also slowed him down while I burned his last lp away with a treaty.

2nd Round: Some kid that has a lot of cards

Well he was running some sort of beatdown. He thought that the skilled dark tokens could be used to destroy M/T cards. His friend came over and was trying to tell me down... so me being the ass that I am made a scene for the store to see how stupid they really are. Kids please do not think that I am wrong about anything unless corrected by John. Well he Crossedout my thinning and then i just redline him for game.

3rd Round: Callum

He runs a scientist deck. Well I have a side deck for him but of course i cannot use it until the second duel. So he takes me on the first one using the combo first turn. Me coming back and owning him up with a chaser on redline ringed and barrel behind the door.

4th Round: Gerald from Yuba

Gerald is good no doubt and he is cocky just like me. He gets me good the first game by beatdown monsters with me hardly putting a dent in his life points. But the next game was mine when I always had field control and jinzo came out to put a stop to him. Last game of it I stalled out for a while until I got his field clear and hit direct for 4800. Always falling short but i believe that he can take me.

5th Round: Tuan

Well tuan runs redline like me... only mine runs smoother. He just needs to find his right setup and he will be fine. I take him 2.0 but he makes mistakes along the way to have me cruz to an easy victory.

I won the tourny at adventures and gave adam 3 tp packs and i took 4. He paid so i was just like w.e. All in all it was pretty fun playing and trying to get back into my groove of the new set.




Shout Outs:

Nate: Duke Devlin

John: Batusi – Decks decks decks

Nick: Akira – King Kong ain’t got shit on him

Gabriel: Yugi – beatdown St*r

Brendan: Bones - zombie

Jen: Malik… - play some

Anthony – Boy – Karate Kid

Tony - Just gimmie the light

Johnathon - Yami

B - A-Bomb

Jeff: Bandit Keif (K Force 1)

Kev: Kev Kaiba (K Force 1)

Ricky: Duke Devlin (K Force 1)

Alan: Joey (K Force 1)

Serf: Judge and player


If anyone thinks they are tight come on down to A-1 Roseville on Saturday and Adventure and comics on Sunday and duel with us. I’m the guy with Duke Devlin on the back of his sleeves and if im in the mood I will duel with ya. Just remember after you cop my shit, you coppin the best, Bandit Keif and just remember A-1’s Supreme are “Often Imitated, But Never Duplicated”



Duke Devlin

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