The Power of Light


Deck name: Power of light

My name: Victor Rezabala

Store: Game zone 409 N. Bragg Blvd Suite B Spring lake, North Carolina

Date: 11/23/03

About 8 peps entered $5 to enter and u get a tourney pack for free.

First gets a 3 tourney packs


My deck:



Summon skull x1

Monsters 4 or lower:

Roulette barrel x3(saves my butt a lot plus those 1900 monsters bounce right off)

Hysteric Fairy x3(1800 not bad plus good effect)

Thunder nyan nyan x3(a good and bad card)

Maha vailo x2(great when equipped with mage)

Royal magical library x2( good effect and has good defense)

WoTBF x1(get my monsters out)

Asura Priest x1(attacks all monsters)

Mof x1 get my spells back)

Exiled force x1(helps when needed)

Skilled dark Magician x1(could always go for a little extra power)



SoRL(need I say more)

CoH(I will take that)

Dark hole(bye bye)

Raigeki(bye bye)

Pot of greed(draw power)

Graceful(draw power)

Mage power x1(great card)

Malevolent nuzzler x2(power up)

Black pendant x2(power up and damage)

MST x2(bye bye magic/trap)

Monster reborn(hi bewd)

Premature Burial(same as MR)

Feather Duster(raigeki but for magics/traps)

Offering to the doomed(destroy 1 monster but for a price)


7tools(still good)

magic jammer(still good)

ordeal of a traveler(buys me some time)

adhesion trap hole(mirror wall with out the paying of life points)

waboku(everyone knows what this does)

magic cylinder( u attack with a power up GAF don’t think so)


Round 1

Me vs Joey(runs all around deck)


He just kept summoning monsters in defense. He than saced 2 to bring out a tyrant dragon. He attacked my hysteric fairy but I magic cylindered his attack. I go and draw raigeki and play it. I than play feather duster so his field is cleaned. I play maha vailo with 2 mavolent nuzzlers, 1 black pendant and mage power. I attack with hime and the hysteric fairy to give him 9250 damage.


He got out a lesser fiend and kept removing my monsters from play. He than summoned kycoo and attacked my LP removing 2 more cards from my graveyard. He summon bazoo and just killed me.

Duel#3The same as duel 2, he just used a powered up kycoo and a powered harpie bro and attacked my life points over and over. All good spells were all on the bottom of my deck. He summons a skilled white magician and just finished me off.              



Got good cards in my tourney pack

Traded a bazoo and kycoo for a mirror force after



Losing in the first round

My friend olge losing in the first round and his deck is really good.

The kid I cant stand winning the tourney.


If u got questions u can email me at my name is victor rezabala