Power In Numbers Deck
3rd December 2003
32 Participants

1 Dark Ruler Ha Des
1 Jinzo
3 Summoned Skull

1 Witch of the Black Forest
3 Goblin Attack Force
1 Cyber Jar
1 Inaba White Rabbit
3 Spear Dragon
1 Yata-Garasu
1 Injection Fairy Lily
2 Twin-Headed Behemoth
1 Fiber Jar
1 Gearfried The Iron Knight
1 Gemini Elf
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole
1 Creature Swap
2 Black Pendant
1 Reinforcement of The Army
1 Monster Reborn
1 Premature Burial
1 Fissure
1 Axe Of Despair
1 Dark Spirit Of The Silent
1 Magic Cylindar
1 Mirror Force
3 Trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Magic Jammer
1 STOTB(seven tools of the bandit)

This tourney was pretty easy. Most players were 9 year-olds with sucky decks. So here it is.
Round 1
Me vs David
This guy had a pretty good deck,with some bad cards thrown in. He got out a Masked Beast,but that was the only monster he had on the field so i played Fissure and destroyed it. I got out Goblin,Gemini and Witch while he got nothing out so in a few turns it was over.
Round 2
Me vs Jack
He had this really weak deck,it wasnt a challenge. He got a few attacks on me with Silver Fang and Posessed Dark Soul,but thats it. I got out Jinzo and destroyed his 2 traps,Cylindar and Graverobber. In the end he just defended through the whole duel,which made me attack him with many monsters. I had out Jinzo,Dark Ruler and Gearfried,and won.
Round 3
Me vs Weak Exodia deck
An inbetween deck. I'd give it 4.2/10. I got down Monster Reborn and got back my Jinzo that he destroyed with Raigeki,and it was pretty much over from there. I wipe-washed him 5700-0.
Round 4
Me vs F-I-N-A-L Necrofear
Excellent deck here. I got out Jinzo while she(yes i did say she) had out F-I-N and a La Jinn. I destroyed the La Jinn,and she summon Dark Necrofear in attack mode. I played Magic Jammer face down,which would foil the FINAL strategy. I destroyed the Jinzo and she took control of it. She sacrificed it for Dark Ruler and got out the A,i destroyed it with MJ. She chose not to destroy my Gearfried and luckily i had skull in my hand. I summoned it and destroyed her Dark Ruler. Next turn,she plays a defence monster and ends. I summon my Gemini,attack with it and then her LP with Skull winning.
Round 5
He tried getting out Blue-Eyes without a trib. Nuff said. I said ah ah ah and he just put it back in his hand and summoned Gearfried. I destroyed it wit my Gemini. He then tried tributing my monster for Skull,and i got him dq'd. Ha ha cheat you suck.....I win the tourney!

I got 1 TP4 pack,1 LOD pack,1 PGD pack and 1 MFC pack. I drew Fiend Megacyber(^_^) in the TP4 pack,and Opticlops in LOD(^_~),Book of Life in PGD(errrr.....) and Dark Blade in MFC(^_^)
Winning the tourney
Getting good cards
My dad for drivin' me to the store
The cheating idiot

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