Phoenix. Cait Sith. San Leandro. CA . A World of Books


Tribute Monsters

1. Blue Eyes White Dragon

2. Blue Eyes White Dragon

3. Red Eyes Black Dragon

4. Tri-Horn Dragon



5. Luster Dragon

6. Luster Dragon

7. Luster Dragon

8. Lord of D.

9. Lord of D.

10. Spear Dragon

11. Spear Dragon

12. Sinister Serpent

13. Fiber Jar

14. Tribe Infecting Virus

15. Breaker the Magical warrior

16. Sangan

17. Witch of the Black Forest



18. Mystical Space Typhoon

19. Mystical Space Typhoon

20. Mystical Space Typhoon

21. Flute of the Summoning Dragon

22. Flute of the Summoning Dragon

23. Raigeki

24. Dark Hole

25. Pot of Greed

26. United We Stand

27. Change of Heart

28. Snatch Steal

29. Premature Burial

30. Monster Reborn

31. Heavy Storm

32. Harpies Feather Duster

33. Delinquent Duo

34. The Forceful Sentry

35. Graceful Charity


Trap Cards

36. Mirror Force

37. Imperial Order

38. Call of the Haunted

39. Ring of Destruction

40. Magic Cylinder





Havenít done one of these in a while cause I havenít won the Finals in 2 weeks but I went far enough. So Here it is. This is not My real deck


Tournament : World of Books official tournament 11/23/03


Match 1: By for some unknown reason


Match 2: Cait Sith vs. Forgot who (warrior hand control)


Donít know guys just came out the cuts.


Duel 1: hmm donít know what Im up against So lets take a peek Forceful Sentry go. Itís a warrior hand control I see a Don Goblin Reinforcements and other cards. So I take out a pot of greed and memorize his hand. Then I set tomato and imperial. He Hit s with a Goblin then I bring out another tomato and I take out the goblin an so on. Later he hits me directly with a Lilly And he is at 4100 and Im at 3700. I change of hear his lilly and hit him directly and hes down 800. No mirror force dam should of summon tomato and attack too. He crosses out my tomato and with only 1700 left he brings out a don and its game. He takes the first one. Uh-oh crap no more playing safe crap


Duel 2: Oh yea this is good. I start out with forceful sentry and send back his don zaloog only monster. Then I graceful pot delinquent. Set don Imperial and ring just incase. He tries to pot I Imperial. He sets down a trap card which was a call cause that was the only trap he had and I didnít discard it and he drew the pot. So I pay summon Luster Dragon and Flip don and begin the owning. Then eventually he dies


Duel 3: He goes first I think he would use some hand control but he didnít. So my turn came he had 2 face downs 1 trap and 1 monster. I go crossout mystical his imperial. Then a Confiscation throwing away his raigeki then summon Don and attack set a ring and end. From there on its just uber hand control. He keeps defending with a sinister for a while until I kycoo it. Then I get yata and its really game.


Match 3: Cait Sith vs. Bruce (Limiter Hand Control Beatdown Deck)


Duel 1: This one is good. He goes first but I still get the good old hand control. I use dons and Kycoo to control the field until I get yata and he gets locked.


Duel 2: This one starts off bad I get like 4 monsters. But I still manage to survive. Im down to 400 and I attack his sangan he grabs a cannon soldier and its game.


Duel 3: This one starts off ok we both get in al little bit of hand control. He Forcefuls on his turn. I delinquent and Pot of greed on my turn so I get little bit more advantage. Then control keeps switching sides until He gets a cannon Soldier attacks my Don Zaloog and double limiter it but thatís not enough to kill me and next turn I mop the floor in one move with him. 2 revival cards


Match 4: Cait Sith vs. Jared (Xyz Deck)


Whats up with the brackets I keep getting setup with the same people over and over.


Duel 1: Nice Hand I start off good hand control. Then It leads off into a good old fashion yata lock


Duel 2: Well what I thought was a Xyz deck was really just a good Hand Control Hybrid Beatdown. So yea this is one starts offgood for me but towards end game he ends beating me cause of mistake. I had Kycoo and I was at 1500 and he had 1 facedown card. Scared of it being a cylinder I summon Don He Torrentials (NOOOOOO). Then He draws nothing I draw nothing. He draws summon sagan attack. Then I draw my last card common hitter hes only at 400 Even a Don would do. Nothing he takes this one.



Duel 3: The next one is massive ownage I get the yata lock down in a few turns.


Match 5: Cait Sith Vs. Sephiroth


Tp4 is out now its worth playing for.


Duel 1: He goes first so thatís disadvantage to me. But he just sets So I got crossout delinquent don zaloog 1 facedown. So he goes summons a y and attacks me. I put a Tomato facedown. Then I go to another tomato. Then I drop a tribe and tribe his machine away and attack. Next turn he summons X I cylinder. Next turn Kill his machine I attack with both tribe and tomato he mirror forces and then I call don and attack and take out top 2 eventually I just win it with massive control.


Duel 2: This is again in my favor but the control keeps switching on and off. And in the end when I have a lot of traps protecting me he brings out jinzo and its over.


Duel 2: This Becomes pretty quick yata lock within a few turns.


So I win the Tournament and a total of 5 tp4


Shoutz the Avalanche and all the other elite duelist out there.



-          Another Tournament Win for me

-          Tp4

-          Good trades today

-          Ed for making it to the finals


-          Tournament for the tp4 so get it next week