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Subject: Peter's_Strategic_Beatdown_8_Gifts_for_Guys_and_Gals_Wilmington_DE.htm
Peter's Strategic Beatdown 8 Gifts for Guys and Gals Wilmington DE
Name: Peter Burston
Deck: Strategic Beatdown
Store: Gifts for Guys & Gals: Wilmington DE
Date: 11/29/03
Here's some information about the tournament I go to.
$5 entering fee
16 players
Winner only gets 1 pack Rest gets nothing (stinks huh?)
Ok here is my Strategic Beatdown Deck: Total (41)

Monsters: 21
Dark Magician
Breaker the magical warrior
Tribe Infecting Virus
Skilled Dark Magicianx2
Spear DragonX3
Goblin Attack ForceX2
Gemini ElfX2
Cyber Jar
Yata Garasu
Spirit Reaperx2
Fiber Jar

Spell: 13
6 Staples (Pot, Raigeki, Duster, Dark Hole, Change, Reborn)
Axe of Despair
Heavy Storm
United We Stand
Mage Power
Diffusion Wave Motion
Snatch Steal

Traps: 7
Ring of Destruction
Mirror Force
Call of the Haunted
Spell shield type 8
Seven Tools
Imperial Order
Magic Cylinder

That is an excellent deck of 41 cards, and here's how I did during the tournament

1st round: Peter vs. Matt (has a good deck)

1st Duel
He kept killing all my monsters
Results: Me: 0000 Matt: 7200

2nd Duel
I was on the verge of losing, but I drew snatch steal, played it on his monster, had 3 other monsters on the field, and had united on 1 of them
Results: Me: 1900  Matt:0000

I just kept on attacking directly, and took a few points of damage
Results: Peter: 6100 Matt:0000

2nd Round: Peter vs. Dan (nice guy, cruel deck) 
1st duel:
he was winning a while, until I drew my better cards. And beat him with my better cards Results: Me: 3300 Dan.: 0000

2nd Duel:
He paid 4000 life points by solemn, and killed him with using Change of heart on his Spear dragon, and had a breaker with mage power, and 1 card face down, and they attacked directly for game
Results: Me:7300 Dan:0000

Semi Finals: Peter vs. Hakeem (good deck, and helps me out a few times)

1st duel:
I just kept on killing him, he also used dark hole on his jinzo, used call of the haunted on it when I had goblins with mage, and 5 cards face down
Results: Me: 6500 Hakeem: 0000
2nd duel:
I took a little more damage, but basically, he didn’t draw the right cards, while I was Results Me:3900 Hakeem:0000

Finals: Me vs. Sean (good deck, but really has been screwing up much)
1st duel:
I kept on getting the wrong cards, and barely did any damage to him
Results: Me:0000 Sean:5500

2nd Duel:
I just kept on killing all his monsters, and made him lose many monster, spell, and traps on his side of the field
Results: Me:4500 Sean:0000

I first took him down from 8000 to 3400 in 1 move, by using snatch steal on his GAF, and also used mine, he removed snatch steal by breaker, and I made him lose many life points, and killed him with a spear dragon attacking his Reaper in Defense mode
Results: Me:3400 Sean:0000

I was so happy when I won the Tournament again this week

It was great this week, Here are my props and slops

Winning again
Me getting some new cards yesterday
Me winning 4 times in a row


If you have any Deck advice, or comments, you can e-mail me at, or chat at any time I'm online. Till next week, see you later.