Peter's Strategic Beatdown 7 Gifts for Guys and Gals Wilmington DE
Name: Peter Burston
Deck: Strategic Beatdown Store: Gifts for Guys & Gals: Wilmington DE
Date: 11/22/03
Here's some information about the tournament I go to.
$5 entering fee
16 players
Winner only gets 1 pack
Rest gets nothing (stinks huh?)
Ok here is my Strategic Beatdown Deck: Total (40)
Monsters: 20
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Tribe Infecting Virus
Skilled Dark Magician
Spear DragonX3
Goblin Attack ForceX2
Gemini ElfX2
Cyber Jar
Yata Garasu
Spirit Reaperx2
Fiber Jar

Spell: 13
6 Staples (Pot, Raigeki, Duster, Dark Hole, Change, Reborn)
Axe of Despair
Heavy Storm
United We Stand
Mage Power
Graceful Charity
Snatch Steal

Traps: 7
Ring of Destruction
Mirror Force
Call of the Haunted
Magic Jammer
Seven Tools
Imperial Order
Magic Cylinder

That is an excellent deck of 40 cards, and here's how I did during the tournament

1st round: Peter vs. Austin (Punk kid who mouths off to older duelists)

1st Duel
He kept playing every stupid recovery card, and kept on killing all my monsters
Results: Me: 0000 Austin: 5600

2nd Duel
he kept on recovering again, but this time, I kept killing all his monsters, and kept on dealing lots of damage to him
Results: Me: 3200  Austin:0000

I just kept killing all of his monsters, and kept attacking directly
Results: Peter: 6200 Austin:0000

2nd Round: Peter vs. Sean (good deck, but really has been screwing up much lately)

1st duel:
We each took a cylinder on a Gemini. I flipped over my cyber Jar, and attacked with 3 spear dragons, and a skilled dark magician directly when I used raigeki on his exiled.  Results: Me: 5100 Sean.: 0000

2nd Duel:
I used change of heart on his breaker, made him lose his cylinder by his effect, and attack directly with a ha des with mage power, and 3 cards face down, and had finished him off with kycoo because of exiled
Results: Me:2100 Sean:0000

Semi Finals: Peter vs. Dan (nice guy, cruel deck)

1st duel:
He just clobbered me in that duel, because he got all of his best monsters
Results: Me: 0000 Dan: 6900

2nd duel: we almost kept exchanging damage to each other, but I kept on getting more monsters to fight with Results Me:3200 Dan:0000

Almost the same, but I kept on killing more of his monsters, while I kept paying for imperial order 
Results: Me: 2100 Dan:0000

Finals: Me vs. Hakeem (good deck, and helps me out a few times)
1st duel: I kept on killing all of his monsters, and he gave me a few battle damage to me
Results: Me:7400 Hakeem:0000

2nd Duel: he just kept on giving me damage, and I gave him some damage Results: Me:0000 Hakeem:6100

I just kept on killing all of his monsters, and the only damage to me was by cylinder, and finished him off with orcs, GAF, and reaper
Results: Me:6100 Hakeem:0000

I was so happy when I won the Tournament again this week

It was great this week, Here are my props and slops

Winning again
Me getting some new cards the week before
Me winning three times in a row


If you have any Deck advice, or comments, you can e-mail me at , or chat at any time I'm online. Till next week, see you later.