Subject: Peter's_Strategic_Beatdown_6_Gifts_for_Guys_and_Gals_Wilmington_DE.htm
Peter's Strategic Beatdown 6 Gifts for Guys and Gals Wilmington DE
Name: Peter Burston Deck: Strategic Beatdown
Store: Gifts for Guys & Gals: Wilmington DE
Date: 11/15/03

Here's some information about the tournament I go to.
$5 entering fee 16 players
Winner only gets 1 pack
Rest gets nothing (stinks huh?)

Ok here is my Strategic Beatdown Deck: Total (40)

Monsters: 20
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Tribe Infecting Virus
Spear DragonX3
Goblin Attack ForceX2
Gemini ElfX2
Cyber Jar
Yata Garasu
Spirit Reaperx2
Fiber Jar

Spell: 13
6 Staples (Pot, Raigeki, Duster, Dark Hole, Change, Reborn)
Axe of Despair
Heavy Storm
United We Stand
Mage Power
Graceful Charity
Snatch Steal

Traps: 7
Ring of Destruction
Mirror Force
Call of the Haunted
Magic Jammer
Seven Tools
Imperial Order
Magic Cylinder
That is an excellent deck of 40 cards, and here's how I did during the tournament

1st round: Peter vs. Victoria (needs deck help=fun bye) 1st Duel I just kept drawing the right cards, and the only damage I took was by tools
Results: Me: 7000 Victoria: 0000

2nd Duel I just kept getting the right cards again, and she didn’t get any good cards at all
Results: Me: 8000 :0000

2nd Round: Peter vs. Matt Z. (New Kid I never faced before)

1st duel: I just kept drawing the correct cards, and made him suffer the yata effect Results: Me: 7900: Matt Z.: 0000

2nd Duel:
He kept using Revival Jam’s effect, after I dealt a huge blow to his life points by a Spear dragon with mage Power with 3 other cards face down, and I took little more damage
Results: Me:7500 Matt:0000

Semi Finals: Peter vs. Lenny (Tries to Yata lock to much)

1st duel:
He had tried to use Spirit Reaper more then he is supposed to, but, I killed him with Tribe with united, until I killed him with Ha des with an axe, and 1 of my Spirit reapers in Attack mode, and kept making him lose any cards in his hand Results: Me: 3900 Lenny: 0000

2nd duel:
He had killed all my monsters, and finished me off with a MFC luster (sapphire) dragon with united with 2 reapers, and another monster, and attacked me directly with them all
Results Me:0000 Lenny:4800

I showed him the proper way to use the Yata lock with a spirit reaper, GAF, and yata himself, while his luck this time was poor
Results: Me: 8000 Lenny:000

Finals: Me vs. Sean (cruel deck)
1st duel: We each took damage, but he gave more to me
Results: Me:0000 Sean:4300

2nd Duel:
I took a little bit of Damage until I summoned Ha Des with axe, and united, and then just I just dominated afterwards
Results: Me:5600 Sean:0000

He first used snatch steal on 1 of my monsters, but kept gaining back life points because I had a reaper in DEF, but then I flipped Fiber Jar during my turn, played graceful, discarded Jinzo, and another card, reborn him, equipped him with axe, and killed him by that
Results: Me:3100 Sean:0000

I was so happy when I won the Tournament this week It was great this week, Here are my props and slops

Me being able to Show Lenny the way to use the Yata lock the hard way
Me getting some new cards the week before Me winning twice in a row
Slops: none

If you have any Deck advice, or comments, you can e-mail me at, or chat at any time I'm online. Till next week, see you later.