Perfect Beatdown
3x GAF
3x Gemini Elf
3x Spear Dragon
2x Marauding Caption
2x Exiled Force
3x Don Zaloog
Guardian Sphinx
Spirit Reaper
3x Harpies Brother
3x Magician of Faith
2x Mask of Darkness
Fiber Jar
Cyber Jar
Mechanical Chaser

Pot of Greed
Dark Hole
Harpies Feather Duster
Monster Reborn
Swords of Revealing Light
Change of Heart
Fairy's Meteor Crush
3x Axe of Despair
3x horn of the unicorn
Magic Cylinder
Mirror Force
3x Trap Hole
3x Waboku
Ring of Destruction

Their was 31 other duelists some sucked other were good. Toys'R'Us
Round 1
Me vs. Peter
He summoned a GAF. I summoned GAF and set RoD. He set a monster, and I activated RoD and I equipped GAF with 2 axes and Fairy 's Meteor Crush. Attacked his face down monster (Dragon Zombie) and attacked directly with Gemini Elf.
Me: 8000 -5700
Him: 8000-5700-0

Round 2
Me vs. Sarah
I set a Magic Cylinder. She summoned a GAF and equipped with 3 axes. She attacked and I flipped magic cylinder (her expression ##!@#$%^&&**&^%). Then I summoned my GAF and equipped it with 2 axes and fairy. Attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: 8000
Her: 8000- 3700- 0

Quarter Finals
Me vs. Chris
Happened 2 Fast

Semi Finals
Me vs. Will
Happened 2 Fast

Final (best of 5)
Me vs. Bryan
We traded blow for blow the rest is a blurr.
Round 1 total
Me: 5000
Him: 0
Round 2
I lost by lock.
Round 3
Round 4
Me: 8000
Him: 0

Got 2 Mechanical Chaser and put it in my deck.
Kevin Sacker