deck name:the mystic tomato deck
time 11/09/03 registration 2pm-tournament 3:00
game stop, brooklyn, new york
age: 15
prizes: 1 place $50 of store cradit
2 and 3 place got crap

well the day before the tournment i was really scare i was thinking about how i am going to win this tournment, and i said the only why i could win this duel is if i have jinzo and tomato on the field. i got 20 bucks from my mom and i was ready for the tournment.

so here' s the tourny


kycoo the ghost destroyer
dark jeroid (vary good card could make jinzo look like crap)
swarm of scarabs (could make a lock down if use right)
cyber jar (great card)
x3 mystic tomato (my favorite card)
giant orc (nice atk 2200 4 stars)
jinzo (the trap master)
sinister serpent (love this card)
sasuke samural (at the end of duels this card could mean win in the right time)
witch of the black forest (searcher)
dark ruler ha des ( the best tribb monster in yugioh)
exiled force (who does not love this card)
fiber jar (risk of a card u find out why)
spell canceller (jinzo and this monster on the field it could mean game)
kuriboh (life saver)
spirit reaper (life saver)
sangan (searcher)
white magical hat (hand killer)
magic 17

6 staples cards ( dark hole, pot, rageki, change of heart, reborn,feather duster)
heavy storm
mystical space typooh 2x
scapegoat (lifesaver)
nobleman of crossout (facedown cards are never save)
swords of revealing light ( 3 free turns)
premature burial (come back jinzo)
the forceful sentry
graceful charity
creature swap (love this card)

trap 3
torrential tribute
imperial order
mirror force

thats my deck

round 1 tomato man vs chris (equid
duel 1
oh man this match was reall close i had 2000 lifepoints he had 3200 lifepoints i thought i had him. i use forceful sentry and he had airkinght and maha valo i return back maha. and i had sangan and mr tomato on the field i thought i got the game in the bag i atk with both so he has 800 lifepoints. next card he draw was change of heart i could have not belive it. he use change of heart and sac my tomato and summon airkinght noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohe atk with airkinght and i took back kurboh from sangan effect. i draw jinzo and i have a kurboh and a jinzo in my hand i was like damn this does not look good. i end he summon la jinn for the game. chris beat me in duel 1

duel 2
he got me down real quick with airkinght i had 700 lifepoints and he still got 8000. but then i draw graceful charity i had sinster serpent and monster reborn i pck up and i got dark ruler ha des sangan and sasuke i i put sinster and sasuke in the graveyard. i use monster reborn and offer my witch and to summon the dark ruler ha desand with witch effect i took back mr tomato. i atk with dark ruler airkinght is finally gone. he coundt draw any monster and i atk 2 times with dark ruler and one time with mr tomato. so he has 1150 i was makeing a comeback. he set down 1 m/t and he end
my turn i draw jinzo i said yes i finally won i offer my tomato for jinzo for the win yes.

duel 3
well this one should have been won by him but he made the dumbest mistake i had kycoo in atk he had 2 m/t down and snatch steal and jinzo in hand it was is turn i know he had those cardsd because he should me at the end of the duel i had 2300 lifepoints he had 3000 so he had the game won but he said he end is turn. i draw got pot of greed got spell canceller and sangan i offer kycoo for spell canceller i atk he got 1200 next turn he set a monster. next turn i draw sasuke i summon sasuke atk it was cyber jar yes then atk with spell canceller game

round 2
duel 1
tomato man vs jayce (a deck that has no meaning)

oh my god this guy was so easy i beat him in 4 turns

duel 2
i beat him in 3 turns with jinzo and dark ruler

round 3
tomato man vs todd (fiend deck)

duel 1
not bad of a duelest but he can not handle the power of the tomatoes
i beat him in 12 turns

duel 2
he needs more help he dont understand the game of yugioh that well but he still fought but my tomatoes took me out of business.

tomato man vs pong (plan old beat down)

duel 1
he kill me with is gaf he had like 3 of them in one turn

duel 2
i came back and beat the crap out of him with jinzo and dark ruler

duel 3

it was 1500 him 1100 me i had kycoo in atk fiber facedown he had 1 monster set and 2 m/t i filp fiber jar i pick u sisnter serpent  creature swap sangan heavy strom and jinzo i was so mad i did the dumb thing i put sangan in atk and atk is lifepoints so he hads 500 next turn he kill me with is gaf

-for me makeing it all the ways to the finals
-i got 20 bucks from my mom dont know why
-for tomato being awesome with out him i cant win
-to pojo for being an awesome site

-for loseing in the finals
-for losing in the finals
- for loseing in the finals

and thats it , hope u like reading it