Name: Ferali

Deck Name: Manianchotic

Location: Breda, the Netherlands

Date: 11/30/2003

Entry Fee: 5 / $

players: 21



This is my first tourney report, as well as my first tournament I participate in. Me and 2 friends went together, it was a long ride, but we eventually made it... an an hour and a half too soon... =D


Oh yeah, it's in europe, so the only sets out here yet are LOB, MRD, MRL and kaiba and yugi starterdecks.


My deck: Total 45


Monsters: 22

3x La jinn (good 1800 ATK)

3x 7 colored fish (check la jinn)

1x Wall of illusion (good DEF & effect)

1x Cyber jar (obvious...)

2x Summoned skull (Beatdown)

3x Nimble momonga (swarm effect and nice +1000LP bonus)

3x Magician of faith (recycle those staples)

1x Mask of darkness (welcome back mirror force)

1x Sangan (search'em)

1x WotB (search'em)

3x Man-eater bug (so incredibly irritating =D )


Magic: 14

1x Change of heart (staple)

1x Monst reborn (staple)

1x Raigeki (staple)

1x Dark hole (staple)

1x Heavy storm (dark hole of the M/T)

1x Swords of revealing light (3 'extra' turns)

2x fissure (bye bye monster)

1x Confiscation (hand destruction and look at foe's hand)

1x Delinquent duo (nice hand destruction)

1x Tribute to the Doomed (away with the monster)

1x Card destruction ('No Description')

1x Malevolent nuzzler (never know how it can come in handy)

1x The forceful sentry (free hand destruction)


Traps: 9

2x Magic jammer (no magic for you)

3x Waboku (no damage)

3x Trap hole (Summon? guess again)

1x Mirror force (No more attacking monsters)



Ok, the tourney started with 5 pools. The 8 winners go to the quarter finals, the 4 winners of that go to the semi-finals and then it's on to the finals. (quarter-, semi-finals are single elimination).


Duel 1:

Manianchotic VS Defense Deck


match one:

Peace of cake, this guy used only 2000 DEF monsters and as far as I know, no ATK monsters. I Destroyed his hand witch confiscation and delinquent, kept sweaping his monsters away with raigeki (got it back twice with MoF) and some man-eaters. when his field was empty I finished it with 2 La Jinn's and a Skull I had on the field. so, I won with no LP damage (got my 2000LP back, because he attack 2 momongas with wall of illusion and giant soldier of stone).


match two:

Well, pretty much the same as match 1. This guy really sucked...



Duel 2:

Manianchotic vs some guy


match one:

this guy had a really strange deck, it was a combination of a blue-eyes beatdown and a gate guardian deck. Well, I kept him from summoning with trap holes and man-eaters. In the middle of the match I drew card destruction. I first set a MoF and monster reborn and used card destruction, he discarded a blue-eyes and a suijin. I drew a summoned skull. I reborned his blue-eyes, took it back with MoF, reborned his suijin and sacrificed my used MoF for skull and attacked for the win.


Match two:

This was pretty much of a blur, but I drew no monsters for a while and that almost cost me the game. But I got 3000LP back with my nimbles and from there I got the upper hand.



Duel 3:

Manianchotic vs n00b


match one:

this guy was a bitch, he was easy to beat but he kept disagreeing on some card rules and called the judge about 5 times.

And guess what, the judge doesn't know the game well either :s

they both agreed that you can chain MST against raigeki or other magic cards. So, I couldn't use my raigeki cause he chained with MST (real bitchy). But I won anywayz.


match two:

pretty much same as first duel, big peace of cake.


Me and a friend of me who had some problems with the card rulings too went to the judge and showed him the card rulings list on pojo. And we were right, he apoligized and we just went on.





The pools where played and now it's on to the quarter-finals. Those are single elimination, so if you loose, you're out. My friends also made it to the quarter-finals.

The judge came and announced the pairs, it was me versus a friend, bummer.



Duel 4 -- quarter finals:

Manianchotic vs Direct Damage Deck


I'm not gonna try and describe the match, cause it's all a blur. I don't remember how it went anymore, but I do remember I won 2 times in a row so my friend is out and I'm on to the semi-finals.



Before the pairs of the semi-finals where announced my other friend told me he lost to an incredibl strong duelist using a relinquished deck. So, I'm the only one who's left of us 3.

The pairs where announced and... I had to duel the relinquished guy, damn.



Duel 5 -- semi-finals:

Manianchotic vs relinquished deck


match 1:

This deck is surprisingly good. Most of his cards came from SDP, but since the manager allowed cards that where in the european series he could use them. Now that's bitchy, I did all that trouble to get european cards before the tourney and it appears we can use SDP cards too, but it was already too late to change my deck so bummer for me. This guy seemed to draw all the good cardq at the right time, he counterd every card I had and absorbed my monsters with relinquished. And when I finnaly got htat dumb relinquished, guess what, monster reborn. AAAARRRGGGHHH.


match 2:

I think this guy cheated wih shuffling, cause he seemed to draw the exact same card as last match, so again, this match ended in a loss for me.






Then I still had to duel against another guy for 3th place.


Duel 6:

Manianchotic vs exodia deck


match 1:

I knew this was gonna be a piece of cake from the beginning. I saw this guy duel before the tourney begun and I cannot believe he made it this far with that crummy deck. C'mon, he has an exodia deck with about 60 cards!!!!

So, I tottaly creamed him, I already got a exodia piece to the graveyard on my first turn with confiscation and since backup soldier isn't released in europe yet it would be very unlikely if he could get him back. So, it went downhill from there. He kept making a defence line with 3 or 4 DEF monsters but I broke through it 2 times with raigeki (took him back with MoF). I finished him with my nimbles :P


match 2:

On my 3th turn I got a piece of exodia of him on the field with cyber jar. I got two 7 colored and a la jinn. He had nothing to block my attacks so after a few turns I got him.







So I got third, as prize I got 2 packs (only two :'( ), 1 LOB and 1 MRL and got crap. An aqua madoor and a karate man.




For my friends mom bringing us.

For getting 3th.

For finnaly getting a pot of greed so I can build an exodia deck.



For getting crap in my packs.

For my friend getting a thousand dragon.

For having to play against a friend in the quarter-finals.



for questions, hate or love mail, you can reach me at