Deck Name: Magicians Gambit

Duelest Name: Stephen Oré


D-Low Cyber Café
Puente Hills Mall
1600 Azusa Ave #233
City of Industry, CA 91748
(across from KayBee Toys)


People Participating: 7

First Place: 4 packs of any booster you want

Second Place: 2 Packs of any booster you want


Now for my Deck

Magicians Gambit


Dark Magician x2 –Cant have a DM deck without these

Jinzo x1 –He’s just that good



Sangan -Searcher

Kuriboh –Life Saver

Skilled Dark Magician x3 –Helps theme and is a good beat stick

Fiber Jar -Reset

Apprentice Magician x2 –free Counter, Thinner, Swarm, and annoying!

Spear Dragon x2 –Decent beat stick…for now…

Tribe Infecting Virus –Monster removal to the extreme!

Gemini Elf x2 –1900 Spellcaster!

Breaker the magical Warrior –1900 attacker and a Built in MST, can you say ABUSE!

Sinister Serpent - Shiny

Old Vindictive Magician –Monster Removal

Witch of the black forest -searcher

Exiled Force –Monster Removal

Kycoo –Graveyard Vandal



The 6 Staples (Raigeki, Change of Heart, Dark hole, Pot of Greed, Feather Duster, Monster Reborn)

Graceful Charity –7th Staple?

Mirage of Nightmare –Just when you need it…its not there

Mystical Space Typhoon x3 –Just fun

Nobleman of Crossout –More fun

Painful Choice –Thinner, and my first holo ever!

Book of Moon – Why did you fall on your face?

Heavy Storm – “my favorite Helen hunt movie..TWISTER!”

Swords of Revealing Light – Shiny and a staller

Premature Burial –Bring Back my Dark Magician!



Waboku x2 –Not shiny L but still good

Imperial Order – Best SCR and the only SCR I’ve ever pulled

Ring of Destruction – Where’s yata?

Mirror Force – Oldie but a goodie

Magic Cylinder – Don’t you hate this card when it’s used on you?

Call of the Haunted – See premature burial


Ok, this is my first tourney and my first report so if I mess up understand



After we all paid our fee, we picked our boosters, since the store didn’t have any magician’s force I chose a PGD and got crud.


Duel one

Bigred Blues (Me) Vs Season 3 Winner

From the start this wasn’t very promising…Oh well I did my best. I was able to get him down to 4000 thousand before his IFL killed me.


Duel 2

I was able to clear his field Via Breaker and kill him off with a Gemini


Duel 3
This was the closest with him at 2750he was able to reborn a Cannon soldier and bring out Yata. I wouldn’t give up so when he got me low enough he injected me again for the win.


So I lost…no biggie its not like the duels were horrible all the other duelist actually stopped to see how the end of our duel would turn out, and I was facing the best the store had to offer. Afterwards I dueled a couple kids, one whom I destroyed. So all I all I had a great time.





That’s it hopefully next time I will get farther and give you a more detailed report


Slops n Props



Least winning one duel



My friend not going

Losing in the first round


If you have any comments, hate mail, suggestions, or even questions, feel free to email me at: