Rise of the CoWs
MiLkMaN (David Mac or Day Veasy McCheezy)
Collector’s Corner
Oakland Ca 94611
11/22/03 a.k.a. International Milk Day
16 people, $5, Winner gets points!! 1 tourney pack and 4 of choice

Monsters (20)
Mystic Tomato x2
Don Zaloog x3
Shining Angel x2
White Magical Hat x3
Fiber Jar
Cyber Jar
Tribe Virus
Exile Force
Sinister Serpent
Magic’s (15)
Change of Heart
Swords ORL
Reborn the Monster
Dark Hole
Premature Burial
Call of the Haunted
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Snatch Steal
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Mirage Of Nightmare
Harpy Feeter Duster
Dark Core
Traps (5)
Mirror Force
Imp Order
Call Haunted
Ring Of Destruction
Bottomless Trap Hole

Ahhh today was a nice day…
A nice day for milking the herd of cows.

I went into collectors corner with my new millennium puzzle I got from upper deck. They mailed it to me because I beat the masters in San Jose mall tour. When I was wearing it, it felt like my dueling skills came back.
Woot this is my first tourney report since I joined M4A1 and I finally get a chance to prove what Batman sayings about me are not true.

MiLkMaN (Me) Vs Paul

Paul tried to use his scientist deck against me. He only got me 600 with final flame on his first turn. Then it all went downhill for him. I dustered him then hit him with a witch. Then I sacked it for Ha Des and killed him. The next one was almost the same. His only hit was during his first turn with final flame. I just killed him with my Jinzo and Ha des. I dustered his stuff again and that got him mad. He said he almost busted out the combo on me but I knew he didn’t for I have a millennium puzzle. So yea I won the first round 2-0-0

MiLkMaN (Me) Vs Berry or Barry (how ever you spell it sorry)

This one went really long so I don’t think I remember all of it. This was a battle of the brawns. He had a redline and I had a regular lil beat down. I lived up to my deck name and beat him down! First couple of turns I stalled with my spirit reaper. He broke loose and got me down gradually. Then I came back with lucky draws like pot, jinzo, and stuff like that. The second one was a complete disaster for me. He had the hand and field advantage. He was trying to milk me! And then it happened I got milk dry. The last round. Wow talking about a nice hand. I had a bad hand and for me it seemed like he had even worse. I had a counter for everything he played. It was fun. When he got the first hit with his nimble I was like uh-oh I’m going to die. Then I remembered my hand and everything felt fine. I just killed his nimble and kept on hitting him a little by little because he had something on the field. When I figured out it was nothing I went full force and moped him.

MiLkMaN (Me) Vs Rich

Rich and Johan started to come because they thought of the people at Collectors corner were weak. I proved them wrong. They should have stayed in China town and forgotten al about MiLk. Rich took out superman first round. Yeah I yelled at Superman cause he lost. But Batman took out Johan. It was all good from there. Rich thought I was weak because he beat my little common deck. Hehehe boy was he wrong. I whipped out my real deck and he said quote “Whoa man is that your real deck?” I said yup and replied “You need to get milked that would learn ya”

First game. Man talk about easy. He didn’t get his little paladin thing out. He attacked my nimbles. He did all the wrong things. I got my Ha Des out and killed him. Final score before he lost 9000-3550. (As in life points me on left him on right).
Second Game. Wow bad hand. I didn’t have anything nice. I came back and got him to 1650 but he had a lot of monster removal in his hand I sensed it. And that’s exactly what he had. He killed my Ha Des and witch. I then attacked him with my spear dragon. Bamn next turn he snatched my spear summoned his goblin and ended me. Score of 4200-1650. (As in life points Me on left him on right). Man he got exactly 4200 I was mad.
Last Game. This was the hardest. We were going at it, head to head but who shall prevail? I hit him with little things like Jinzo in the beginning then he got his nimbles on me. He got his life back to 7900, man I thought I was screwed. But I wasn’t the only thing he did to me was attack me with a spear. From there I built up an army and ravaged his life points. Final score. 6100-5700 (As in life points Me on left him on right).

MiLkMaN (Me) Vs Johny

Jonhy took out Batman. I had to avenge his death and that’s what I was going to do. Untill…….. He had to leave so I split and got the points. Woot for me……

8 People , $5, Winner gets 5 packs.

Ohhhhh I had to face Loren. The little kid Batman said would have beat me and got into the clan. Tsk tsk never trust anything in tights and has on a mask. Let me refresh your mind on what Batman said. Sorry kid. If only your tryout match was with David, you woulda
made it. Pffft Batman = Liar. Got his hopes up and everything. First round I was just messing with him giving him a chance. Not attacking when I could after all he is like 8. I killed him with an onslaught because I got bored.
Second Match. OMFG he beat me. I started to tear up inside. But no I held onto my pryde. He dominated me because he got hand control on me. He forceful me and did a bunch of crazy stuff so I had no hand. He bought me out.
Third round. No more free MiLk. Never mind he got the first hit on my with a spear. I wonder why I always get hit by those. Then I snatched it sacked and whacked it for my Jinzo. Then it was all gravy for me because I creamed him. I turned him into cream. (Sorry Loren for making you feel bad)

MiLkMaN (Me) Vs Berry or Barry (how ever you spell it sorry)
Hmmm what goes around comes around? I hope not. Lol
Well first one was an easy taking. He swaped my nimble for one of his goats in attack mode! He did me a thousand. Then I drew a nimble suicided and got 2000 lifepoints! Talk about fun! I was at 9000 and he was at 6100. I then took control of the field and killed him by Ha Des and Jinzo.
No second round he had to go. Yay I won….. So no revenge for him until next week.

MiLkMaN (Me) Vs Batman

Hmmmmm not much I played him then we decided to split. (I didn’t want to make him lose his vitamins)
Besides Batman can’t handle the g’s. I woulda been too rough for him. XD

Not bad today. I got two tribes , a shield type 8, and a Dark Magician girl. Then I bought pizza. =]

MiLkMaN- David Mac or DayVeasy Mcheesy
HuLk –Rob
Male Cheerleader and water boy and fan club- Kevin

K Force 1 for always believing in me.
Avalanche for an enemy that I can hate.
Little kids that make me seem good.

Props: I won and got good stuff out of my packs.
Dark Magician Girl

People that act like they are better but really are not. They say if they did this you would have lost and that crap.
Batman on sloping me: Milkman - for losing all your elite dueling skills. You need to stop smokin that expired milk. Pfft I don’t believe I ever had. I think it was the brain freeze thing from 7-11.

David Mac / mi1kman@hotmail.com