Light declaration

By: Scott Rude

Twelve Dragons Game Room

Miami, Florida

November 29, 2003




Fusion Monsters: 1

Yz-tank dragon


Monsters level 5 or higher: 6

Moisture creature

Airknight parshath

2xsoul of purity and light

The fiend megacyber

Freed the matchless general


Monster level 4 or lower: 20

3x hysteric fairy

3xthunder nyan nyan

2x gearfiend the iron knight

Unfriendly Amazon

Y dragon head

Z-metal tank

Twin-headed behemoth


Witch of the black forest

Penguin soldier

Fiber jar

Cyber jar

Mask of darkness

Magician of faith

Asura priest


Magic: 8

Monster reborn

Tribute to the doom

Graceful charity

Heavy storm

Change of hearts

Scape goat

Dark hole

Mystical space typhoon


Trap: 6


Trap hole

Mirror force

Royal command

Bottomless trap hole

Blast with chain


25 players


1st place: Box of magicians force

2nd place: 5 packs of magicians force

3rd place: 3 packs of magicians force

4th and 5th place: one pack of magicians force


Round 1

Me vs. John

I was a bit nervous because this was my first time at the tournament. I dueled a kid with a direct damage deck. He almost beat me until I summoned two soul of purity and lights on him. I couldn’t attack because of his gravity bind, but I managed to summon twin headed behemoth (3stars Atk 1500 Def1200.) He lost like that.

Me: 200

Him: 0


Me vs. John

He tried the same tactics but he didn’t get gravity bind on the field and I beat him with freed the matchless general. He couldn’t use tribute to the doom or his offering to the doom.

Me: 7600

Him: 0


Round 2

Me vs. Ted

Ted was extremely hard to beat. He had all sorts of cards such as raigeki and dark hole in his first draw. I managed to beat him with asura priest.


Him: 0


Me vs. Ted

This time he was an easy opponent. I used thunder nyan nyan on the field. Next I summoned witch of the black forest to destroy my own thunder nyan nyan ( because of her effect) so I can summon soul of purity and light. I finished him off with the fiend megacyber.

Me 4750

Him: 0


Round 3

Me vs. Jorge

I never thought that this day would come. I had to battle my best friend. He managed to summon 3 monsters on his first turn. He used painful choice took 4 light monsters and a weak man eater bug. I gave him the man eater bug. He used graceful charity and pot of greed and summoned two soul of purity and lights and use a ritual card to summon the masked beast. I used graceful charity and drew dark hole. I still lost that duel to his lava golem.

Me: 0

Him: 5000


Me vs. Jorge

Now I didn’t take any time to play my strongest monsters and I summoned all three of my favorite card on him. He lost to airknight parshath, fiend megacyber, and freed the matchless general.

Me: 7050

Him: 0


Me vs. Jorge

Again I summoned all three of those cards thanks to soul of purity and light. And won the duel.

Me: 4050

Him: 0


Round 4

Me vs. Arnold

Another one of my best friends. He wiped the floor with me with his Lava golem.

Me: 0

Him: 8000


Me vs. Arnold

I won this duel. I summoning my moisture creature by offering 3 monsters on the field activating his special ability to destroy all of your opponents magic and trap cards. He destroyed it not knowing of my special surprise. He lost to my great yz dragon tank.

Me: 50

Him: 0


Me vs. Arnold

I lost this one and the tournament. He used Lava Golem again. That sucks.

Me: 0

Him: 3400


  -For my Brother 4 Driving me

  -To Pojo for being an awesome site!


Scott Rude

November 29, 2003