Deck name: Kev's Yata Deck
Sort of deck: Yata Locks,trap destruction,other stuff.
My name: Kevin S.
Prizes: 1st,3 MGF 2nd,2 PSV 3rd,1 LOB.
Date: 18th november 2003
Entry fee: 5 with free MGF pack,i pulled Luster Dragon.

Monsters: 22
1x Yata Garasu
1x Injection Fairy Lily
1x Dark Ruler Ha Des
1x Jinzo
3x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Fiber Jar
1x Exiled Force
1x Marauding Captain
3x Gemini Elf
3x Gearfried
1x Invader of the Throne
2x Sangan
1x WoTBF
1x Inshobi
1x Retrained Celtic Guardian
Magics: 10
1x Monster Reborn
3x Axe of Despair
1x MST
1x Pot of Greed
1x Raigeki
1x Devils Sanctuary
1x HFD
Traps: 8
1x Negate Attack
1x Mirror Force
1x Cylindars
3x Trap Hole
1x Torriental Tribute

Round 1: me vs revenge deck
He had me really beaten he had dmg kycoo gemini and goblin on the field i was like holy crap until i drew the card that could finish the whole duel. i summoned ishnobi in attack mode(500/500) he was like ha ha that can't do nothing until he read its effect. it can destroy all monsters on the field except itself. i activated the effect destroying everything he had. i attacked his lp and got him down to 300 and he was really mad. i got yata down and won the match.
me- 750 lp left
him-0 lp left
Round 2: me vs wayne
he had a lily down while i had mirror force face down and gemini he was like say your prayers and attacked me i activated the mirror force destroying his lily. next turn i got my exiled force down and destroyed him for the win.
me-4700 lp left
him-0 lp left
Round 3: me vs beatdown deck
i lost this one he had 5 monsters down goblin,gemini,battle ox,gearfried and luster dragon down and destroyed me easily.
me-0 lp left
him-6300 lp left
oh well i lost the tourny but got 2 PSV packs and pulled magical hats and thousand-eyes restrict.
getting thousand eyes restrict
taking 2nd place
for beating wayne
for not winnin
for not getting sword hunter it's my fave card

my email adress is