“Just Another Fiber Cycle”


Greentree Sportscards

Pittsburgh, PA


Participants: Id say there was a full house; close to 45

1st place gets 15, second gets 5, winner of losers gets 5


Just Another Fiber Cycle:

Monsters: 15

1x Dark Ruler Ha Des

2x Don Zaloog

2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

2x Mystic Tomato

1x Gemini Elf

1x Sangan

1x WotBF

1x Tribe-Infecting Virus

1x Exiled Force

1x Sinister Serpent

1x Kuriboh



Magic Cards: 17

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x HFD

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

3x MST

2x Soul Release

1x Nobleman of Crossout

1x Snatch Steal

1x Premature Burial

1x Confiscation

1x Delinquent Duo


Traps: 8

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Magic Cylinder

1x Torrential Tribute (once I get 3 I will take out the next 2)

2x Drop Off


OK, here is how my deck works:  I take cards out on the field and in their hand and remove them, then flip fiber jar, until they are at too much of a loss.  I use Tomato for backup and for destruction of stuff like Dons and other 1400 crap.  I bring out my own don, and I play kycoo, attacking, taking a card from their hand, and hopefully removing it.  This was my first try at making a Fiber Cycle deck.  I decided for something new, and it actually worked.


With my $5 from entering, I got a brand-spankin-new TP4 pack…and with it, I pulled CRAP!  Royal Decree has eluded my grasp (Grrrrr).  Anyways, I bought a third Kycoo and something else (mind is foggy) and I tried my luck with it in a friendly duel against my friend Nick.  Guess what he pulled?  A FREAKING MORPHING JAR!!!  Well now, isn’t he lucky?  I congratulated him on his excellent pull and raped him with my new deck.  I couldn’t believe how well it worked, so I didn’t really plan on using my sidedeck (just all my disruption cards).  So, the first match begins!

#1 – Me v. Justabeatdown (little kid)

Nothing really happened because of his stalling with Guardian Sphinx, so I summoned one of my Kycoos and attacked (but I already knew it was there).  I took the 600 damage, and then I played Ring on it to get rid of it and attacked with Don and other stuff.

#1.2 – Me v. Justabeatdown (little kid)

No competition at all.  He simply couldn’t hold against the power of my Jar deck…  I pulled out my Kycoos and kept attacking.  He simply thought that my deck was a Dark Deck, what with all the Tomatoes, Dons, and Hades, but I showed him Fiber after a few minutes.  His response to it was, “You mean I don’t get these cards back!?”  What a letdown.

#2 – Me v. BYE (luck was with me)

A short intermission was in order after I won, since the next kid I was to face was still dueling, so I bought a 1/E MFC pack and pulled an XYZ Dragon Cannon.  I already had one, so I traded it to Mike for a second Parshath, and with the pack I obtained my 5th Scientist.  Bah, oh well…Breaker hates me too…  I heard that the kid I was to face was good, but then again, the person who told me was someone he beat J.

#3 – Me v. Good Beatdown (kid again)

In the short duel that ensued, I believe he got Breaker’s effect like 3 times due to my fiber jar…  I got a couple of things removed and restarted the game twice, but he seemed to know what he was doing and got some hits on me until I took control with Don and Kycoo.

#3.2 - Me v. Good Beatdown (kid)

I took this one much faster due to my quick drawing of Kycoos, and I never restarted the game.  After the duel, he showed me his hand: Reborn and Premature.  Wow, I guess Kycoos do come in handy.

#4 – Me v. Spellcaster deck (VERY GOOD!)

This kid was unbelievable!  He was half my height, and he was pummeling me with great cards!  I got a few hits on him with my Tomatoes and Dons (Tomato into Don, bring out Don), and then the duel turned for the worse.  He sacked one of his monsters for a DMG, a DMG!!!  What a bad move…  It didn’t matter because I didn’t have anything to beat it.  I then draw – Magic Cylinder (note that the score was 200 me, 1100 him) and set MC and a Don.  I had IO fd to protect my MC, and I was hoping…he attacked, so it was game!  I flipped my MC and started laughing like a maniac.

#4.2 – Me v. Spelcaster deck

I took this one easily, because my first hand was well balanced (last time I had 4 monsters and 1 magic L).  I pummeled him with Kycoos and DRH (other than yata, DRH was my very best addition to my tournament deck).  

#5 – Me v. my friend Nick (good duelist, just is in love with PGD too much)

Morphing Jar, Morphing Jar, Morphing Jar…  My new most hated card…. This thing nearly caused me to lose the duel, but in the end I clinched the match.

#5.2 – Me v. Nick

Crushed him and his pathetic graveyard.

#6 THE FINALS! – Me v. Jerome (Hes in the top 50 duelists nationwide – now hes running a Warrior deck – how original)

I was angry with him because I knew that I was the king of warriors, not him!!!  I decided on a change this week, and he goes on being old Mr. Boring and plays the most played archetype – Warriors.  I tried and tried, but I was eventually crushed by his superior monsters.  I learned something new today from him (and I will check to see if hes cheating).  He said that when I attacked his facedown defense Don Zaloog with my Tomato, the damage would resolve, but he would get to use Don’s effect.  !!!  Wow, I kinda didn’t think that defense overflow damage counted as “inflicting battle damage.” Oh well, live and learn.  Anyways, I kinda got killed fast.

#6.2 – Me v. Jerome McHale

The duel was progressing as normal (i.e. he was beating the crap out of me) until I took field advantage and he started topdecking.  I had TIV, Don, and Sangan out.  He sets one monster and ends.  I take the chance and I attack his facedown monster – a Black Forest Witch.  Great, just great.  Bearing that (he has 5000 something I have 600), he takes GAF.  I just concede, seeing that I have absolutely no traps to stop him and even if I switched my other 2 to DEF mode, TIV would still be open to an attack. 

I go and collect my prize: 5 bucks or a TP4 pack.  I of course chose the pack, and I pulled a CRAP AGAIN!!!

Now for props and slops!


Getting so many good cards that day

Getting 2nd place

My deck actually working!

Pojo for being the best YGO site ever

Nick for getting a Morphing Jar


Getting 2nd place

Jerome for being so boring

Having to work for my dad for 2 hours afterwards


Questions/Comments/Criticism/Fixes are all welcome.  I am gonna send my report next week on my KILLER Hand D. deck, so cya’ll later!

Email: pyroboy72@hotmail.com

AIM: mrfilbertiert

Thanks for Reading!