Jinzo87’s Psycho Jinzo Beatdown

Wal-Mart, Nov.15, 2003

About 20 people participated


Hello. You might recognize the name from a rant I did. Well, here’s my deck and I’m proud of it. It can handle almost any deck and strikes the opponent hard and fast. So enter, The Psycho Jinzo.


My Monsters (28)

X1 Sangan

X1 X-Head Cannon

X1 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

X1 Hysteric Fairy

X2 7 Colored Fish

X1 Luster Dragon

X1 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

X1 Jinzo (yeah!!)

X1 Mask of Darkness

X1 Dark Elf

X1 Kuriboh

X1 Morphing Jar #2

X1 Exiled Force

X1 Opticlops

X1 Cyber Jar

X1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

X1 Spirit Reaper

X1 Magician of Faith

X1 Spear Dragon

X1 Witch of the Black Forest

X1 Skilled Dark Magician

X1 Summoned Skull

          X1 Guardian Sphinx

X1 Barrel Dragon

X1 The Fiend Megacyber

X1 Dark Magician



My Traps (11)

X2 Trap Hole

X1 Mirror Force

X1 Magic Jammer

X1 Nightmare Wheel

X1 Royal Oppression

X1 Magic Cylinder

X1 Magic Drain

X1 Spell Shield Type-8

X1 Imperial Order

X1 Rope of life


Magic… I mean Spell Cards (13)

X1 Axe of Despair

X1 Fissure

X1 Graceful Charity

X1 Monster Reborn

X1 Dark Hole

X1 Mystical Space Typhoon

X1 Card Destruction

X1 Raigeki

X1 Tribute to the Doomed

X1 Mask of the Accursed

X1 Change of Heart

X1 Reinforcement of the Army

X1 United We Stand


Total Cards-52


Time for the good stuff!


Round 1

Jinzo87 vs. Drew


Now I don’t mean to be impolite, but Drew was probably the worst person there. I just played La Jinn, 7 Colored Fish, and Luster Dragon to finish him in less than seven turns each time.

1st Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000

              Drew- 8,000, 4,800, 3,000, 0

2nd Duel- Jinzo87-8,000

               Drew- 8,000, 7,500, 6900, 5000, 200, 0


Round 2

          Jinzo87 vs. Curtis


        Finally, someone half decent!!! Curtis was a bit of a pushover. It took me a little longer to beat him than it took to beat Drew. Like last time, I just hit him with big monsters. The only time I lost life points was when I used Dark Elf.  1st Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000

            Curtis- 8,000, 6,600, 3,400, 0


2nd Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000, 7,000, 6,000

                Curtis- 8,000, 3,500, 500, 0



Round 3

                    Jinzo87 vs. some noob with bent up cards


                    Well I was surprised to find that this guy even made it past the 1st round. He actually used monsters with nothing in common with the rest of his deck (he had a Harpie’s Pet Dragon and no harpies!). He did however, play the very annoying Heart of Clear Water. It met death by Mystical Space Typhoon. It was even sadder to see him try to play Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon without a red eyes or metalmorph.

       1st Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000

                        Noob- 8,000, 6,200, 2600, 900, 0

          2nd Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000

                         Noob- 8,000, 5,100, 0


              Round 4 (semifinals)

                         Jinzo87 vs. Brian

       Brian is one of the best duelists at the tournaments. He uses cards very similar to mine but with more magic and traps and not as many rare cards. He beat me last time we dueled (for fun) and got 2nd place in the last tourney. It was an honor to face a great person like himself in a duel but only one could win and Brian had no idea about the power of Jinzo… Jinzo with Axe of Despair, Rope of Life Jinzo, Jinzo with United We Stand… Jinzo is deadly (which is why he’s my namesake!).Brian also met Nightmare Wheel.   

1st Duel- Jinzo87-8,000, 7,000, 6,500, 6,400

Brian- 8,000, 6,200, 5,100, 3,300, 2,800, 2,300, 1,800, 1,300, 800, 300, 0


2nd Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000, 7,800

               Brian- 8,000, 5,250, 2,700, 2750, 0



Round 5 (finals)

     Jinzo87 vs. Citywide Champion Bo

       Bo’s an excellent duelist. He’d never been beaten ever. Then he met Jinzo and everything he knew blew up in his face. My proud Luster Dragon (the 1900 one) also took big bites out of Bo. Bo didn’t want the first place prize (a XYZ Dragon Cannon Tin) so no matter who won, he would get the second place prize (three MFC booster packs); BIG mistake. After our second duel we were tied with one win each and I told him that one of the packs had a very rare card inside it. I picked up the one I thought the rare one was in, handed it to Bo, and he pulled out a 1st Edition Dark Paladin. The second pack had a Tribe-Infected Virus (DANG IT!!!!!!). The third pack, Des Koala. So he said that if I’m winning during the last duel and I forfeit, he would give me Dark Paladin. I took the deal, but we decided to call it a draw so now we’re both the city wide champs. On the other hand, I got to keep the Dark Paladin!!! :-)   Technically I beat him with a Luster Dragon, Dark Elf, La Jinn, Skilled Dark Magician, and Barrel Dragon attacking his life points directly (10,200 damage). Oh, well there’s always next time.

1st Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000, 6,200, 2,900, 1,000

              Bo- 8,000, 6,200, 5450, 2850, 950, 0


2nd Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000, 4,200, 1,900, 100, 0

               Bo- 8,000


3rd Duel- Jinzo87- 8,000, 5,000, 2,000, 500

               Bo- 8,000, 0 (well that’s what would have happened if I decided not to take the Dark Paladin)




What’s Good and Pure

Getting the 1st place prize (a XYZ Dragon Cannon tin)

Getting Luster Dragon in a pack before the tournament

Trading for Mirage of Nightmare

Peanut Butter Cookies (the duelist’s ultimate snack food)

Becoming City Wide Champion

Trading for United We Stand before the tournament

Getting Magical Hats and Card of Safe Return in two of my tin packs



What’s Bad and Evil

Little noobs who just make tournaments go slower

Dumb kids who won’t trade their Buster Bladers

Card thieves

Getting junk in three of my tin packs

Soccer moms who buy little kids all their cards just to watch them make                            bad decks and get their butts whooped by a Jinzo :-)

Waiting for ten minutes just to get a new opponent

Kids who try to get all my rare cards

People who let their cards get in bad condition   


  What’s Ugly and Grotesque

Sitting on gum when you sit down to duel

Finding drool stains on rare cards

Nobody having Breaker

Bo not trading me Tribe-Infecting Virus