Subject: Jinzo’s Army – George Richards, Lucky’s Comics, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Deck Name: Jinzo’s Army

Duelist: George Richards

Location: Lucky’s Comics

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Nov 8, 2003

Tournament format: Sanctioned, top 4 goes to the finals, single elimination tourney,


About 30 people entered in this tournament. The prize was a Pharaonic Guardian Booster box. I went with my friend, Jake.


Deck Total: 42


Deck List:


Monsters: 20

1x Dark Ruler Ha Des

1x Jinzo (got from the store)

1x Summoned Skull

2x Goblin Attack Force

1x Luster Dragon (From MFC)

2x Gemini Elf

2x Spear Dragon

2x Magician of Faith

1x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

1x Bazoo the Soul Eater

1x Tribe-Infecting Virus

1x Breaker the Magicial Warrior

1x Cyber Jar

1x Fiber Jar

1x Sangan

1x Witch of the Black Forest


Spell: 17

1x Premature Burial

1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Raigeki

1x Change of Heart

1x Graceful Charity

1x Confiscation

1x Delinquent Duo

1x Pot of Greed

1x United We Stand

1x Mage Power

1x Harpie’s Feather Duster

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Snatch Steal

1x Book of Moon

1x Nobleman of Crossout


Trap: 6

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Mirror Force

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Imperial Order

1x Magic Cylinder



This is my 2nd Tournament that I have competed. I went with my friend Jake who plays a Warrior deck. My dad drove us there at 11:00 am. I needed a Jinzo for my deck so I checked out the singles in the shop. They had one priced at 30 dollars. Fornately, the storeowner sold it to me for 23 dollars! I jumped at the opportunity and gave her the money for Jinzo. I did a few trades, one was trading a Legendary Fisherman, Ring of Destruction (I had two), and a Marie the Fallen One to a kid for the the Head of Exodia. Thanks, all I need nowAfter one hour, the brackets were made and the duels were about to begin.


Round 1: Me V.S. Alex (Weenie Rush)

We greeted each other with handshakes and started the duel. First Match, I played Spear Dragon in attack mode and played MST facedown. He placed a card facedown and a monster in facedown defense mode. I drew Fiber Jar and attacked with my Spear Dragon. He flipped his Gravity Bind trap card up but I chained with MST. He ended his turn with a facedown defense monster. After a few turns, I got down his lifepoints to 3100 after a huge attack by my Jinzo and Summoned Skull after I raigekied his monsters. I specifically won this match.

Second Match, I totally owned him after a few attacks by my Breaker with Gemini Elf. I finished him by a final attack by Kycoo.

Record: 2-0


Round 2: Me V.S. Jack (Beatdown)

He went first by placing a Gemini Elf in attack mode. I played Book of Moon and Nobleman of Crossout to destroy his Gemini Elf then sent a Goblin Attack Force to attack his lifepoints directly. Second duel, I whipped his lifepoints with two Goblin Attack Forces and a Jinzo.

Record: 4-0


The other duelists were still dueling so I decided to take a rest. I met up with Jake who said he made it to the finals with a record of 4-2. I told him my record and he was astonished. When we were about to watch the other duels, I saw this big kid saying that the kid that he was dueling was cheating. The judge found out that he was lying so he disqualified him. Too bad!!


Third round I got paired up with a kid named Matt who’s deck has no theme. (I wonder how he won all those rounds??)


Round 3: Me V.S. Matt (No theme deck)

First duel was as easy as a piece of cake. He was playing outdated cards like Gazelle the King of Mystical Beasts and Skull Red Bird. I whacked his lifepoints with my Summoned Skull and Gemini Elves. Second duel was easy as well, except that he hit me directly with an attack from his Celtic Guardian.

Record: 6-0


I got up to the finals and was watching this kid using a control deck who easily beat another kid down the road with a crappy beatdown deck.


In the finals I got matched with a girl who plays a Amazoness deck.


Round 4(Finals): Me V.S. Daisy (Amazoness deck)

First match she played Amazoness Tiger in attack mode and a card facedown. I countered her Amazon tiger with my Luster Dragon in attack mode. A few turns later, she had 3400 lp and a Amazoness Swordsman with me only having Jinzo. She drew her card and said that she forfeit the game because her mom is telling her to leave for an appointment. So I guess I won that round pretty easily.


Round 5(Finals): Me V.S. Jason (Control Deck)

It looks like I’ll be facing the kid who owns the control deck that I saw earlier. He goes first and places a card facedown in defense mode. I placed a card facedown and play a Spear Dragon face up and attack. It looks like his facedown card was Mystic Tomato. So he plays Sinister Serpant in defense mode. I played change of heart on his SS and sacrifice it for Jinzo. After some attacks to his lifepoints, I won the first match. Second was very easy. I guess he got a bad hand and in the end, he forfeited.


So it means I won this tournament. My friend Jake got second in the tourney.The rare cards that I got in the box was two Ring of Destruction, Great Dezard, Helpoemer, Necrovalley and a few crappy rares. I did some last trading and duels and left.





I guess I don’t have any slops


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