DeckName: My Jinzo And My Dark Ruler’s  BeatDown Tuan Rice Dohnuts Golden Eagle's Comics And Card Shop. Muelnburg Pa
Tuan Rice Dohnuts
Mulenburg PA
16 People Were There
1st Prize Got 25 dollar store credit
2nd Place Got 2 PSV Booster 1 PGD Pack And Tourney 2 Pack
3rd and 4th Prize I Totally Forgot

20 Monsters
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Summoned Skullx2
Man Eater Bug
Witch Of The Black Forest
Wall Of Illusion
Cyber Jar
7 Colored Fish
Harpie’s Brotherx2
La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lampx3
Bazoo The Soul Eater
Penguin Solider
Magician Of Faith

16 Magics Or Spells Whatever
United We Stand
Mage Power
Harpie’s Feather Duster
Premature Burial
Swords Of Revealing Light
Graceful Charity
Card Destruction
Mystical Space Typhoonx2
Malevolent Nuzzlerx2( Looking For Axe)
Change Of Heart
Monster Reborn
Different Dimension Capsule
Dark Hole

9 Traps
Imperial Order
Magic Cylinder
Torrential Tribute
Seven Tools Of The Bandit
Bottomless Trap Hole
Trap Holex2
Skull Lair

 This is my first tourney report so go easy on me. Also My first tourney at an store or whatever. I usually go to tourneys run by people but not stores. So i got there like 15 mins early and prepeared. When it was like 11:55 my friends Todd And Nick were there. They're joining. Sweet! Then my other friend Cameron came too. We Were all joking how we were going to the finals. We checked out our competion and knew it wasn't going to be easy. So The Duels started. Best 2 out 3 single elmination. The oppenents were chose at random.

First Round: Me v.s Greg(stall deck)
First Duel: This Kid was annnoying with his Wall Of Illusions. He scrafice them for BEWD. Attacked my La Jinn at one point. the rest I traped holed or something. Finally I drew Raigeki and I used Premature Burial on my magicain of faith that he destroyed with dark hole a while ago. I scraficed it for Jinzo. Use Raigeki. I like to see my oppents go out with a big bang^.^
I put m/t face down and played Mage Power and attack him driectly. He was going to loose next turn. Cause I had a Yata In My Hand. So He goes. He sets a m/t face down, and ends his turn. I played Darkhole and used monster Reborn On His BEWD And Summoned Yata. I use space typhoon on his face down m/t. It was really a Dian Kento the cure woman. Ethier way i was going to win with a Yata Lockdown Or finish him off wth BEWD. I choose to beat him with BEWD
Me:6350lp   Greg:0lp

2nd Duel: I went first and summoned my La Jinn equiped with Nuzzler and end. He plays mr thounsand hands to get relenquished. He uses it and takes my La Jinn and summons his La Jinn they both attack me for 3600 worth of damage. I Drew A Dark Ruler Ha Des. Yes!!! My little cousin gave me that card as a gift and I'm Never Trading It!!! I played Dark Hole. Use Prematureburial on La Jinn scraficed him for Dark Ruler Ha Des. Of course I attacked him. He gos and set down a monster and play 2 m/t and end. I drew Harpies Feather Duster!!!!.  I played it. I got rid of his mirror force and Cylinder. I played La Jinn and used Dark Ruler to attack face down monster. It was a wall. so he does whatever i summoned Jinzo and from there on I Just Destroyed him with my favorite 2 monsters.

       Some of the duels wern't done yet so I just chilled. My Friend Cameron finish his duel too. He Won 2 Duels to 1. So we just chilled and waited for the other duels to finish. Sadly Nick Got elimnated in the first round by a Snobby Rich Kid named Anothony. Soon Todd Advanced to the second round too. So we waited for the other duels to be done. Finally all the other duels were done. The oppents were picked at radomly. I had to face.............Cameron!!. Darn I wasn't hoping to face him in the finals or semi finals.  It would have been more fun that way.
Second Round: Me v.s. Cameron(Strong BeatDown)
First Duel: I don't remember much in this duel cause we were too busy talking while we dueled. It was hard trying to elminate a good friend of yours that been by your side all the time when you were in tough duels. We were like no matter what happens we will always be friends. So I beat him with a Yata Lockdown. Yes painful way to loose. But my dueling philosphy is to show no mercy in a duel.
Second Duel: This duel was crazy. It was going back and forth. Move for Move. Dang I thought one of us was going t deck out. But once again I had him in a Yata lockdown. We shooked hands and he said the better duelist won. He also said go all the way. It was cool to duel a  good friend and have a lot of fun. That duel was madd fun. Haven't have one in a long while.  
      So Nick is out and so is Cameron. So we see how Todd was doing. But the judge didn't let us watch, because he said we were a distraction. So we left the duel and waited. Todd finally came back and told us the news........ he lost!!!!! To some kid name Joe. Joe had some awesome dueling skills. So we all chilled and they all wished me luck in the SemiFinals. I was happy that they were rooting for me. They are always there for me. Some of them were joking that I should spilt the prize with them. I'm bound to come in 4th 3rd 2nd or first. So the Semi Finals were about to begin!! They picked the oppents randomly again. My next oppenent was Joe!!!! I was hungry for revenge.
Semi Finals:Me v.s Joe(Strong Beatdown/control)
First Duel: He went first. He placed 2 m/t face down and one monster faced down and ended. I played La Jinn and placed 2 m/t face down and attacked. He activated Magic Cylinder. Darn Him! He went and scraficed his facedown monster which was a Opticlops for Summoned Skull. He attacked and I activated my magic cylinder. Ha I got revenge that play. My turn I drew Raigeki. Sweet. I like big bangs!!!! I Played it and he activated Magic Jammer but i chained with 7 tools. I know what you people thinking. Why didn't I use it for Cylinder. Cause I knew I would need it for more imporant stuff. minus 1800lp on first turn isn't that bad. So I played monster reborn to bring back his Skull. I scraficed La Jinn for Jinzo!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha Time for destrution. Of course I attacked him directly. He played a monster face down and he had a smirk on his face. I drew Graceful chairty. I drew 3 and discared La Jinn and Nuzzler. I played Pre-Matureburial on La Jinn and scraficed for my Dark Ruler Ha Des!!!!!!!!! My Duo is on the feild. He was about to feel my wrath. I didn't see the smirk on his face now. Hahahahahahaha. I attacked the face down monster with Dark Ruler. It was a Cyber Jar. God I'm Lucky. He drew but didn't get anything good. and placed a face down monster and ended. I drew and just ended the duel with my monsters.
Second Duel: I went first and played Harpie's Brother In attack mode with two face down m/t and ended. He summoned Gemni Elf and I activated my Torrential Tribute!!!!!!!! Splash!!!!! We all drown!!!!! he places 2 face down m/t. and ends. I drew and he activated Drop Off. Oh well it was a Nuzzler. I played Feather Duster. I got rid of a Mirror Force. Thank God. So I Played my other Harpie's Brother. And played Monster Reborn on his Gemni Elf. Attacked him directly with both of them. He draws and scrafices my 2 monsters for Lava Golem. Darn that was going to screw me big time. He also played Parlizing Potion on it. Now I'm really screwed. And he placed one m/t face down. Oh yeah he seted a monster. So I draw and loose 1000lp So I play Opticlops and attacked facedown card. It was a Sangan. So I ended my turn. He summons Lily and uses her effect do destroy Opticlops. So I drew. I forgot what it was. Something usless. So I summoned La Jinn and attacked, hoping he would use Lilys effect. So he will weaken him self. So this gos on for like 2 turns. But those 2 turns he had Spirit Of The Breeze. I tried to attack it but Cylinder. During those 2 turns I had Skull Lair. I finally drew something to get rid of Lava Golem. I scrafoced the darn thing for Summoned Skull. Activated Skull Lair to destroy Lily. Empty feild. That kid was so cocky he didn't summon any monsters during those 2 turns. So I got rid of them and attacked diretly but the darn kid activated Negate Attack!! So i placed 3m/t and ended. He goes and activate Raigeki darn. I was down to 800lp at the time and anything could kill me then. He summons Exodia Head. WTF who puts Exodia in a Beatdown/Control deck. He attacks me directly and wins. Got beat by Exodia.....well kind of
Third Duel: It was madd close. Move for move. Raigeki for Raigeki. It was madd close until I was down to 300lp and he was at 600lp. It was my turn he had a A Witch with and axe. I play tyhpoon on it and summoned my Holy Man!! (La Jinn) and attacked for game. No Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder and ect..... cause he already used them on me during the duel.
  I couldn't beilive it..... I was going to the Finals!!!!!@ my first tourney!!!! My friends were like Dang!!!!! He made it that far.  The Judge let me rest for a while. So all these people were wishing me luck in the finals. It was sooo cool. So I'm all focused and ready to win!!! I looked through my cards. I was so proud of my deck. So break time was over. The Finals are about to begin. I was to duel this kid in the Finals........Anothony!!! the rich snobby kid who beat my friend Nick in the first round. Man I wanted to just hurt him right there. He was a snobb who thinks hes better than everybody. I can't stand him. Everybody was there to watch. There was a big crowd!!! There was boys GIRLS,and adults. They were all cheering for me. They knew  Anthony was a cocky jerk. So they cheered for me. It felt real good to duel in the finals when people were cheering for me.
Finals:Me v.s. Anthony The Snobby Rich Kid(Expensive and strong Beatdown Deck)
First Match:So he went first and summoned Gemni Elf and placed 1 m/t face down. I summoned La Jinn and place 1m/t face down and played Mage Power!!! 2800 attack power. not bad. I attacked but he activates Magic Cylinder!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that card!!!!! Unless I'm using it hehehehehehehehe.Note: If your still reading this than dang I'm writing a good report. lol^.^ So I end he plays Feather Duster!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a Torrental Tribute!!!! He summons Goblin Attack Force and equips Gemni and attacks me with both of them directly. Ok now I was pissed. So I drew Cyber Jar. Yay! I set the little thing. hehehehehehehe hes going to be blasted. So I end. He takes my bait and attacks. Ha!!! he got no monsters and i got 2 La Jinns 1 Bazoo and Raigeki and United We Stand. He places 3 m/t face down. He dared me to attack. So i drew. Yata!!!!!! So I summoned the little Birdie. He still dared me to attack. So I did,but not before I played my Feather Duster. He had Mirror Force. Saved again. So I placed 2 m/t face down and attack him with all my monsters. He summons Goblin Attack Force But I Bottomless Trap Hole The Thing!!!! Hehehehehehehe. Right there Yata Lockdown baby!!!!^.^ Half the people there couldn't believe I beat him. He was angry and shaken at the same time. HARDLY anybody beat him in a duel. I was proud.
Second Duel:He went first and placed a Monster face Down and end. I drew a real crappy hand!!!!!!! It was like 2 nuzzlers 3 La Jinn(weird) and i drew a Trap Hole. I summon La Jinn and placed Trap Hole Face Down And Equip him ith Nuzzler. I attacked. Cyber Jar!!! I got screwed by that. He got Haybuysa Knight, Goblin Attack Force Spear Dragon, Raigeki and Axe Of  Despair. I got La Jinn Sangan 7 Colored Fish, Man Eater Bug Change Of Heart and Michizure. I put all of them face down. He plays Raigeki of course and equips H. Knight with Axe. Summons Lily and kills me.owwwwwwww. I got beat in 2 turns!!!!!! People were all dissapointed.
3rd Match: I was so into this duel I forgot most of the things happened in this duel. I was hyped!!!!! Everybody was cheering me on!! It was wild!! It was close!!!! I was down to 1000 lp and he was at 200 lp. It was his turn I had La Jinn powered up to 4700 attack power. Two Nuzzlers and one Mage Power. I had a Cylinder face down. He goes Raigekis me!!!! I didn't care. Cause I had Cylinder. He summons Goblin Attack Force. I was going to win!!!!!!!! for so I thought........ He plays Feather Duster!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got OMG I'm not even going to say this. So he attacks me and wins.  But I did really good for my first time. Everyone clapped their hands for me trying so hard and did well. Anothony didn't get anything causes he a jerk. I offered to shake his hand cause I was being a good sport. even though I lost I felt good. He stared at me and hissed said I was nothing and I wasn't a challenge. Geez I almost beat you anthony. Thats not a challenge then I don't know what is. Anyways I got my prize and got crappy cards in tourney pack a Gravekeeper's Watcher Magic Drain and Imperial Order!!! Yes!!!!!! My second one.
Me coming in second
Imperial Order
People Cheering me on
Pojo For doing a great job with this site. I like their work. I really apprieate this site.
If they post this report I worked long and hard on.
Jamie for always being there for me. Not for dueling but through hard times
For Anthony elimnating Nick
For Anthony being a snob
For Anthony being a poor Sport
For Not coming in First

Thanks For reading if Pojo posts this. Thanks to Pojo If they post this. I really hope they do. Thanks for all the people who supported me during the tounrey. Finally THANK YOU JAMIE FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME hate mails good things go to Or My AIM is DragonWarrior812(tell me who you are and how u got my s/n. cause i want to know first)