Deck Name: Injection’s Hurt... ( Deck master: The Jection’...)

Name: Robert M.

Place of Dueling: All About Sports Winston-Salem, NC

Peep’s there: About 25 (time... 12:00)

This Tourney is sanctioned by Yu-gi-Oh! (ALL current Rules Apply)

Date: November 15th 2003

Prizes: 1st 6 packs, 2nd 4 packs, 3rd 2 packs... Everyone else gets one pack of LOD...

This is a single elimination tourney (matches went 2 out of 3)

Sup all??? Yal’ doing alright??? Well I’m straight... This is mah first tourney report so be cool...

I got there about 5 mins. before the pairings started, so I sorta started off pretty sloppy today. This isn’t my first time here, just the first time I’ve actually remembered what happened. I had just seen the new episode of Yu-gi-oh! So I guess I was sorta hype... So the first person I see in there is my friend C. Kechem ( Is that how u spell it??? Just like Ash from Pokemon...), The guy that told me about Sports Cards. He run’s a Necro deck (kicks azz). I signed up then got my LOD........ Royal oppression!!! First and hopefully was going to be the last bit of bad luck for me that day (But it wasn’t)...

Well then I walked to the front of the building and thought who can I trade this Perfectly Ultimate to???

(Bad luck again... No one wanted it...) Oh yeah by the way u know the Hyperspastic beatdown (Ryan)??? I’m the guy named Robert... And until the pairings started I dueled Ryan’s (Tweak) lil bro... Well I’m not realli sure what happened but I think I got spanked... Well the pairings were called and guess who I got to duel first??? The “Tweak’s” little bro’ (The guy I had just got spanked by...) But before we get into the duel, I know ur really wanting to look at my deck....

(Or did u scroll down already??? Stop it!!! Oh, Wait, go ahead...)

Tribute Monsters: 2

1x Jinzo (He is simply the best of the best...)

1x Spell Canceller (I so didn’t notice it was unsearchable until I got home the day I traded it...)

Non-Tributes: 17

2x Bazoo the Soul-Eater (Why did they have to change the ruling‘s??? I used to run three...)

2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (See Above)

1x Mask Of Darkness (Another Mirror Force???)

1x Cyber Jar (Wait, didn't u just have a lily on the field???)

1x Magician of Faith (Umm, Just give me 3 more turns with swords...please...)

1x Sangan (Great effect...)

1x Exiled Force (Re-useable Man-Eater with higher Attack?!?!?! Can‘t stop won‘t stop!!!)

1x Injection Fairly Lily (Bought her and MC for 10 bucks... Perfect Condition!!!! And searchable)

3x Spirit Reaper (1 of the best rares in the game so far... IMO!!!)

1x Witch. (Bring out Jinzo to further lock, bring out injection do damage)

1x Yata-Garasu (I love the Yata lock...)

1x Sasuke Samurai (See... “The heart of the cards” May have given u fiber, but it won’t help...)

1x Sinister Serpent ( I think it’s a awesome card... And anti Yata’)


1x Swords ( U can't attack me... boo-hoo)

1x Giant Trunade ( Bye bye Witch time for Jinzo)

1x PoG (staple)

1x MR (staple)

1x Raigeki ( bye bye monsters)

1x United

1x CoH (Staple)

1x Graceful Charity (discard, CotH!)

1x DH (staple)

1x Harpies (staple)

1x Mage Power (Always wanted this card)

1x Delinquent Duo (great card)

1x Confiscation (Simply a staple in disruption)

1x The Forceful Sentry (If u ever e-mail me bac ask me how I got this card...)

1x Book Of Moon (Took out Riryoku 4 it... If Riryoku was quick-play then it would come back...)


1x Magic Cylinder (Take ur anger out on yourself... )

1x Mirror Force (What happened??? My cyber gave u five beat sticks...)

3x Drop Off ( Heart of the Cards??? Nope!!!)

1x CotH ( HEY Jinzo, Welcome Back!)

1x Imperial Order ( 1st Edition, Traded bazoo, snatch and Torrential T. 4 it...!)

Round 1...(Last week I got booted this round by John not the 1 I’m about to duel...)

Me vs. Jonathan ( The “mini-tweak”... Warrior beatdown...)

Duel 1: The “Ratio is 19:22 So how is this possible???” Duel

Well the duel begins with me drawing the WORST HAND EVER!!! Petty much I didn’t draw a monster until he flipped his cyber jar... (He probably pitied me...)And you know what that monster was??? Yata!!! ( Can’t be special summoned...) My whole hand was magic. I could’ve stalled with a reaper but didn’t get one (even though I have 3 IN MY DECK!!!) So basically I lost that duel... (Grr....)

Duel 2: “Come-back!!!” Duel

Now this duel was quite the opposite... I pretty much locked him... (I think... I need a better memory...) It was deja-vous (Is that how u spell it???) Me vs. him in the first round...

I really didn’t want to lose in the 1st round again... (I lost to tweak 2 weeks ago...)

Duel 3: The “Scary” Duel

This duel was very challenging... To put in simple terms I had him down to about 2500 life points.

He had been ruling me the whole duel but though good timing of drop-offs I had him pulling cards out of his butt... I had a bazoo (no pump) and a sinister in hand... I drew Mage!!! (Out of my butt!!!) I set my dark hole (in hand also...) and gamed him... I was shaking... I didn’t think that he’d put up that good of a fight, but he proved me wrong... His next 2 cards were D. Hole and Warrior returning... ( Overall hard duel... Good job Jonathan u put up a hell of a fight...)

During the Intermission...

I was going to duel for fun but mah friend Homer wanted to play my Sacred Cards... I needed his Hades so I thought I should be nice if I were to get it... Anyway I think I was going to duel someone but we got interrupted by John (J-Hon) with the pairings... Well back to work I guess...


Round 2:

Me vs. Bryan (Another Warrior Beatdown, But WAY Strong...)

Duel 1: The “Grrr.....” Duel

Me... Either I suck or my foe’s get the best hand’s ever... Picture this... A breaker with United, a Hayabusa with Fusion sword, and me with a Sinister face down... I tried to stall with spirit reaper but no... Not removing my exiled came back to bite me in the butt...)

Duel 2: The “Crazi Funni” Duel:

This was WAY better of a duel... U might not know but having a Jinzo and a Spell Canceller on the field is one of the best things in the game... But Bryan did break that wall with a x-force (exiled)... But I came through in the end... Big BOOM!!! He later said that my Early swords won me that game from his fusion sword + Gearfried...

Duel 3: The “Come-back!!!” Duel

An Amazoness Swordswoman’s worst fear is a Bazoo... I was down to less than 1000 life points left and I had the Zo’ on the field with an equip (I think united...) Well I won that duel barely...

In the Intermission...

This intermission wasn’t very long 4 me... All I did was try to get another duel with Bryan but yet another rude awakening from the J-hon...

Round 3:

Me vs. John ( I don’t know what type of deck he’s runnin’ but It’s great... But has too many cards...)

Before we actually get into this duel I’d like to say that J-hon has kicked me out of TWO tourney’s so far. And b4 I came to the tourney place today I vowed to myself not to lose to him today... (Made vow when I saw yugi kick some deepsea warrior butt!!! Oh yeah!!! I‘m hyper again...) Now on to the duel...

Duel 1: The “Duel To Save Face”

This was a great duel for me... All that I have to say is Yata-lock... Not that it was easy to get him into it. It’s that I love the face of someone who’s gotten yata-locked... He might have won if he hadn’t had forfeited... I think both my call, my born, and my 3 drops were in the gave and I can’t summon any thing else onto the field safely unless I have a drop off... ( that’s why I run them...)

Duel 2: The “I told You So” Duel

B4 this duel he claimed that he was going to win in the third duel... I simply said there wasn’t going to be a 3rd duel... And there wasn’t...

Is there a real reason to go into this??? I won...

There was no intermission... I went straight to the FINAL ROUND...

Round 4:

Me vs. Tirus (I have never beaten him in a tourney...)


Duel 1: The “Intimidation” Duel

Ya’ boy Tirus is really good... I barely won this duel... I had to realli dig deep in this one all I remember is a Lily doing some damage... (I’m sorri I didn’t take good notes... I just couldn’t keep up with the fast pace...)

Duel 2: The... ... Umm... (“I lost duel...”)

Tirus was Tirus, he came back strong as always... I know he had me with a few of his traps like call of the haunted on a Jinzo when a call is the card I just drew... ( I was going to do the same thing...)

Duel 3: “The Breaker’ #2” Duel

Well, I know that it’s too late now but I WANT A REMATCH!!! I lost this one but barely...

That always happens with Tirus, we always go neck and neck... Then I lose by him pulling something outta his butt... Oh well we shook hands and said great duel...

AFTERMATH: I got mah 4 packs... I chose Pharonic Guardian... I NEED a Don Zaloog...

I asked John to pick my packs... (He’s REALLY good at picking packs...)

From Pack:

#1 I pulled Barrel Behind the Door (Awesome card if used at right time)

#2 I pulled Jowls Of Demise ( I had 4 got what it did but It gonna be in mah side d.)

#3 Dark Room Of Nightmare ( I REALLY, REALLY hate this card... should be common...)

#4 I pulled Statue of The Wicked (I got one from Tweak, I’ma give it to him next week...)

Now for them Props and them Slops:


To all my peep’s that were there:

-John (J-Hon)

-Tirus (Almost Invincible...)

-Tweak ( Hyper Beatdown’s Rule!!! Well it rules me sometime...)

-Chris Kechem ( I’m glad he told me about this place...)

- “Mini-Tweak” (Jonathan... Remember, I hate those Germs... Don‘t make Laine mad again...)

-Bryan (Continue to kick butt)

-The Twin Bros. ( I’ll call yal’ Twin Knights... U’ll get there someday...)

-Adam (Even though you piss me off u still are a challenge... Braceface...)

-George ( Now u and ur Jackal are cool... Continue to kick butt...)

-And to all the others!!! (Homer, Jill, Laine, Justin, Russian Kid...)

- POJO!!! For keeping me updated on practically everything I need to know!!!

And to me for kickin’ so much butt!!! (Oh yeah... Slops...)

Slops: (These aren’t realli important are they???)

I didn’t win the whole thing... ( But I did lose to Tirus so it’s cool...)

And to NOT GETTING A DON ZALLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want that SOOOOOOOO bad...

Now that I’ve calmed down, I think I can finish this report off right... First off...

We all should try to remember that this thing is just a game and in order to get better, win duels, and make friends it takes time and effort... And if u can’t get money become a slave to ur parent’s ( Not like u alreadi aren’t...) in order to become better at what u do best in, and with practice that will be duel monster!!! (That was my final thought, Thanks for reading... And thanks POJO for posting!!!)


Got tips for me??? Need help??? Or just need some 1 to talk to??? (I mean to hate on...)

Mah name is Black Rob (Robert) , mah e-mail address is or IM me at


It is now 11:09 PM and this is Black Rizzle...

logging out...