Huge Yata Revolution
Shawn Patton
The Only Game In Town
Somerville, NJ
November 9th, 2003

I think only 16 people entered.
$10 to enter and you get a pack of cards
Top 4 get packs, 3 and 4 get one, 1 and 2 split... ummm... not sure

My "Huge Yata Revolution" Deck

Monsters (17):
1 - Cannon Soldier
2 - Cyber Jar
3 - Des Lacooda
4 - Des Lacooda
5 - Des Lacooda
6 - Fiber Jar
7 - Jinzo
8 - Oppressed People
9 - Oppressed People
10 - Oppressed People
11 - People Running About
12 - People Running About
13 - Sangan
14 - United Resistance
15 - United Resistance
16 - Witch of the Black Forest
17 - Yata-Garasu

Spell Cards (11):
18 - Dark Hole
19 - Graceful Charity
20 - Harpie's Feather Duster
21 - Monster Reborn
22 - Mystical Space Typhoon
23 - Mystical Space Typhoon
24 - Pot of Greed
25 - Raigeki
26 - Scapegoat
27 - Scapegoat
28 - Swords of Revealing Light

Trap Cards (12):
29 - Huge Revolution
30 - Huge Revolution
31 - Huge Revolution
32 - Imperial Order
33 - Magic Drain
34 - Seven Tools of the Bandit
35 - Ultimate Offering
36 - Ultimate Offering
37 - Ultimate Offering
38 - Waboku
39 - Waboku
40 - Waboku

You can also view the deck (and card descriptions) here:

Alright, so someone had to try this right? Well, my plan is to
actually pull off a Huge Revolution while I have a Yata, I attack
and it's pretty much Yata-Lock right? I realized this is next to
impossible because you need to have the 3 monsters, yata, huge
revolution set, and well... even with ultimate offering (which
you have to have set) it's very difficult...
But I tried it anyway ; )

First duel:
Me vs. Scott (Yata/Hand control deck)

This guy is one of the best at the store and well... let's just say
the people did not have their day. It was ridiculous... he creamed me
so bad... he even attacked with my own "People Running About" once.

Match 1 and 2:
Him: A lot...
Me: Nothing...

Second Duel:
Me vs. Brian
This is a Brian I've dueled before, one with a deck similar to
my Stealth Deck . Let's just say, I didn't fair as well as I usually did against him...

Match 1:
Sorry this isn't a very detailed tourney report... I'm writing this two weeks
after the fact... I decided late that I should report on the horror that this
deck was, to warn others away ; )

Him: 8000 - 7???
ME: Nothing, as usual ; )

Third Duel:
Me vs. Some kid with an exodia deck

Match 1:
  Alright, this duel is a bit weird, I honestly can't remember exactly
how this happened, I think there was fiber jar use by one of us...
I saw he had an Exodia Deck and realized that this was finally a chance for
the people to rise up and have their day. I mean, Exodia decks don't attack
they stall, just what my deck needed ; )
Well, let's just say that I finally had the Revolution! Viva La Revolution!!
But I didn't have the Yata... and alas he rebuilt... I got in a few good attacks,
but I remember my Monster Zone was full... and I couldn't get any heavy hitters in
once he put up a good defense...
Suffice it to say, he got Exodia with only 100 life left...
But I still actually pulled off a Revolution in a tournament!
Him: 100 Exodia
Me: 6300 - exodia loss

Match 2:
Well, I was totally psyched this time! I pulled off another Huge Revolution!! Ha!
But then time was called before I could trounce him :(


Fourth Duel:
Me vs. A Kid with a Beatdown deck

Match 1:
Yeah.... the people were ground under the heels of his GAFs and Jinzo...
Him: lots
ME: 0

Match 2:
I side-decked away basically all the Huge Revolution cards and brought in
some of my good friends... and managed a win!
Him: 0
Me: Something (imagine that)

Match 3:
Time called, argggggg!

That was it for me, but I tried out a new deck even though I knew it would
be bad...

Actually pulling off TWO Huge Revolutions in a tournament!

Losing so badly... you wouldn't believe ; )

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