By: EvoIII

Place: C & J Collectibles

Location: Fremont, CA


Number of Participants: 25+

Entry Fee: $5

Prize: All participants receive 1 pack of anything

1st: ???

2nd: ???

3rd: ???


Deck Total: 40

Monsters (17):

Jinzo x1

Gravekeepers Chief x2

Gravekeepers Assailant x3

Gravekeepers Spear Soldier x3

Gravekeepers Spy x2

Sangan x1

Mystic Tomato x3

Witch of the Black Forest x1

Breaker the Magical Warrior x1

Spell Cards (16):

Harpie’s Feather Duster x1

Raigeki x1

Monster Reborn x1

Change of Heart x1

Pot of Greed x1

Graceful Charity x1

Dark Hole x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Terraforming x2

Necrovalley x3

Magic Reflector x2

Trap Cards (7):

Magic Drain x2

Rite of Spirit x3

Waboku x2

Ok, I just made this deck so I’m still getting used to it, but I think I’m startin to understand all the weaknesses and strengths of my deck. Anyway here we go with the duels:

Duel 1: EvoIII (GK-Evolution) vs. John (Beatdown)



Match 1:

Ok now, I can’t really say much about any of my duels cause I’m startin to fall asleep at my desk, but anyway. He hit me heavy in the beginning with a united witch, giant orcs, and spear dragons. Near the end I summoned breaker and use his effect to get rid of united. Kills breaker etc etc…Anyway I manage to get down a spy and flips I get spear soldier, and play and then I juss bum rushed him with my gk’s and necrovalley

LP: Me: 8000-4900-3000-2000-1100

Him: 8000-7900-7500-3100-0

Match 2:

Same thing as above except for the fact that I managed to get out my gk’s early, juss not necrovalley, so I hit him for some light dmg in the beginning and then he started hittin me hard again with spears and orcs. Anyway, I finally managed to get necrovalley on the field with jinzo and some gk’s and again juss bum rushed for the win.

LP: Me: 8000-7200-6400-5000-2800-1800

Him: 8000-6500-5700-4200-4100-2500-0

Idle Time:

So I’m juss standing around and I’m watching some of the other duelists. I see this one guy with what looks like a weenie/burn/beatdown combo…didn’t get it very much but I was juss like eh whatever. At the same time this kid was buyin a pack and was like hmm….magic ruler plz. Wait nm, I need a jinzo can I get a pack of pharonic guardian? I was like dang…so the shop keeper says I think you want pharaoh’s. So the kid gets it, he starts lookin and everyone’s like ouch sorry dude you got crap, next thing you know the kid pulls a jinzo. WHAT THE HECK!! I wish I was that lucky >_<. Anyway at this time the next round was about to start and I was put up against the weenie/burn/beatdown guy.

Duel 2: EvoIII (GK-Evolution) vs. Kelvin (Hybrid Deck?)


Match 1:

Ok this duel really sucked juss cause I either couldn’t get necrovalley out or I couldn’t keep it on the field…So pretty much he only managed to get his beatdown monsters out and killed me with those, I tried my best to dmg with gk’s but it wasn’t enough without necrovalley on the field

LP: Me: 8000-3600-4600(Snatch)-2800-2200-100-0

Him: 8000-6000-5800-4100-1200-300

Match 2:

Bah, same thing as above, couldn’t get necrovalley onto the field and I was owned the entire time till the end when I got it on the field. Had some gk’s and jinzo with an open field, which is the big amt of dmg that you see. Oh well…it was fun…juss gotta work out the kinks here and there…

LP: Me: 8000-6300-4100-3000-0

Him: 8000-1100

Anyway, afterwards I was juss walking around and I dueled a couple of people and I juss got so tired at the end lol. My record for this day has been 7-8 which is good cause I learned about all the weaknesses of my deck. I know what I need to win and I know when I’m going to lose. So got my pack of magician’s and pulled spell shield type-8 which has replaced my magic drain, hoping to get 2 more hehe. Anyway, that’s all for this week, till next time…


To all the duelists today, lots of fun

To my parents for letting me duel

To my deck for also letting me duel


To the crack-head that stole my first jinzo, I’m gonna find you…

To luck for not being able to pull out really good stuff out of my packs


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