(Exodia Deck)

City Park

West Frankfort, Illinois

about 40 participants

Prize: a set of super rares

Entry fee: NOPE, nothing at all


                If you remember me from last time, i had a Fisherman Deck. Well, times change, and so does my deck. I collected a set of Exodia and converted my deck. I might say that I'm VERY proud of my Exodia for doing so well. The Prize was a set of a BUNCH of super rares. I apolagize for not having a "Painful Choice", no one around here has one. Also, Ignore the fact that you don't see a Ring of Destruction or Mirror Force, they had to be sacrificed to GET Exodia in the first place. I also play Poke'mon. (puts up hate-mail sheild >.<) I am not the best in the world at Yu-Gi-Oh, but i DEFINITELY Excel in Poke'mon. Anywho, as much as I'd love to continue, the deck..........


                                3x-d14 D3"|<


                Monsters: 21(i know, i know, my deck ratios are all jumbled up,I figured i would try a different ratio)


 1x Exodia The Forbidden One(DUH!, He is the Forbidden One)      

 1x Right Arm of the Forbidden One(His right arm)

 1x Left Arm of the Forbidden One(his Left arm)

 1x Left Leg of the Forbidden One(his Left Leg)

 1x Right Leg of the Forbidden One(his right leg)

 1x Witch of the Black Forest(gets anything i need, mainly Exodia Pieces though)

 1x Sangan(Gets anything i need, mainly Exodia Pieces though)

 3x Mystic Tomato(bring out witch, sangan, cannon soldier, or another tomato)

 1x Spirit Reaper(every deck needs a little stall IMO)


 2x Cannon Soldier(speedier destruction of witch/sangan)

 2x Des Lacooda(FLIP, DRAW, FLIP, repeat)

 1x Mask of Darkness(Gravity Bind, Backup Soldier, etc.)
 1x Penguin Soldier(Bounce pieces back to my hand or stall)

 1x Magician of Faith(there are SOOO many essential magics)


                Magic(or spells, whichever you prefer): 12

 5x Staples(no change of heart -_-;)

 1x Graceful Charity(just as its name suggests- until the discarding)

 2x Messenger of Peace(i am a terrorist....... with me, i bring peace)

 1x Premature Burial(curses, the burial was too early)

 1x Giant Trunade(Combos with Premature Burial- and it takes up space)

 1x Card of Safe Return(see giant trunade)

 1x The Shallow Grave(I guess 6 feet under was toooo shallow)


                Traps: 7


 2x Gravity Bind(speaks for itself)

 1x Reckless Greed(GREED IS GOOOOOOD)

 1x Imperial Order(you heard the king, all magic cards are banned!)

 1x Magic Jammer(Nope, I dont think so!)


                First Match: Vs. Aaron(Ocean Deck)


                I didnt want this to happen. Aaron is my buddy from 6th grade. I am in 9th, so I had this one won. I didnt want to take the easy way out though. With all due respect, Aaron isnt that good at YGO. He just quit pokemon not too long ago. I traded a lot of YGO for a lot of his pokemon to give him a boost. We found a table and began. My first hand consisted of Left arm, Right Leg, Witch, G-Bind, Spirit Reaper, and I draw The Shallow Grave. I set witch, G-Bind, and ended. On his turn, he summoned 7 colored in atk. And played ocean. He didnt attack. On my turn, I draw Imperial Order. I set that, and set spirit reaper. His go, he plays charity. Discards aqua madoor and amphibian beast. Reborns Amphibian Beast, and removes madoor from play for aqua spirit. He then plays raigeki. Summons fisherman. Attacks directly, I gravity Bind. I suffer 2 direct attacks, but its nothing I cant handle. I come back with a raigeki. Fisherman gets to stay, and he thinks he has me. I then play my OWN Graceful Charity, I discard tomato and cannon soldier, I monster reborn tomato, and premature burial cannon soldier. I then summoned another Tomato to the field. I took quite a chunk of his LP out. He couldnt do anything, except use his heavy storm.  And that got rid of his ocean. He attacked my cannon soldier. I just slaughtered him from then on, after I dark holed. I eventually took out his life points.


                Round 2


                Same as last round, only this time, he kept me on the ropes for awhile with his amphibians. He also pulled out his Fisherman at a good time and that also helped. I pulled Exodia. He couldnt fend off the awesome power of the Forbidden One himself. The duel went a LOT like last round.


                Second Match Vs. Chris(Dragon Deck)


                This kid was my BEST friend, Brians, little brother. He is 12 or 13. Brian is 14, turning 15 17 days before me. Anywho, none of that affected the duel any. First turn, he summons lord of D. and flutes out a blue-eyes and Kiryu. He was ASKING to be obliterated. Unfortunately, my starting hand couldnt offer much help. Worst starting hand Ive EVER had. It consisted of 3x Tomato, 3x Nimble. I thought I was guaranteed a loss from there. I set tomato and ended. He raigekis it, and summons Tomato. BIG life point chunk taken out. I think I was down to 200 left. I draw the whole duel rides on it. And I pull up.. DARK HOLE! Slap that down, and we have a BIG argument on whether or not it affects his dragons because he thinks it qualifies for ALL magic, and, after a long argument, we had to get on with it. One of my friends finally proved him wrong. I knew I had to go on the defensive. I was screwed. But then, I glimmer of hope appeared. not a single monster in my deck below level 4 I KNEW I had to pull up a gravity bind, my draw, NOPE, not this turn, so I set a tomato. His turn, he summons lord of D. I KNEW he was going to flute something out. No such luck. Thankfully, he had no hand, he used it up prior to the summoning of lord of d. he just attacks tomato. I special summon witch. On my turnGRAVITY BIND! Yay, now all I have to do is protect it. It was awhile since I last looked at my hand, I had an imperial order in it. I set that too. I changed witch to defense. By this time, I had 3 pieces in my hand. I set another tomato in def, my last one.  He summons spear dragon, he thinks he has it won, he declares his attack, I start to spaz out, but then, I remember my G-Bind, I activate that, he counters with typhoon. I counter with imperial order. YEAH, survive for awhile longer. My turn, I pull up my 4th piece. I set a nimble and change witch to atk and kamikaze his Lord. I show him my Exodia and he gets REALLY mad, he gets so mad, in fact, that he forfeits the 2nd round before he gets there. I was going to side-deck my anti-dragon cards. Oh well


                I was eagerly awaiting match 3, when my best Bud Brian comes up to me with his face all pale. He is one of the best duelists I know(were about a perfect match) I know. I asked him how it was going for him. He said, I lost already my jaw dropped. I was like,  who did it? and he pointed to this guy that was 16. He runs a beatdown and =. But its not like Brian to get worked up over a loss. I asked him what was up, and I looked through his deck. I didnt notice a magic cylinder in there. The kid had a black robe on. ..he is a rare hunter. I got really scared and I saw Exodias life flashing before my eyes. I KNEW he was there after my 1st edition set of Exodia. I couldnt let him get his grimy hands on it. IF I did, I would lose my deck. I got set for my next duel.


                Third Match Vs. Travis(not quite sure what to call it)


                Now wtf? How did this kid make it this far? He mustve faced every little kid there. In the middle of the duel, I had to see if a move was legal. He tried to typhoon my imperial order upon activation to resolve as a chain. I thought you could do that, but I just wanted to make sure, he was all, can we get back to this duel, er, beatdown on your life points? and he kept trash-talking and stuff. I pulled Exodia and he got mad dissing Exodia calling it a weakling way out and that I couldnt win any other way. I did the good duelist thing to do and offered to shake his hand and I said, good duel and he goes, well, you are lucky I wasnt getting good hands , otherwise, your wussy Exodia would be stomped into the ground so hard, he would end up in the sewer, and I responded to that by saying, GREAT, Ill remember to say hi to your relatives for you. That made him mad. This match isnt even worth writing about, Exodia in like 5 turns, both matches.


                Well, after that match, I had a LOT of spare time. I went around and did some trading, I got a Kuriboh, which went into my deck after the tournament, and a few others, like a 1st edition fairy meteor crush and a 1st edition super rare dark hole. I was pretty happy. This next round was the FINAL round, I had to duel the rare hunter. He has NEVER EVER lost, his record is 287-0-0. I was petrified, considering a vast majority of his matches were won within 5 turns. After the time finally ran out, I found him, and got to dueling. I wish I wouldve NEVER gotten paired up with him. Oh well, Ive had a long dueling career I guess, but now, Exodia would be leaving me. I tried to conceal that it was a 1st edition set. He somehow knew it was though, even though he had never seen it. He told me to bet it, otherwise, he would find me in an alley one night and CONFISCATE it. I knew he has done this several times before, so I didnt want to fall victim to his sick games.  He never reveals his face. I talked him into a deal of a different sort. If I win just ONE of the 2/3 duels, I get to keep Exodia, and I get several of his cards. Of course, he agreed, he thought he was going to win, and he was right.. for the most part.


                Match 4- Final Match Vs. Rare Hunter(SUPER BEATDOWN AND =)


                We got started, and boy did we start things off with a BANG. We both used all of our staples VERY early on in the match, we had to, to protect ourselves. I knew he was packing some heat, but this? This was ridiculous. I got REALLY pumped as I saw Exodia pieces racking up in my hand. Also, about this time, they started playing some duel music- music written ESPECIALLY to pump you up for a duel. It worked. I was focused and ready to go. He started slaughtering my life points with his lily and his last warrior. He complimented me on doing  so well against him, but he got serious and started to take the upper hand. He set a monster, my turn, I set a m/t and end(his last warrior sucks) it was the card to seal his doom BACKUP SOLDIER! Don Zaloog slaughtered my pieces, so backup soldier was going to win it for me, I thought since I had 2 pieces in my hand and 3 in the graveyard, I had it won, the head was in my hand, and my backup soldier was going to bounce my 3 final pieces into my hand. I started getting cocky about being the 1st to beat him. Then, the move that sealed it for him, he sacrificed lily for Jinzo. He won from there.


                I side decked and got prepared. I threw in my offerings to the doomed x2. I was DEFINITELY afraid of his Jinzo. When the duel started, I drew my 5 and looked at them.. I WIN! I had 4 pieces and witch. Ok fine, maybe not. Lol, I had 2 pieces, witch, Messenger of peace, and pot of greed. I go first, I draw and get card of safe return. I play pot of greed and get premature burial and giant trunade. No cannon soldier, so I couldnt use my combo. Oh well. I set witch and end my turn. His go, he charities, and draws and discards Jinzo and Witch. He reborns Jinzo and prematures witch, and tributes it for ha des.. my worst enemy.  He attacks my witch with ha des and directly with Jinzo. My go, I draw.. CANNON SOLDIER, YES! I WIN!. I premature on witch, summon cannon soldier, and play giant trunade. Launch witch, and premature again, and launch her again. I get my 5 pieces of Exodia. For some reason, my subconscious kept telling me to set my Exodia on the table and scream, EXODIA!!!!! OBLITERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so I did. People got up from their duel to go see how the rare hunter got beaten for the 1st time EVER. People started cheering me on to go even further and win the tournament. That was in my sight. I felt as if I could do anything, I was ready for whatever he felt like throwing at me. I saw him reach into his side-deck. He muttered, Its been awhile since Ive needed to do this, he is TRULY a good duelist.. and that made me feel good about myself. I saw that he was sweating like he had just run 5 miles. I was about to cry I was so happy. I dont cry out of just crying, it was out of happiness.  I looked through my deck and threw it back together how it was before the tournament. If I was going to win this tournament, I was going to do it with the help of my REGULAR deck, not my side deck. A bit hard-headed if I do say so myself, but regardless, a strict philosophy. We began the final round of the tournament


                Round 3


                Ok, there were SEVERAL people around us. Boys, girls, men, women, everyone alike, everyone wanting a big duel with a finish beyond anything they had ever seen before. I got prepared and pumped up by listening to what they were playing, and I was ready. I went 1st, Im not going to tell my hand, I want you to keep guessing, just like him. I played pot of greed, and set a monster in defense and a trap. His turn, he summons spear dragon, and declares an attack, I gravity bind it. My turn, I set another card face down and set a monster in defense. His turn, he summons captain, and special summons another captain. Attacks my 2 monsters- spirit reaper and des lacooda. My turn, I draw and activate reckless greed. I draw and set a monster in defense. His turn, he summons lily. He attacks my monster with a captain, only to see 2 more nimble momongas appear. He attacks the other 2 with the other captain and lily.  My turn, I cant draw, so I raigeki him. And set a monster in defense. His turn, he plays pot of greed, and sets 3 traps for me.  I start to get nervous. I start to quiver. I get all jumpy and didnt know what to do.  People around me kept me guessing because when they saw his hand, they were like, AWWWWWWWW SWEET! and that distracted me, so I kindly asked them to leave so we may finish the duel. As we progressed, the duel went back and forth with me attacking him directly with tomatoes and such. He kept attacking me with bigger monsters, so I was really low on LP. That angered me in that I was attacking him more, only, to no avail. We were both within our last 1000 life points when IT happened. I PULLED EXODIA!!!! Ok fine, I wasnt that lucky. In fact, it was quite the other way around, thankfully, HE pulled Exodia. Well, at least I got beat by a force that no one else CAN beat, eh?


                Aftermath:  I got 2nd place. Same way as last time, got really really close to 1st, and then, failed.  I am going to win one of these eventually. After the duel, he showed me his deck, every card in it was at least a rare. That impressed me, we had a comfortable talk, and enjoyed a soda on me. Hes not that bad of a guy when it comes right down to it, you just have to be a really good duelist.  Well, at least I made his record 289-1-0. That made me happy all its own.  In fact, that was the first time Ive ever been beated by Exodia. I congratulated him on a well-fought duel, and he gave me a few super rares, for a GOOD duel. Among them were a super rare dark hole, a magical hats, an ultra rare dark mage, and last, but certainly not least, skilled dark magician. I thanked him gratefully. We were dawgs from there on in. Although, we dont hang out anymore, mainly because neither of us know the others phone number.  And neither of us knows where the other lives.  I got some trades in, and fixed up my deck and prepared for the doubles tournament. I went over and found Brian. We were going in this together, so we could take that rare hunter (he doesnt tell anyone his name) out.  When we entered, we got our number and, wouldnt you know it, we got paired up against the rare hunter and his buddy. He was another rare hunter.  Just like the other, he ran a MEGA BEATDOWN with a set of Exodia in it. Well, we found our seat and got started.


                1st Match Vs. 2 rare hunters


                We got started, they went 1st. set a monster and ended. My turn, I played pot of greed, and set a monster and played messenger of peace. Their go, they set a monster and set a trap, Brians turn, he plays call of the mummy and special summons patrician of darkness (he has a zombie deck) and summons royal keeper and attacks both of their monsters, thankfully, they were 2 geminis, why they would set them in def is beyond me. At that, I figured they didnt have any other options. Brian then flipped his royal keeper back down, and ended. Their turn, they says its go time, whatever that means. And then, he change of hearts patrician and tributes it for Jinzo, the, monster reborns patrician, and premature burials his Gemini. Raigekis and dusters and attacks directly with all of them. We are down to 1700 life points, on my turn, I use a raigeki of my own, and summon tomato, and attack directly.  They mirror force. I then play G-Bind face down, and end, their turn, they call of the haunted Jinzo and game. We were utterly annihilated. These were 1duel, instead of 2/3.


Aftermath:  We lost in the 1st round, but I guess we DID lose to 2 VERY VERY elite duelists. They congratulated us for putting up so good a fight, and that didnt really impress us any. They shook our hand and went on. Because it was so low on time, there was no losers bracket. Oh well, it looked like Brian and I were done for the day. We did some trades, and fixed up our decks and dueled for fun a few times. After that, he went home on his bike and I did too. Well, you cant win them all! Keep that in mind all you really good duelists. Now, for my favorite part- the props and slops. Oh, and by the way, Im very proud of myself if you are still reading this, E-Mail me, please, I LOVE getting e-mail.




-Me being the 1st to beat a rare hunter.

-Brian for being an all-around good friend in the toughest times Ive ever had.

-Brian for being such an awesome duelist.

-The rare hunter for being such a nice guy underneath all of the black stuff he wears.

-My deck.


                -Pojo for being such an awesome site.

                -You, for reading this tourney report this far.





                -Thieves who steal cards