Deck Name: Direct Damage Decker.
My Name: Traver W.
Location: A place far far away.
Entry: Five Dollars.
Prizes: I don't know. I didn't get any. >\
Participants: 17
Date: December 4th, 2003

Direct Damage Decker:
penguin Soldier x2
Magician of Faith x2
Princess of Tsurugi x2
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Witch of the Black Forest
Cyber Jar
Cannon Soldier
Wall of Illusion
Poison Mummy
Mask of Darkness

Wave Motion Cannon
Ookazi x2
Tremendous Fire x2
Graceful Charity
Messenger of Peace
Swords of Revealing Light
Card Destruction
Poison of the Old man
Black Pendant
Change of Heart
Monster Recovery
Monster Reborn
The Dark Door
The Shallow Grave

Gravity Bind x2
Dust Tornado
Drop Off
Acid Trap Hole
Coffin Seller
Secret Barrel

Total: Fourty.

Duel One: Traver vs. Cortnie

This is an old friend, of which I have not spoken to in nearly a year. When we met up at the tournament, I was very surprised, considering he always taunted Duel Monsters; that is, before he moved to Muskegon. I'm not sure what kind of deck he would run; but judging his character, I would say a Weenie Rush. You'll find out what he uses later farther in the duel..>_>.      I drew my starting hand, and in it were fair cards. They were White Magical Hat, Gravity Bind, Secret Barrel, Drop off, and The Dark Door.  I got to go first. I set the Gravity Bind and Drop Off, and played a combination of White Magical Hat and The Dark Door. I ended My move. His turn, he played the Great White in attack mode, and tried to attack my White Magical Hat. I activated Gravity Bind, rendering his attack useless. He mubmled a few words, and ended his move. I drew Confiscation.. and played it, after setting secret barrel. In his hand, he had Claw Reacher, Ultimate Offering, Last Will and Trap Master. I didn't find many of these cards a threat, so I discarded Last Will.  When he drew, I activated The Secret Barrel..inflicting 600 points of direct damage to his life points. Oh what an accomplishment. >_>  I was sure he was going to set Trap master, to get rid of my Gravity Bind..e_e.  He ended his turn. I drew and played White Magical Hat..and ended my turn.. His move. on my field, I had two White Magical Hats and Gravity Bind/The Dark Door on the field. Things were looking fair.  He playd Ancient Elf in attack position, and tried to attack one of my monsters. I reminded him the effect of Gravity Bind, and let him continue his turn. He ended. I drew. I played the al-might Wave Motion Cannon. I ended my turn.  In my hand, I had Nobleman of Crossout. He set his trap master, and i played my N.O.C. on it. Then, I played Tremendous Fire which I had drew, and ended my turn. I am at 6500.. He is at 6400.  He drew and set two magic or trap cards face down.. that's when I got a little..scared. He ended his turn. My Wave Motion Cannon could do 3000 right now, but I decided to try and hold out and do more damage than 3000. I decided to set Poison Mummy, and end my turn. He drew..I had a bad feeling about his set cards o_o.. He set one monster. I flipped Poison mummy, doing 500. My Cannon could now do 4000..him being at 5900.. I think I will hold it a bit longer. ( this turn, I had drew another White magical Hat).  His move. I was hoping to god he didn't destroy my WMC..I was going to hold it off for about two more turns.  Ouch. He played Remove Trap..on my Gravity Bind, and attack my first White Magical Hat with Great White, doing 600 damage. My turn..I could send Wave Motion Cannon and do 5000..I think I will for destroying my beloved trap..e_e.  No, nevermind. One more turn, for game.. I set one monster( Newadoria) and ended my turn. He looked at his hand for a moment, and played Sorcerer of the doomed. I sent Wave Motion Cannon to the graveyard, dealing 6000. For Game. He was a really good sport about his duels, but he just gave me a dirty look. O_o;;...

P.S. Each duel consisted of one match, instead of two-three.

Second Duel: Traver vs. Jacob.

This guy ran an odd deck..I'm not sure what kind to call it. Anyway, I got to go first.  I set three magic or trap cards, which were Dust Tornado, Gravity Bind, and Trap Hole..and set Sangan. His turn, he played down three magic or trap cards, and played Harpie's Brother. I activated Gravity Bind. My turn, I played White Magical Hat in attack mode, and ended my turn. I had one card left in my hand. He Tributed his Harpie's Brother for Jinzo. Oh wonderful. He equipped it with Riyoku.. Jinzo gained 500, my magic hat lost 500. He also equips him with malevolent Nuzzler. Then, he played Raigeki and attack for 3600. My turn, I set Cyber jar..and ended my turn. His Jinzo back to 3100.  He played Seven Colored Fish, and attacked my cyber jar.In my hand, I got Wave Motion Cannon, Drop off, Secret Barrel, Newadoria, and Poison of the Old Man..Newadoria went face down, and my traps are now in effect. He set Penguin Soldier and played La Jinn in attack, and monster reborned Jinzo, and equipped it with Black Pendant. I played Poison of the old man, to increase me by 1200. Then, I played Wave Motion Cannon..and ended my turn by setting a monster. He drew, and flipped Penguin Soldier. I activated Book of Moon on his penguin soldier.. just to stall for a bit, he was in the lead. I he played La jinn in attack mode..and attack my Newadoria. So, I destroyed Jinzo..
I lost 500 from black pendant, but..thats okay. He attacked with a La Jinn, but my Gravity Bind was on the field, so..he ended his turn. I set two traps, and played Hysteric Fairy in attack position. I ended. Wave motion cannon could do 2000...I actiavted Drop Off when he drew..Waboku. That was really going to help me. I had Coffin Seller and Dust Tornado Face down. He ended his turn.. I drew and played Tremendous Fire. I set Secret Barrel. He drew, and I activate S.B. , doing 1400.  me - 4600. him - 6600. He ended his turn. I set Poison Mummy. Wave Motion Cannon Could do 4000..I ended my turn., He set a monster, and ended his turn. I flipped Poison Mummy, -500. Wave MOtion Cannon Could do 5000. I sent Wave Motion To the graveyard, doing 5000, putting him at 1100. In my hand, I had Dark Hole. Face down, I had Coffin Seller and dust tornado. His turn, he played Giant Trunade..there went my traps., he flipped Penguin Soldier. Sending Back Hysteric Fairy, and taking Poison Mummy. 1000/1800. Gravity Bind wont help me now. He tributes it for Summoned Skull..he set two magic or trap cards face down, and..equipped to skull Mage Power and Nuzzler, and attacks. I discard Kuriboh. He played Premature Burial to bring back Jinzo, and is now at 300..I played ookazi, doing 800, for game. He tried to hit me..and chased me around the room for a minute, until the judge came.. he was disqualified.

Me  - Two Wins.
I needed Three more wins, and I am trying to stay away from any good duelists that would get in my way. Hehe..

Third Duel: Traver vs. Jurgen

This kid was A 100% foreign boy..He was from Germany. Being German...and obsessed over war II and stuff..I totally bowed down to him. I'm only about 70% German..So..Yeah. He used a Fiend/Control deck which was very well built..He creamed me. I almost had him once with a Cyber Jar when I pulled Two Tremendous Fires, ookazi, and some other burners..But, that was the only hit I got on him.

German Kid likes YuGiOh.
My deck for getting me this far.

I lost twice.
My deck for putting me through the loss.
Adolf Hitler.
Saddam Hussein.
Fat people with Hairy Backs.

GO GERMANY. wo0t!.

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