Dark Dreams

Lee Davis

Collection Connection

Greensboro, North Carolina

$2.00 entry fee, about 16 people




Asura Priest (no clue)

Spear Dragon x2 (power up and attack)

White Magical Hat x2 (bye random card)

Sasuke Samurai x2 (bye bye face-down)

Sinister Serpent (come back to me!)

Tribe-Infecting Virus (youre infected)

Jinzo (zap all the traps)

Sangan (search)

Witch of the Black Forest (see above)

Magician of Faith x2 (get some magics)

Cyber Jar (good card)

Fiber Jar (flip and direct attack)

Don Zaloog (best card ever)




Dark Hole(see above)

Pot of Greed (see above)

Graceful Charity (see above)

Change of Heart (see above)

Monster Reborn (see above)

Premature Burial (see above)

Axe of Despair x2 (power)

Mage Power (more power)

United We Stand (a lot more power)

Mystical Space Typhoon x2 (staple)

Harpies Feather Duster (see above)



Imperial Order (staple)

Magic Cylinder (see above)

Ring of Destruction (see above)

Negate Attack (see above)

Call of the Haunted (see above)

Ceasefire (regarding effects)

Mirror Force (mad staple)

Spellbinding Circle (stop there)

Torrential Tribute (gwwwgwhhahaha bye monsters)

Robbin Goblin (discard power)

Waboku (no damage)



Round 1:Lee vs. Sorry kid

Ok, they stick me up against the sorriest kid in here. He ran gate guardian.


Match 1: me 8000 him 0

Match 2: me 8000 him 0


Round 2: Lee vs. Old dude

This guy was a major staller. He liked to use 3 bottomless trap holes and always managed to snare my spears. I got a little pissed off and summoned the don and ran him over 1st match. 3rd match, I got to him with my spears this time and left him stranded.

Match 1: me 2050 him 0

Match 2: me 0 him ???

Match 3: me ???? him 0


Round 3: Lee vs. Deon

This was like the best kid of his time at one point. But then he sold most of his stuff, and so he doesnt play like he used to. I still fear this guy and his lily, but I managed to win.


Match 1: me 2400 him 0

Match 2: me 0 him ????

Match 3: me 3800 him 0


Round 4:Lee vs. Some kid

At first I was thinking that this kid was some kind of good player, since I was playing him in the finals. But as it turned out, he freakin sucked. I beat him 2 and 0 with almost perfect life points each time.


Match 1: me 5200 him 0

Match 2: me 7200 him 0


I WON THE TOURNAMENT!!!!! The first place prize was 30 dollars trade credit, and second place was 10. I bought a Megamorph and 3 pgd boosters hoping for another don. All I got was 2 spirit reapers and a crappy moisture creature.


Props to:

-me for winning the tourney

-my friend for letting me use his extra cards

-my deck for coming through for me

-for winning 30 bux


Slops to:

-my mom who can be a real grouch

-the kids that stole about 20 of my friends cards

-collection connection for not having an American premature burial


e-mail me at DarkpsychohadeZ@aol.com if you have any advice and/or tips.