Blue-Eyes Beatdown Deck Version 4
By: Victor Yang
Place: Card Emporium
           Golden Valley, Mn
The Deck:
Sacrafice Monsters: 4
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x 3
Jinzo x 1
Non-Sacrafice Monsters: 19
Goblin Attack Force x 2
Gemini Elf x 2
Luster Dragon x 2
Spear Dragon x 2
Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer x 1
Don Zaloog x 1
Lord Of D. x 2
Marauding Captain x 2
Witch Of The Black Forest x 1
Exiled Force x 1
Injection Fairy Lily x 1
Yata- Garasu x 1
Spirit Reaper x 1
Magic: 15
Monster Reborn x 1
Premature Burial x 1
Change Of Heart x 1
Sntach Steal x 1
Swords Of Revealing Light x 1
Raigeki x 1
Tribute To The Doomed x 1
Nobleman Of Crossout x 1
The Flute Of Summoning Dragon x 2
Mystical Space Typhoon x 1
Harppie's Feather Duster x 1
Delinquent Duo x 1
The Forceful Sentry x 1
Confiscation x 1
Trap: 10
Call Of The Haunted x 1
Mirror Force x 1
Magic Cylinder x 1
Ring Of Destruction x 1
Magic Jammer x 1
Imperial Order x 1
Dust Tornado x 1
7 Tools Of The Bandit x 1
Drop Off x 2
Total Number Of Cards: 48
well this is just gonna be a short summary.
1st round i had a bye...lucky me
2nd round i played a challenging guy. ran a beatdown deck. but my injection and my discarding cards saved me until i tributed for my bewd. second duel i beat him dow wit my bewd.
3rd round i lost to a guy who was running a confused deck. i just couldnt get anything. kept gettin spells and traps. the next duel i yata locked him easily after a few turns by getting rid of his hand and field. next duel drew nothing but spells and traps again.
was a bad day. even my brother lost to a beginner. and we didn't get anythng out of the boosters. so i sat around and watched people dueled. almost join the next tournment but i wasn't feeling it.
I would like to hear your comments on my deck. You guys can just email me at .
and just cuz i wanna hear ur comments dont mean u can come tell me how to play my deck. it's funny how some people just email saying how i should play my deck. and deck isn't a dragon deck. it specifically says BlueEyes Beatdown. which means i use blue-eyes and a bunch of beatdown monsters....well i'm also adding some control to my deck.

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