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Heres my tournament report. 

Store: Dick & Janes

Entry Fee: $7

Prize: For entering you get a tourney pack.  If you win you get packs depending on the people that show up. The more people, the more packs.

Total participants:31

NOTE: There are two brackets,  12 and under and 13 and up.  The winners of the Two brackets play for the championship.  I was in 12 and under.


Heres my deck:


Monsters: 15

3xSpear Dragon

1xCyber Jar

1xTribe-Infecting Virus

1xWitch of the Black Forest

1xSkilled Dark Magician

1xGoblin Attack Force

1xFiber Jar



2xSpirit Reaper




1xGaurdian Sphinx




1xMonster Reborn

1xChange of Heart

1xDark Hole

1xPot of Greed

1xHarpies Feather Duster


1xCard Destruction

1xSwords of Revealing Light

1xBook of Moon

1xHeavy of Storm

1xMirage of Nightmare

1xGraceful Charity

1xCreature Swap

1xThe Forceful Sentry



2xDrop Off

2xTorrential Tribute


1xCall of the Haunted

1xMirror Force

1xImperial Order

1xMagic Cylinder


Theres my deck, now on to the tourney.  It was at 3:00p.m on Saturday.  This is my first tourney report so bear with me. 


1st Duel:  This is a single elimination tourney best out of 3 duels.

Me vs. some little kid:

I cant remember this duel.  All I know is the life points went like this:

Me: 8000>7500

Little Kid:8000>6400>4800>2900>1300>0000


2nd Duel: Basically, a repeat of the first one.  I slaughtered him.


2nd match:1st duel:  This kid wasnt that great.  Not much to write about.  I killed him both duels.


3rd match, 1st duel: Me vs. Robby:  This kid was good.  He had Ring, Geminis, Yata and more in his deck.  This is going to be a tough one.  I went first and summoned Spear Dragon.  He summoned Goblin and attacked.  Me:7600, Him:8000  I played Dark Hole, summoned Spear and attacked.  I then set Magic Cylinder face down.  He went, summoned his Spear and attack.  The Cylinder hit him, he set a card and ended,  Me:7600, Him:4700. Next Turn, I went, set Mirror Force, switched Spear, summoned goblin, attacked his Spear with goblin, got Cylindered, Blast it!  After that I crushed him.


4th match: Me vs. some Really REALLY whiney kid.

Semi-Finals: I do not know HOW this kid made it to the semis.  I CRUSHED him.  8000 life points were remaining when I beat him.  No need explaining.


5th match:  Me vs. Paul.

Finals: Paul was an 11 year kid who was really good so he played in the 13 and up bracket.  Here is the match: I slaughtered him the first duel.  The life points were 7500 to 0000.


2nd duel: He chose to go first after I beat him.  He set a monster.  I summoned Goblin and attacked.  Cyber Jar.  I pulled Tribe and Spear.  He got Goblin and Mystic Tomato.  I summoned Spear and set tribe.  I attacked his set Tomato with Spear.  Spear to defense  mode.  He lost 800 of the attack.  He summoned Don Zaloog with Tomato.  His turn, he summoned Luster Dragon2, he attacked Spear with Luster Dragon2 and attacked my set Tribe with Goblin.  Zaloog hit me direct.  He took a card out of my hand.  I drew, played Graceful, drew Creature Swap, Raigeki and Jinzo, discarded Jinzo and Creature, Reborned Jinzo and destroyed him.


Well thats my tourney report, Ill be carrying a notebook next time though.  Now on to the props and slops.



Winning the tourney.

Pulling ROYAL DECREE out of my tourney pack.  (For those who dont know, its the Ultra-Rare of TP4)

Pulling G-Sphinx, Question, Mirage, and Trap-Board Eraser out of my winnings.

My mom driving me there.

To Shuriken for not going so I didnt have to duel him.(Ha,ha)



I won the tourney and pulled Royal Decree, what could be wrong?





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