Beatdown Junior Deck
The Toy Chest - Slingerlands NY
11/23/03 - 20 participants
    Hello. This report is of my first tournament ever, so I didn't expect to win. But I didn't expect what happened either. My brother came with me using his deck revolved around destroying the opponent's monster. I of course used my Beatdown deck, but it's still in the making. I've been playing for a little over a year.
Beatdown Jr.
Monsters ( 21 )
Summoned Skull
Jirai Gumo
Dark Elf
Gearfried the Iron Knight
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp x3
The Bistro Butcher
7 Colored Fish x2
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Harpie's Brother
Hysteric Fairy
Dark Zebra (later token out for Great Angus)
Giant Soldier of Stone x2 (1 token out later for Roulette Barrel)
   Mask of Darkness
Man-Eater Bug
Old Vindictive Magician
Magician of Faith
Magical Merchant
Magic/Spells ( 15 )
Raregold Armor
Monster Reborn
Rush Recklessly
Dark Hole
Graceful Charity
Banner Of Courage
Different Dimension Capsule
Wave-Motion Cannon
Malevolent Nuzzler
Change of Heart
Poison of the Old Man
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Mystical Space Typhoon
Traps ( 6 )
Trap Hole x2
Mirror Force
Magic Jammer
Robbin' Goblin
Curse of Aging
Total: 42
    The tournament started at 4:00. My dad had to go to the Price Chopper right next to the store, so he was nearby. We got one Mirror Force pack before the tournament, then we went to Round 1.
Round 1: Me vs. Kaden
    I didn't know anyone here, and for my first round I'm stuck with the kid of one of the organizers. His deck was a little like my brother's, but 10x better. I don't remember much about this duel except his Breaker, Ring of Destruction, Witch, Tribe Infecting Virus, and me losing. I dueled him again for fun, but he won with his 4500 Spear Dragon Sad smiley emoticon.
Constellation Round: Me vs. Patrick
    Not any better. I remember his Goblin Attack Force and me losing. I'm damn sick of losing to snotty rich kids!
    My brother won against his first opponent (a 40 year old man!), but then lost to Kaden in Round 2. I bought 2 more Magician's Force Boosters before I left.
Props and Slops
My good MFC cards I got
My dad for driving me there
Summoned Skull
My brother who got Mask of the Accursed
snotty rich kids
Cyber Commander (I always blame that card)
etc., etc., etc.
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