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Beatdown Control - Nick - Lone Star COmics, TX
Pretty much the tourny went out fine and i was pretty excited about getting tp4.
But for a second i was thinking they were gana be all loaded up and there wouldnt be a spot for me. Now for everyone that duels me dont study my deck and make a anti nicks deck......jk

5+ Monsters (1)


Airknight parshath *


Monsters (15)

3x gemini elf *   

breaker the magician*    

yata-garasu *

mystic tomato *

2x spirit reaper **

tribe-infecting virus *

fiber jar *

exciled force *

witch of the black forest

sangan *

sinister serpent *


Magics (17)

harpies feather duster *

heavy storm *

sorl *

3x mystical space typhon *

monster reborn

premature burial *

pot of greed

graceful charity *


dark hole

change of heart *

snatch steal

delinquent duo


forceful centry


Traps (7)

2x drop off **

imperial order *

call of the haunted *

mirror force *

2x torrental tribute


Total cards: 40

Total monsters: 16

Total m/t: 26

Total 1/e: 26/40


Side deck 15

card destruction

torrential tribute

magician of faith


drop off

lave golem

sasuke samurai

united we stand

injection lily

spirit reaper

2x robbin goblin

spear dragon

autonomous action unit



The first person i played was pretty nervous he kept shaking and stuttering and was pretty slow on his moves. I got him in a lock pretty fast and the second game i beat him down with a gemini with board control (i got him empty hand/field and with 2 gemini's on the field, and a drop off set. Ha)


The second person was some little kid and he had some decent cards but he started getting on my nerves when he attacked. He would flip my monsters as if i didnt have anything to defend it. I was like geez dude i can flip my own cards. I ended up beating him with yata 2ce.


The third person was the kid i played the last time i was at the tourny and beat him with yata, i remeber him saying that he sucks aginst yata. He kinda had a wall up aginst control but i got around it and i beat him both rounds. His dad wanted to duel me while i was waiting for finals because he just got knocked out. So i dueled him and the 1st game i got him in a lock fast. The second game was pretty good for that i didnt have any monster in my first couple turns except like 1. He might of beat me i cant rember but i ended up beating him for the set.


The last person was someone i have never beaten. The first game i beat him in like 4 turns which took about 3 min. Since we both knew what we were doing and waisted no time at all. The second game he beat me in like 3 min for the same reason and we laughed about it because it was too fast. The last game was pretty good also because we were already burnt out like the 1-2 game in the first 4 turns......we were both top decking and i was getting away with his lp with sinister and some other junk.. protectiong him. He top decked sorl and i just played hfd the turn before. The 3rd turn i summoned exciled force to destroy his nimble, mst his sorl, premature exciled back and atked for the win and got 20 dollers and mystic tomato, hayabusa, and nimble. He got nothing also becides 10 dollers and crap commons. It was weird though because every 1st turn i had confiscation, he had delinquent duo every 1st turn. We shuffled also.


No one pulled anything good at the tourny becides like a couple rares. i saw like 4 giant red seasnakes.



trading gaurdin sphinx for skilled dark

trading skilled dark for mirror force

getting 1st and 20 dollers

getting a new mystic tomato to replace my beat up one

trading 2 packs of mfc for gaf, sasuke, and tiv

The packs i traded had nothing good.

Getting 20 dollers



Getting nothing in my packs (i had hope)

Almost loosing a card out of my deck (sangan) i thought it was gemini at first i couldnt find her and she was stuck to another card

Having 38 dollers on store credit (blah i hate having too much credit, i guess its good for dark crisis

Breaker getting coh and then getting my mirror force destroyed


Email me if you have any suggestion or what not


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