Beatdown Chaos

Matt Loyd

Game Plan

Cheyenne, Wyoming

November 15, 2003

11 people played

Hey all, member me? Im the guy who posted the sealed deck tourney report. Ah, whatever. Anyway, Im back, and heres my deck:

Monster Cards

Amazoness Paladin x3

Cyber Jar x1

Dark Blade x1

Exiled Force x1

Fiber Jar x1

Gearfried the Iron Knight x1

Gemini Elf x1

Giant Orc x1

Jinzo x1

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x2

Magician of Faith x1

Marauding Captain x1

Sasuke Samurai x1

Spear Dragon x1

Summoned Skull x1

Witch of the Black Forest x1

Yata-Garasu x1

Magic/Spell Cards

Axe of Despair x1

Change of Heart x1

Dark Hole x1

Graceful Charity x1

Harpies Feather Duster x1

Heavy Storm x1

Mage Power x1

Monster Reborn x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Pot of Greed x1

Raigeki x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1

Tribute to the Doomed x1

Trap Cards

Magic Cylinder x1

Magic Drain x1

Magic Jammer x1

Raigeki Break x1

Spell Shield Type-8 x1


Nothing happened before the tourney, so onto the match-ups.

1st Round: Me vs. Shane (Toon deck)

This is the same kid I beat in the 2nd round last time. Gee, I wonder where Patrick is

Duel 1: This was a constant struggle to keep mons on the field. The hard part was getting Toon World off the field. I eventually MSTed it and won.

Duel 2: This duel was practically the same as the last one except Toon World was easier to destroy. We had a big fight over chaining MST to Imperial Order. It didnt matter, because a few turns afterward I just crushed him with Jinzo.

2nd Round: Me vs. Lucky (Warrior deck)

This kid is the son of one of the storeowners. This duel was funny because his big sister (a judge) had promised to give him coffee if he won.

1st Duel: He was running a rather slow Warrior deck, so he didnt get much out. I pounded him with Gemini and Gearfried until I drew Jinzo. It was downhill from there.

2nd Duel:Same as the first round, except the one big hit he got on me with Freed the Matchless General and my CoHed Gemini.

3rd Round: I got a bye this round. God, I love it when I get a bye that takes me to the finals. I took this time to trade some of my spares for an Opticlops, a Morphing Jar #2, and a Dark Magician (LOB).

4th Round (Finals): Me vs. Dana (Zombie deck)

This kid had just beaten the best duelist there the round before, but I had beat him in practice about 10 times in a row, so it wasnt as bad as I thought.

1st Duel: This duel went back and forth the whole time. I cant recall many details (dont have time to take notes), but I remember finishing him with an army of Jinzo, Skull, and Gemini.

2nd Duel: This went much like the first one, but he won this one with a pumped Patrician of Darkness.

3rd Duel: Its like a VCR: rewind, play, rewind, play. This went much like the first 2 duels, but I eventually killed him with a pumped Jinzo.

Hooray for me! I won! (Calms down.) Okay, now for Props and Slops.


To me for winning the tourney

To Lucky for being hilarious

To Dana for beating the best guy there

To the kid I dueled in the 1st round last week for giving me a Spirit Reaper

To my mom for taking me and getting me a Snatch Steal, a Kuriboh, and a third Kycoo at a nearby store afterwards

To the guy who works at the store noted above for selling me the Kuriboh from his own collection


To the crap I got in my packs (God, give me something I can use!)

To Patrick for not showing up

To the best guy there for being back after being banned (dont know why)

To Lucky for almost punching me when he lost

To some of the judges who thought that, in a chain, MST was already negated by Imperial Order (next time Ill bring a rulebook)

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