Beatdown Chaos 2

Matt Loyd

Game Plan

Cheyenne, Wyoming

11 people participated

Entry: $5.00 with free pack

Hey all, Im back once again, and heres my deck:

Monster Cards

Amazoness Paladin x3

Cyber Jar x1

Dark Blade x1

Exiled Force x1

Gemeni Elf x1

Giant Orc x1

Jinzo x1

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x3

Magician of Faith x1

Marauding Captain x1

Spear Dragon x1

Spirit Reaper x1

Summoned Skull x1

Witch of the Black Forest x1

Yata-Garasu x1

Magic/Spell Cards

Axe of Despair x1

Change of Heart x1

Dark Hole x1

Graceful Charity x1

Harpies Feather Duster x1

Mage Power x1

Monster Reborn x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Pot of Greed x1

Raigeki x1

Snatch Steal x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1

Tribute to the Doomed x1

Trap Cards

Magic Cylinder x1

Magic Jammer x1

Raigeki Break x2

Spell Shield Type-8 x2



I practiced a few times against Dana before the tourney to warm up. Thats about it, so now for the matches

1st Round: Bye

I got a bye this round. Kinda sucked cause I was really bored.

2nd Round: Me vs. some new kid

This kid ran a Yugi Starter deck with small changes like Magic Cylinder and Cyber Jar.

1st Duel: This duel took a long time. He got an early Cats Ear Tribe with United on it. I Snatched it and it progressed into a long spell of Messenger of Peace. I had some monsters that could attack, but it mattered not thanks to Snatch Steal. I finally used a Raigeki Break on it and the army I had built obliterated his remaining LP.

2nd Duel: This went much quicker, as his Yami kept powering up my Kycoos when I needed them to be. The only damage I took was from a Cylindered Kycoo.

2-0 Me

3rd Round: Me vs. Dana

Dana is one of the better duelists at Game Plan and often defeats the best guy there in the first round. He runs a Patrician/Reaper Lock Zombie deck.

1st Duel: This was another long duel simply because of Reaper and Patrician. He got those out early and it stayed until I drew Raigeki. I played it and attacked with my army I had made during the stall.

2nd Duel: This duel was a pain in the butt because of Lava Golem. He got two of them on my field, and then got out his lock. The Golems just ate away my LP until I had none.

3rd Duel: This duel consisted of a Spirit Reaper lock. He got three of them on the field, and whenever I destroyed one, he would use Book of Life to get it back. I finally drew a Raigeki, and from there finished him off.

2-1 Me

4th Round (Finals): Me vs. Patrick

We always duel each other every week in the tourney somewhere. He runs a Necrofear deck.

1st Duel: This duel I dont recall much of except the fact that I won.

2nd Duel: He got a Jinzo out early by using Painful Choice, then Monster Reborn, and if it was in his hand, sac for it. He then proceeded to pump it with an Axe and I never could stop it.

3rd Duel: This duel consisted of him fending off my early Summoned Skull. I had Breaks ready after clearing his field. A few hits from Skull and he was gone.

2-1 Me


Cool beans. I got 2 packs for winning. Patrick got 1 for coming in 2nd.


Now its time for the good ol Props and Slops:


To me for winning

To Dana and Patrick for being good sports

To Dana for beating the best guy

To me for being 2nd place in the season ranks (as of today)

To Dana and Patrick for extremely challenging duels

To my pulling a Question in my free PGD pack

To my mom for getting me a second Spell Shield before the tourney

To KFC, McDonalds, and Taco Johns for having good food

To Game Plan for hosting the tourney


To getting a bunch of crap in my prize packs (grrrrrrwhere is that Ring of Destruction?)

To getting nothing in a pack that I bought

To missing last weeks tourney


Please direct any e-mail to

P.S. I would like to thank Pojo for posting my reports.