Deck Name: Murderous Mages

My Name: Andy J.W

Tournament Site: Dream Wizards Games

Site Location: Bethesda, MD

Date: Sunday, November 30, 2003

Number of Participants: 43


First off, I’d like to wish a happy late Thanksgiving to all.  Today was the first tournament I’ve been to in a while, and I finally tested out my (almost complete) Black Paladin Deck.  More of a Paladin Beatdown, really, (uncharacteristic of me, I know) as I (sadly) didn’t pull of the Paladin off a single time.  Anyway, here’s the deck:


Dark Magician x2 (Needed for Paladin, I chose him over Buster Blader ‘cause his ‘Skilled’ is a 1900)

Jinzo x1 (duh)

Skillful Dark Magician x3 (1900, was REALLY easy to get 3 of, my only complaint is the high DEF)

Breaker the Magic Warrior x1 (1900, free MST, not nearly a staple, but definitely worth running)

Exclusivity Virus x1 (Staple.  Period.)

Spear Dragon x3 (Meteor Crush is always nice, and the same can be said for 1900 ATK. Boosts Paladin, too)

Luster Dragon (MFC) x2 (a cool-looking 1900 Dragon with no drawbacks; as reliable as they come)

Witch of the Black Forest x1 (gets me stuff)

Cyber Jar x1 (turns tables, “draws” more cards, summons attackers, too)

Fiber Jar x1 (Reset Button.  That’s staple material)

Sinister Serpent x1 (Works with Paladin’s Jammer-esque effect, a good card in general)

Mystical Sheep #1 x1 (Fusion Sub; eliminates the need for more level 7’s)

Beastking of the Swamps x1 (see above)

Imperial Order x1 (if you’ve ever seen it, you know why it’s good)

Mirror Force x1 (See Imperial Order)

Magic Cylinder x1 (See Mirror Force)

Torrential Tribute x1 (Clears the field, acts as MST Bait when I’ve got a field I don’t wanna’ lose)

Call of the Haunted x1 (recursion in a trap form)

Ring of Destruction x1 (burn and monster destruction, but timing is crucial)

Raigeki x1 (duh)

Harpie’s Featherduster x1 (‘duh’ for Magic and Trap cards)

MST x3 (quickplay- gets rid of their traps, my Mirage, whatever)

Graceful Charity x1 (Drawing- works with Serpent)

Pot of Greed x1 (Drawing- works with anything)

United we Stand x1 (Power-up, I find it superior to Mage Power because M/T are too easily destroyed)

Mirage of Nightmares x1 (Speed Drawing when combined with MST)

Change of Heart x1 (pretty straightforward)

Snatch Steal x1 (keep it as long as you want? Only give ‘em 1000 LP per turn in exchange? Sign me up!)

Polymerization x2 (Do you seriously think I’d run that piece of junk Fusion Gate?)

Monster Reborn x1 (duh)

Premature Burial x1 (The cost turns me off a bit, but it gets the job done, I suppose)

Total Cards: 40



Black (“Dark,” if you insist on the English name) Paladin x3

Total Cards: 3


I had a lot of fun with this deck today (and some VERY close matches).  And now, here’s why-


ROUND 1: Andy (me) v. Daniel


Duel 1


Life Points:

ANDY: 8000-6100-4300-4000

DANIEL: 8000-6100-3050-1150-1050-0

Winner: Me


Daniel had an old school Beatdown- stacked with 1800-point attackers of every variety.  He had some Giant Orc, but that was about as good as it got.  He started off by Creature Swapping opener, Spear Dragon and giving me his Witch of the Black Forest.  He attacked witch… only to run into a Magic Cylinder.  I tried Snatch Stealing my own Spear Back from him, but he used Solemn Judgment to block it, leaving him at 3050.  I decided instead to use Ring of Destruction on it (which I had also set first turn), so I was at 6100 and he was at 1150.  I don’t remember much else about this duel (sketchy notes),but I apparently killed one of his numerous 1800’s (which had hit me directly at some point) with a Skilled Dark Magician, but he clobbered that with a Giant Orc.  And, somehow, I won with a direct hit from one of my Luster Dragons.


Duel 2


Life Points:

ANDY: 8000

DANIEL: 8000-3000-1600-0


3 words to describe this duel: “Best shutout ever”.  It’s not every day that you sick your opponent for a 5000-point blow, let alone with 2 Dark Magicians (both played via Skilled Darks).  He got lucky enough to pull and set a Fiber Jar, and I got lucky enough to blow my summon by attacking it with a Spear Dragon.  He managed to defend for a while, but he had no way to defend himself against a Dark Magician (Skilled Dark to the rescue again), a Luster Dragon, and a Jinzo with United We Stand.  That was it for him.


He was a good sport about it, and I commend him for that.  After he got his consolatory MFC pack (within which was complete junk), he begged me to trade him some of my 1900’s.  Had I any extras, I would have, but neither of us were so lucky.


ROUND 2: ANDY (me) v. ANDY (him)


Duel 1


Life Points:

ANDY (me): 8000-6900-3700-2750-850-0

ANDY (him): 8000-5600-4300-5300

Winner: Andy (him)


For those of you who read the last report I did a couple of weeks ago (when I used my Light deck entitled “Lord of the Light”), you’ll recall that the guy who beat me was named Andy. This was the same guy, and, ironically enough, he, too, was using Black Paladin… sort of.  He had an Amazoness deck, but sort of threw Paladin in.  Anyway, this duel started okay; I attacked him directly with a Jinzo second turn, but he used a nasty little combo; Amazoness Fighter and Amazoness Spellcaster.  This switched the ATK scores of our monsters, so his Fighter took down my Jinzo and dished me 1100.  Then I used Snatch Steal on his Fighter and attacked him directly with it and set Imperial Order face down.  I attacked him directly, but because of Snatch Steal’s other effect, it was a net loss of 300.  He tried to Monster Reborn my Jinzo, but I activated Imperial order, giving him back his Fighter.  He summoned a Skilled Dark (for his Dark Magician, no doubt), and hit me for 3200.  On my turn, I summoned my own Skilled Dark and tried to put him on a Kamikaze run with the other one, but he flipped over Mirror wall.  He summoned Amazoness Paladin to kill the Fighter, hit me with Skilled Dark, and on my turn, I drew Witch.  I set it anyway- maybe he’d buy into my bluff.  He didn’t.  He killed it with Amazoness Paladin, and hit me with his Skilled Dark for the win.


Duel 2


Life Points:

ANDY (me): 8000-7200-5600

ANDY (him): 8000-6700-4800-4700-2800-1400-0

Winner: Me


This duel, obviously, went much better.  I started with a Luster Dragon and an MST face-down.  He set Old Vindictive Magician (as I later discovered) and 1 Magic/Trap.  On My turn, I used my MST on his face-down…Amazoness Spellcaster… At least he couldn’t counter me.  I summoned Spear Dragon and attacked his face-down Old Vindictive Magician, which killed my Luster before I could use it.  On my next turn, I somehow got in a direct shot with the Luster Dragon I revived with Premature Burial.  On his next turn, he played one defense card.  I summoned another Spear and attacked it; Des Koala.  4 cards in my hand, so I took 1600 while he took 100.  But, then I hit him with Luster.  I somehow (can’t remember this part, either) got in a direct shot with my Skilled Dark.  He set another monster next turn, so I called on Spear to attack his face-down… penguin soldier, cutting his life points in half to 1400.  He returned both my monsters, but I summoned Skilled Dark main phase 2.

He set another defense monster next turn, so I summoned back my spear, attacked it (Tornado Bird- he returned my Torrential Tribute to my hand), then hit him with Skilled Dark for the win.


Duel 3


Life Points:

ANDY (me): 8000-7500-6800-6300

ANDY (him): 8000-7800-4300-1300-0

Winner: Me


Andy (him) went first with a Skilled White Magician, a Black Pendant, and 2 cards face down.  Naturally, with 5 dragons in my deck, the prospect of an opposing Buster Blader made me a little nervous…until I drew Harpie’s Featherduster and cleared his traps (at the cost of 500 life points from Black Pendant).  I summoned and attacked with Skilled Dark.  He set 1 M/T and nothing else, so I summoned Breaker, removed the counter, and attacked directly for 3500.  He played some Magic card that was apparently worth Ordering, ‘cause I did use that order, and I paid it once, as well.  He somehow killed breaker and I took 500 points of damage (I assume they’re from the same event, but I’m not sure).  I summoned Witch and assailed him for 3000.  He was powerless to stop me, so I attacked him again with Skilled Dark for the game.


Andy, too, was a good sport- he didn’t get anything good in his pack, either, though.  I asked to trade with him, but he didn’t have any Lusters, fusion subs, or a Breaker for my other deck.


ROUND 3: ANDY (me) v. SAM


Duel 1


Life Points:

ANDY: 8000-3400-0

SAM: 8000-6000-5600-4800-2800

Winner: Sam


Sam and I have a little history- he beat this deck a few weeks ago in the finals at a Duelist League (you know, at Toys R Us where all the rookies come to get ripped the heck off over their best cards).  Anyway, this game went fast.  He started with a Marauding Captain and Injection Fairy Lily.  He somehow hit me directly with both (using Lily’s effect, of course).  Then, I topdecked Tribe-Infecting Virus.  I killed Lily at the cost of an MST, and attacked the Captain for 400.  He played Premature Burial on Lily, though, and used Change of Heart to take my TI.  He attacked and won with the three words “Pump it up.”


Duel 2


Life Points:

ANDY: 8000-7600-7300-5700

SAM: 8000-6100-4500-2600-700-0

Winner: Me


I went first and started with a Luster Dragon.  He played Goblin attack Force, though, and clobbered it.  I don’t remember the next part too well (strange how I always forget the most recent games), but I must’ve used Breaker’s effect and his Spear Dragon killed it.  Then, I drew mine.  1900 damage for him.  Then, he summoned Tribe Infecting Virus, but I killed it, wishing to take no chances.  Then, I hit him directly with Spear twice over 2 turns, then I summoned another spear and killed his defense monster with it for enough overhead to win the duel.


Duel 3


Life Points:

ANDY: 8000-5700-5400-3800-2200-600-0

SAM: 8000-5400-1900

Winner: Sam


Again, my memory is faltering.  All I remember is that we swapped blows for a while with Goblins and Spears.  I think he got out a Don Zaloog with a 500-point Mage Power, which died at the hands of one of my 1900’s.  Tribe Infecting Virus played an important part in this duel… too bad I can’t remember what that part was.  I think his Don overpowered my TI by 300 before Don was destroyed.  He played Yata, and I played my Mirage and Polymerization face down.  I then decided to flip Mirage… who knew? Maybe I’d draw an MST.  Well, he spent the longest time worrying about the face-down Polymerization he thought was a Cylinder (he held off his spear dragon for fear of an exact point-for-point loss).  But, in the end, He MST’d it, and sicked me with everything for the win. 


He was a good sport about it, amazed at how close our match was.  I was pretty impressed myself.  I got my consolatory pack: Dark Core.  Could be worse, I guess.  Anyway, I decided it was time for some trades.  I got some cool stuff- Cylinder for Amazoness Swords Woman and Double Spell, Double Spell for Paladin of White Dragon, Swords Woman for Dark Magician Girl (that trade was my personal favorite), and Nightmare wheel for another Cylinder.  I got my second Luster before the tourney started (I only had 1 when I first arrived), and I did some other neat stuff.  Now for the obligatory props and slops:



-to my deck for doing its job

-to everyone I played for being good sports

-to people for not giving me crap about my different colored fusion deck cases (which are legal, by the way)

-to people who traded me those cards

-to Upper Deck for FINALLY putting decent rares in my packs

-to Dream Wizards for being a good tournament site (and the only one in the area)

-to Pojo’s for posting this

-to you for reading it



-to Upper Deck for not shipping Dream Wizards TP4

-to that guy for not trading me a Luster Dragon he pulled

-to my parents for calling me on my cell phone right in the middle of a duel


That’ll do it.  Any reason-backed comments, deck fixes, or whatever (except trading/buying/selling offers and spam) are welcomed by me,  Later.